Horrible, Prophetic-type Dream I had

(I picked up this book at the Goodwill store the other day. It was called “Americas last stand” by David Wilkerson He is a Christian and also gifted in prophecy-I believe. He wrote this book, in 1998-99.) 

   It makes me tremble with fear to think that many things in this book he had written have happened, and happening now.  People are so hard against God, that it is baffling to me. They just keep giving over to evil. Everywhere you look, evil is “OK”.  There is no law, there are no Christian principles in America today- none, whatsoever. This turning away from the Holy One will insure our total disaster.  History reveals this to us: That any nation that forsakes the Living One will be judged and without much mercy-especially a nation like America, that has been blessed beyond all comprehension.   

The following is a dream I had about 12 years ago. I was reminded of it for two days as I read Wilkersons book- for those of you who have an ear- all that I can beg, is that you HEAR.

*I was in the fields, just walking, this happened to be outside of Salinas, CA, near Castroville.  I was gazing at the artichoke fields. They were in full bloom with purple flowers, and mustard flowers all around the plants.   Day turned to night and I was still there.  It was now night-time…. I heard a sound, not a far off sound, either. It was close, and it was getting closer and louder. When I looked up to see this sound and noise, I could not believe my eyes. It was an army, such of the likes that I had never seen before. They were on horses, they were equipped with swords that looked ancient as well. The army was one that was many nations-they did not have features of one nationality. They marched on, closer, louder, thundering. I was trembling, and hiding in the field under an artichoke plant.  When I looked again, I heard a battle cry.  I looked up, with great fear, and I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that we-America- could NEVER defeat this army that was marching through our land. I was safe in a hiding place…………..*

  You may mock what I am going to tell you: America will be utterly defeated and collapsed. We WILL be invaded, in this lifetime by foreign armies. Count on it. We have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. We have allowed the outright murder of babies to take place, millions, 40-50 million murdered babies. We have allowed homosexuals to become militant, so now we allow them to invade even conservatism and GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED BY THIS EVIL GENERATION. We will ALL suffer. ALL OF US because of this evil that WE have allowed.

  Go take it up with God, I am weary of watching this nation crumble into godlesseness and every wickedness under the sun. My eyes have failed me for tears over what has happened to my nation and our people. I AM SICK with seeing this sin out of control, and WE WILL PAY A PRICE FOR IT.

  I have had many, many dreams of this nature. I will post more on it. For those of you who think you can come and mock, note this;


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  1. Hi MJ,
    That rings so true.

    “At the beginning of the 1990s, the representative from Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Coalition90/Greenpeace) for German-French Europe and one of the leading leftwing politicians, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, announced accordingly the following:

    “We, the Greens (Green Party), must strive to this end that as many foreigners as possible be brought to Germany. If they are in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. Once we have achieved this, then we have the segment of voters we need to change this republic.”


    This is happening here, now.

    Bob A.

  2. And I have dreamed that Israel was attacked with nuclear weapons as I watched from a room full of politicians who observed and were perfectly calm. Instantly I was transported back to the US and was amazed that no one seemed to care.

  3. Dear precious sister and my end time friend, no, you are not wrong. You are very right in what you say. I too have reached a point like Lot, only vex my soul by watching the debaucery of evil people and wickedness unfold before our eyes. It is as the Word says in the last days, people will be haters of God, unholy, wicked, inventers of evil, etc. For anyone to deny this is blind indeed. We are going to fall. Our hope is NOT going to be in the politicians. There may be a few who will boldly speak the truth without compromise, but they will not be able to hold back the judgments of God on this nation. It is coming. Look at this vidoe I gound last night. Looka t the 1:19 mark. A pale horse rides. Is this a camera trick or what? I do not know. all I know judgement is coming. We must somehow reach a point wwhere we get our eyes off the evil and put them on a holy God. We must stand!

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  5. Suzan, that would not surprise me. People think nothing of tiny Israel and the enemies that surround it, and would be leaping for joy.

    Sad. Terrible, wicked times, and people are wicked and hate Gods gutts.

  6. RH: We must stand and keep standing.
    This is only a SMALL dream among the MANY I have had that are terrible.
    I am going to put more up- my hits on this are a lot-I mean the web stats.

    People cant just ‘read’ this and walk away.

    God is tired of us and wants us all to REPENT.
    I saw that horrifying vid, RH!!!!

  7. Here’s a thought to ponder. 40-50 million babies aborted – an incredible number. Tragic. But when does life begin? Isn’t it at conception? That means that, technically, the pill (which doesn’t prevent actual conception) and the IUD both cause aborted pregnancies. That means the number is probably in the billions. No one ever discusses this aspect, yet it goes on every day.

  8. I dont know, I just know that we murder babies here in America, and God will make us all pay

  9. This country was finished when women were given the right to vote. MJ is absolutely right. The USA was finished long ago. It is time to change the flag and the anthem. Let’s all move to Australia!

  10. Palau is sinking, too. So are the Fijis as well as all the other islands of the Pacific.

  11. Well, shall we consider the Apolcalypse? Or Isaiah and the prophets? This world is to pass, violently, as the elements melt with a fervent heart, as said St. Peter. There will be a new one, entirely new, re-created, “wherein dwelleth righteousness,” Peter says. I mean, there is something to look foward to, if you have the faith, the vision, the strength. The word is gone out into the world. It’s there.

  12. You have no optimism left for this country? If not, it’s really tragic. I would think a woman with your passion would continue to fight for what you believe this country needs. Anyway, peace.

  13. No, I do not have optimism.
    My fathers side of my family is Seneca/iroquois. My family on my dads side have been here OVER 500 yrs. Liberal policies in the GOP and the DNC have totally destroyed my land.
    I have ought with you all.

  14. We’re a young nation. If the world does not end in 2012, I think we have many more years to grow and change. Or I’m just feeling atypically optimistic because I’m happy it’s Friday.

  15. The Neutred States of America is a has-been country. There is no hope for saving our society. That’s just the way that it is.

  16. Unfortunately, Scriabin, you are right.
    BTW: David, our recording engineer and myself are going to be doing a blog talk radio show. I will fill you in

  17. I’ve been extremely devastated by what I see on television so much so, that I rarely watch the news any longer. I too have had many dreams, and feel God does allow insight in what is to come. It’s too bad there are not more God fearing people to listen to the warnings….

  18. Robin, do you write about these dreams??
    This one dream I had was of a terrible flood, and lo and behold, look at Mississippi.
    GOD is warning, we need to take heed.

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