Mad Jewess Pick For The #1 BEST Moment Of 2010, America

Go to fullsize imageI have looked at all of the Youtubes, and read a bunch of different sites. But, imo, this was the BEST moment in 2010..

  This young boys flag was banned from his bicycle by fascist/Marxist/Nazi slimes in California. They met with the retaliation of HUNDREDS of bikers. Which is exactly what should happen in D.C. to oust these same type evil pigs:

8 thoughts on “Mad Jewess Pick For The #1 BEST Moment Of 2010, America

  1. Maybe an earthquake will rid us of the Hell’s Angels.

    Никто не даст нам избавленья:
    Ни бог, ни царь и ни герой!
    Добьёмся мы освобожденья
    Своею собственной рукой.
    Чтоб свергнуть гнёт рукой умелой,
    Отвоевать своё добро, —
    Вздувайте горн и куйте смело,
    Пока железо горячо!
    |: Это есть наш последний
    И решительный бой.
    С Интернационалом
    Воспрянет род людской! 😐

  2. Happy New Year!

    To Dan:
    The Human race has risen, but they await guidance.
    The Devil has created confusion and g-d’s sheep followed the louder horn. The hero of this story will create the sweeter sound than the horn before the sheep go another direction.
    Truth will be that song, but the sweet sound is off in the distance. Only for the ones that WANT to hear it.
    Peace within ones own soul is the object. Because peace imposed on someone else is tyranny.
    Follow your heart, but judge with your head.
    Happy New Year all!

  3. @Dan: The Hell’s Angels are ok. I’d much rather have them than La Eme or MS13.

    @MJ: My favorite moment of the year was the expiration of Ted Kennedy!

  4. Yeah, Teddy the slime being gone, the world is just a tiny bit nicer.
    I agree with the Hells Angels; better them than ahole illegals and gangs running wild

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