New Hawaii Governor, Neil Abercrombie-Socialist, Which Is WHY He Attacks “Birthers”

Go to fullsize imageYou get what you ask for Hawaii.  I guess since you were going to secede, you may just get your first Hawaiian dictator. Well, too bad, so sad.  Don’t come crying to us when Hawaii is swallowed up by the Pacific Ocean….

EXCERPT:  Neil Abercrombie’s wife, Nancie Caraway, was listed as a member of the 1985 Democratic Socialists of America Feminist Commission….See More on The Socialist, Abercrombie below.. You “Socialists, Bolsheviks, Marxist/Nazis” can run…but you cant hide…

SEE:  Loudon: Is Neil Abercrombie Lying? Further Evidence of Hawaii … My, my…

  Don’t Tell Virginia Beach resident-INCOGMAN, AKA: Phillip Marlowe (GAY detective)  queer lovin, pretend, anti-gay, Ron Paul “supporter” that his thoughts on the Jews & Israel are the SAME as this hairy-assed Bolshevik; Abercrombie, who is on record as a supporter of American Muslims for Jerusalem and the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

 ROFL………….. Too Funny 

Sounds EXACTLY like IncogJackass!

 Bolseheviks ARE CLOSET LEFT-WING NAZIS.  Imagine these ‘neo-nazis’, they think EXACTLY like the BOLSHEVIK Christian-hating street trash….  They are with the pro-gay fascist, Paul the DADT supporter…

BTW: Abercrombie,is a bona fide sixties Marxist hippie, known for fiery rhetoric and expletives ………..  

    So- How does it feel IncogJackass, to be on the SAME thinking page as this UGLY HIPPY PIG below!?

OY BOY, Phillip…. U Done Gots Yo’ Seff in a pickle, girl-friend

SEE: If Neil Abercrombie is Hawaii’s Next Governor … | Hawaii Reporter

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  1. how can people be so stupid? they can not see what happens to california and new york when they keep voting for pieces of shit,and their state starts going bankrupt ? I hope hawaii gets covered by tidal waves. the bastards deserve it.screwem.

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