Man-Hating Janet Napolitano Met With Muslim Brotherhood In secret?!

View ImageThere is NO shortage for treachery with the left-wing Marxist/Nazis. NONE.

  First of all, Mubarak is indeed a bad and evil man- but Islam is a bad and evil ‘religion’.  So, Mubarak knows that the only way to keep these savage people in line is to dictate. Sorry, its the truth.  Does Janet know that the Muslim people do NOT like her lesbianism?  They HANG these type people?  I may not like homosexuality at all, but I am certainly not going to persecute or HANG them. I dont like their militant ways, and truthfully, the USA was a better place without this militant ‘gay’ crap.

  But, could this be true?  Canada Free Press reports some things that are questionable, but in the end, it is usually accurate in many degrees.  Think about it- The link is below the FABULOUS artwork-link found by Donna.




2 thoughts on “Man-Hating Janet Napolitano Met With Muslim Brotherhood In secret?!

  1. The more that comes out on what is happening across the ME is showing Washington/Obama’s hands all over it…CALIPHATE!!!

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