Diversity-Queen, White Supremist HERO, Helen Thomas~Having A Nasty Fit Over Them JEWS

You know, we live in America, & free speech is part of our world & she can say what she pleases, but  the leftists prove more and more that they hate THEM JEWS.  Helen Thomas is proof.  I really couldn’t care less if this Bolshevik, America-hating bitch hates us JEWS. I didnt like this skank before it was popular.  She won a false award- (Like Obamas nobel peace prize) The “Diversity Award” (GAG) which just got yanked from her:   ..But, it is evident to me, that she should stop being a g’damned hypocrite.  “Zionist” from a non-Jew (being used that way) is defamation & a leftist-NAZI code word for THEM JEWS. So, say what you mean, Ms. Thomas.     Say it: THEM G’DAMNED JEWS. That is what you really mean.

…And, just who is kidding who?  The left wing historically hates THEM JEWS. This has nothing to do with Zionists. True Zionists are patriots of Israel that get arrested for speaking out against the Israeli-government or not leaving the West Bank quick enough when GWB and Sharon shook hands and forced over 8000 Israeli-indigenous patriots out of The Gush Katif in 2005…. 

  I also thought this OLD HAG was a Christian?  So, let me understand something… She is pegging Christians and Israeli-patriots for hurting her little world. You know, this is the USUAL leftist rant against religious, God loving people.  Christians and US JEWS will support Israel, morally, because God says to in the Torah, Tanakh and the Christian New Testament.

  What I want to know, and I am serious about this; WHY IN THE HELL WOULD A JEW EVER BE A LEFTIST?  Hitler was a leftist, so was Stalin.  You liberal Jews make about as much sense as a pickle on a pancake.

  Anyway, Ms. Thomas, palestinian-firster; Keep talking.  I dont care. I wish that you JEW HATERS would speak out more often.  It makes me happy that you do. Happy in the fact that many liberal-Jews are starting to rethink their 70 years of horrible politics and undermining America.

BTW: Where is the ADL? Eh?  Still having a hate fest all over Beck for morally supporting Israel? Funny…the ADL condemns Beck who morally supports Israel and says NADA about Thomas… (EYEROLL) 


4 thoughts on “Diversity-Queen, White Supremist HERO, Helen Thomas~Having A Nasty Fit Over Them JEWS

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  3. Helen Thomas is a Lebanese Christian who has sold out her own people to Arab Muslim Imperialist Masters, by speaking in favor of the Palis who, between 1975-81, engaged in genocide against the Maronites and Melchites et al…

    So it’s no surprise that, being a supporter of Islamic Colonialism in Phoenicia, she’d support it in Israel as well…

    Oh, and that picture of Helen”Aunt Jemima” Thomas next to Yubaba is classic.

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