Dumb Liberal: “We’ve Defeated You Before, We Will again”

This is just too funny.. These leftist moonbat people totally believe that this is ‘south vs north’ all over again.  That is how delusional the left is.  This guy says here on this post at Breitbarts:

 StevieRules -41p · 10 hours ago

 I actually believe conservatives would lose any war against the other side, so I’m not worried. We defeated the South in the past and we can do it again.
Here is my response;

 Stevie, howya gonna win a war against fully locked and loaded people, while you dumb left wingers scream:


You cant ‘win a war with words’ as Rhett Butler said in Gone with the Wind.  

You’ll be gone in a flash, But I have to admit, you ARE entertaining, funny as shit….    


 BTW, if you ever really want to flip out a left-wing crazy; Just buy a Confederate Flag, it works like a charm …… Sunshine



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6 thoughts on “Dumb Liberal: “We’ve Defeated You Before, We Will again”

  1. The rest:

    33 minutes ago @ Breitbart.tv – Georgia Democrat Compa… · 0 replies · +1 points

    Stevie- you ‘defeated’ the south b/c the north had FACTORIES with ammo and guns, and now its the opposite, we have the guns, artillary, ammo, etc.
    U should be REALLY careful, you racist, anti-Americans, anti-God, anti-EVERYTHING people are treading on thin ice, my suggestion is to go back and tell your leaders that they WILL be defeated, because all you have now…is ‘cotton from china, slaves of black people, and only DREAMS of a ‘victory’
    You are outnumbered like the south WAS.

  2. Sees to me Stevie and his cohorts are the same ilk that was the racist south…leftist Demon libs who are now commie-progressive socialists….

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