The “Non-Racist” Leftists Tell Clarence Thomas: “GO BACK TO THE FIELDS”

Go to fullsize imageThis is brilliant.. I don’t know how these sobs get away with this shit. If you even criticize libo-Obama blacks for violence etc, you are called a RACIST.  If you criticize left-wing Jewish PIGS that are Soviet Plants, you are an ANTI SEMITE!  If you are against people here ILLEGALLY, you are a HATER, racist, bigot- etc.. It is totally unbelievable to me- ALL OF THIS.  HYPOCRITES.   You watch, they are pushing this, because they want an all out blood in the streets BOLSHEVIK revolt here in America.  THEY WANT IT.  I never wanted this shit. All I have ever wanted is for people to love this nation and be patriotic. But a leftist will always be a traitor and never ask WHY they are.  They dont ask WHY they hate Christians, either.

Watch this Youtube @ 1.06 minutes to hear that Thomas should ‘Go Back to the Fields’. Watch this really dumb bitch at about 2.22 minutes as well, and the left wing KIKE, after about 40 seconds. 



6 thoughts on “The “Non-Racist” Leftists Tell Clarence Thomas: “GO BACK TO THE FIELDS”

  1. FAUX airs nothing now.
    I love how Hannity tore that Islamo-nut apart last night lol

  2. wow, those are stupid a-holes.
    I’ll bet they don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.
    Sure does look to me like van jones is trying his damn utmost to get something started

  3. The lame stream media will never tell the truth. The hypocrisy of the left must be concealed or people won’t support it. The right must be demonized lest people do support it.

  4. They didnt report it last night either- FAUX NEWS are a bunch of little cowardly wuss’s

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