Our Marxist/Muslim NAZI Dictator, Obama Sent US Diplomats 2 Meet With Muslim Brotherhood?!

GO HERE: Why did Obama send a U.S. diplomat to Cairo to secretly meet with a Muslim Brotherhood leader yesterday?

  Maybe not believable to left wing Jackass “Jews”,  but totally believable to me.  In fact, Napolitano met with them, and now Obama, our first Muslim dictator is making nicey-nice with radical Jihadists.  Does not surprise me ONE bit. Remember? When the wind goes in an ugly direction, he will side with the Muslims? YES WE CAN.  I like how these EVIL leftists are SOOOOOOOO with the radical Jihadists right now. 

  Obama said, the other day : “We hear your voices, Egypt”…..funny.  The MANCHURIAN PIG hears THEIR voices, but the dictator/tyrant does not hear the voice of America, telling Uh-Bama, to SHUT THE F*CK UP.     Unbelievable, huh?  Obama had that huge speech in Cairo- Remember that?   Chaos and destruction follow Obama;  the rat, the fly, the Pres. Seal falling….. This is a scary pos.   Christians NEVER  say “the holy koran” as do NOT Jewish people.

He AINT a Christian, you leftist, treacherous FOOLS.

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Newsweek actually got ALL of this right, below.  A tragic reality.

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10 thoughts on “Our Marxist/Muslim NAZI Dictator, Obama Sent US Diplomats 2 Meet With Muslim Brotherhood?!

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  3. You’re a paranoid moron – he was ELECTED, he’s currently going into an ELECTION. That would make him a strange sort of dictator now wouldn’t it. And National Socialism and Marxism (neither of which philosophies Obama ascribes to) are polar opposites – don’t believe me? Ask the thousands of marxists and socialists who where amongst the first to be murdered by Hitler.

    Read a freakin book before you make a further fool of yourself

  4. Nazi-National SOCIALIST Same shit as Communism, different tactic, the end result is DEATH and GENOCIDE, you vomitous snake.
    The Muslims in the east are NAZIS as are you. You wont think twice of killing us if it means to further your position of killing off American values..
    Engles, the FATHER of “Marxism” was an ARYAN nationalist, he HIRED Marx.
    And if what you say is truth, excuse me, fucking-ass, buffoon, gasbag;
    Why is SOROS – a Commie MARXIST STILL ALIVE stupid shithead?

    Obama….not a Marxist HA ………………..HA………………………HA.
    “Redistribution of wealth is THE root of Marxism”

    You really think you will not die if this asshole gets in again, oh stupid useful idiot? YOU WILL BE THE FIRST.
    Useful IDIOTS are always the FIRST. to go, or fired, etc.. Like the ‘bigot’ LOL Juan Williams.

  5. BTW, this is OUR BLOG, you dont come to someones blog HOME and start calling names, got it asshole??
    Now get thee behind us satanic offspring.

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