New Military Anthem, Courtesy Obama, Our First “Gay” Prez.

 Troop Smiley 2 I’ve heard it all through the grapevine that Obama is making the once great United States Military a ‘happy’ military…

  “Gays” will be able to be nice and open about their ‘gayness’….   Isn’t that peachy-keen, Josephine?   Isn’t it just awesome how they are fighting some Muzlims in the east, who hang ‘gays?’ Yes, this is gonna work out fine, girlfriend!

  I have had more than a few ‘gay’ friends in the military, we never talked about it, they didnt talk about it- nobody did, because their job was not about which Tom, Dick, or Harpo they fudge-packed last night… Or how Mary was kissin’ on Sally.  They joined to do a job; fight for the USA, and it was not about how they could ‘share’ their sex-life, openly…    But, alas, now, we have an affirmative-action, ‘gay’ Prez who is only interested in one thing, and its not about making our military might…great. It is about killing off the morale,  pushing for desertion, and retirement of the old guard. He knows the average soldier will not really want to work alongside of someone that is looking at him with sex-driven eyes, thinking of pushing ‘u-know-what-u-know-where’.  He needs a ‘military’ loyal to his agenda of debauchery, sin, lawlessness, dishonor & disgrace.

  This decision should NOT have been up to Congress, Senate, President, etc. It should have been asked to the SOLDIER.  SHAME on this EVIL govt!! They never cease to make me sick and amaze me.




6 thoughts on “New Military Anthem, Courtesy Obama, Our First “Gay” Prez.

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  2. Hi MJ,
    This whole thing pisses me off to no end. More than one Sen. said that if someone wants to serve their country they should be able to.


    My grand son went to enlist in the army and was turned down because he only had a GED. Now he is in a job training program and scored in the tests in the 90% range for getting into the Rangers and the recruiter is after him to join. He said that when I came and wanted to serve my country they said I was not good enough, now that you see my scores you want me. MJ readers, tell me. Would you rather have an intelligent young man eager to serve who is 220 #’s 6″4″ next to you or a person with a diploma or a degree who needs a manual to change a light bulb next to you? Well I guess the gay nerd could pack your butt for you. My grand son could only pack his face with his fist and be given a court martial.

    Bob A.

  3. I agree. Such a decision is an insult and demeaning to those who serve. No doubt, the Taliban are belly up laughing their a$$es off and knotting their nooses.

    The bottom line is that this is pure b.s.

  4. Friggin morons,do not have the sense God gave a piss ant. Wait untill these sick bastards start wearing lipstick on the front lines.
    I would not risk my life if i were a soldier for another soldier wearing lipstick. I would give my life in a heartbeat for a decent moral soldier.

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