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Just when you think things cant get any worse…Rahm Emmanuel will utilize his power to oust what the people of Chicago want.  He is using the SCOTUS to become the mayor, and Kagan is sitting right there to insure that this SOB will be put in ofc..  Don’t these Jewish people that are in power remind you folks of NAZIs?  They DO me.  Yes, I am down on these “Jews”. Yes, we will STAY down on these “Jews”.  Rahm Emmanuel is 100% COMMUNIST & Nazi-(both the same ideologies in the modern sense).  You people of Chicago should stop playing games.  You need to expose this pig for what he is- nevermind that he did not live there that long. You need to remind people of Obama and Alice Palmer- LOOK IT UP.

BTW: The Youtube below is not accurate (The last part- Germany IS a Jew hating place), but that would never stop a self-hating, evil, Erav Rav “Jew” in name only.

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