The Ever BRILLIANT Chris Matthews Thinks The Panama Canal Is In Egypt

So wait….The Panama Canal is now in Egypt. The  next thing Chris Matthews will tell us, is the London bridge is in Russia.

 Real bright, sugar…Hey Chris, go f*ck yourself… Love DONNA 😉

Bolshevik Dictator Mayor Of NYC-Bloomberg, Butting Into AZ Business

View Image This is an evil pos.  He cannot even take care of his own damned little CHINA city.  Taxes out the wazoo, and now, the CRUMB is following me to MY state.  You can’t even get away from these despicible pigs, they follow us everywhere.  One of his own left wing looney-toons, Loughner murdered a bunch of people in AZ last month…And the DICTATOR of NYC, Mike the Kike is here to ‘investigate guns’.  He is like a damned leech.  Like a virus that can’t be cured… Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know- no Jew uses such terms or is a ‘friend of the Jews’ that uses the word ‘kike’… Mmm hmmm…. This Jew is NO friend of America, OR NYC.

This is the Jewish Nazi for gun-control, he is just like Stalin and Hitler, really bright Mike- you lousy leftist Kike.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Launches Undercover Gun Sting in Arizona

There is no shortage of UGLY for this closet-queer either…

View Image

BTW, this is the real meaning of ‘kike’, the forbidden word, like the  holy grail N word:

Kikkle can also be spelled “kikel“, which is Yiddish for “circle,” in which case the phrase would mean “For sure, my circle.”
-Yo Mordechai, you going to temple tonight?
-Fo shikkle my kikkle!

Conservatives Can Be Funny

The Looking Spoon

Leftists don’t think us Right-Thinkers can’t be funny. Well, thanks to the genius who decided to put President Reagan next to Obama, the conservatives have come out with humorous parodies of that!

See all the funnies here.

I doubt the liberals will see the humor in it, they’ll be offended.

It’s Time

I wonder why TIME magazine had to have a photshop op with President Reagan & Obama?

For a long time, liberals hated President Reagan. They hated the fact that President Reagan was one of the best loved Presidents. They did their best to make fun of him with his past movies, and made parodies of him in television. So, now why put Reagan & Obama together on the cover of TIME?

This is speculation, but I am sure there are many theories out there: when most think of President Ronald Reagan, they have positive, happy thoughts. Obama hasn’t been so popular lately. Whoever thought up the idea of putting these two men together on the TIME cover was probably hoping to get Obama reelected for a second term. Who else to have him stand next to one of the respected past Presidents, with the subtitle “Why Obama Hearts/Loves Reagan”? Hummmm….

EDIT*Photo-Added by The Mad Jewess:

The New Progressive “UNITY” Democrat Party Is Seeking To Decapitate Sarah Palin

Go to fullsize image  People should understand that this is the new “unity” of the Democrat Party Progressives. They would like to decapitate Sarah Palin, ala Jane Mansfield style, if they could.. this is the ‘hope and change’ the Democrats want? This is the ‘unity’ they crave. When these people call ya all; Violent and vitriolic, you must know that they are 100% full of sh*t.

   I am not for Palin as our President, however, she has made many conservatives feel good about their nation.  And this below is sickening and INEXCUSABLE.


See the link:

Guess Who Could Be Coming to Fox?

Read at Gateway Pundit

Leftist politicians seem to crave the spotlight, even after they had their years screwing the country, & in this case, is notorious for one particular affair! Guess who is in talks to have his own show at Fox News? All the goodies are here.

The Fox slogan ‘fair and balanced’ is going to be tipped to the Left pretty soon!