The Ugly Leftist War Is NOT Against Capitalism, It Is Against White People

  Tonight, I watched “Mother Wore Tights” from 1947. It was beautiful to watch. The costumes, and of course the technicolor. Something suddenly occurred to me.  The leftists are not at war with capitalism at all. They are at war against white people. Yes, its the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. They hate the purdy whitey folk..

The truth, that you left-wing scoundrels and cads don’t want to come to terms with, is that you were born ugly. Not just outside-it is the inside of you is dark , you savage beasts. It has made your outsides look hideous now. The ugly, little glares….the terrible, treacherous, treasonous attitudes you carry with you. The evil that you embrace.  It is all because you are spawns of satan. Its the truth. YOU ARE UGLY.  There is nothing ‘pretty’ about you, neither outside nor inside.

  Take Michael Jackson; He was born a black boy and died an ugly white woman- he was SO JEALOUS of white people…And what about the different races? The races that are different colors that are leftists, like black-libos, Mexican Marxists, MUSLIMS and left wing Erav Rav Jews? They are JEALOUS. It is the truth.         You are so jealous of white people that you can’t see straight.  Its the facts. If you all were such die-hard ‘anti-capitalists’, you would not be movie stars, pop-stars, elites, magazine writers, wall-street moguls, owners of your little coffee shops (that are usually filthy and disgusting). You certainly would not be a Barbra Streisand, Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Soros, OBAMA.

  Face the mirror, you left-wingers are just so damned ugly, its scary. When you were kids, you were insanely jealous of the gorgeous blonde, the brunette gal with the green eyes. You were SICK WITH ENVY over the Mel Gibsons, the Tom Sellecks.  Meanwhile, you had to look at your ugly ass self: Whoppi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, Amy Winehouse, Kelly Osbourne, Janine Garofela (<Whatever..UGH) Rosie O’Donnell, ETC.  You hate these whiteys, because they have been successful, AND pretty.. Makes ya sick, huh? LOL!!!

  So, you figured out a way to love your ugly selves and make yourselves feel better; Make the white people feel some FAKE guilt.  You know WHY you wanted to make them feel guilty? Do you?  It is not because of slavery 150 yrs ago, it is not because of civil rights; It is because you cant change the fact that you are HIDEOUS. Ugly inside and out.  A true beauty is a person in the heart, but even moreso, is the gorgeous white person with the brains.    

  And, then…What really made you nuts, are people with REAL talents in the arts, because you leftists have NO talent, NONE.  Placing a jar of urine with a cross in it, is what you pigs call ‘art’.  You are disgusting people.  Truly talented singers & actors never make it either-because the leftists HATE people that are truly gifted by God, and they hate them even more if they are WHITE AND PRETTY TO BOOT. HA HA HA HA.

  Tell ya, I was never jealous. Nope. I have almost black hair and hazel green eyes, and what a body I STILL have, with a fab voice to sing with 😀 .  I LOVE that you all hate me and hate 100% whitey folks. It proves to me that I AM RIGHT. HA HA HA.  Nah…Mrs. O aint jealous…lol:

**Look how gorgeous these people look in this movie, and then tell me you aint JEALOUS !!! LOL!!**

  People that are patriotic, love God, and are good Jews or good Christians are not jealous.  Nope. They may not all be gorgeous, thats truth…But thats ok, because they have more heart and soul than you leftist slimes will EVER have.  Their beauty shines, even on the outside, because of their love for God, and their country– while you are dark…dark like the deepest soil in Salinas, California. Dirty, ugly, dingy and dark-souled, black-hearted varmits from the pits of hell.  LOOK AT YOUR UGLY SELVES!!




22 thoughts on “The Ugly Leftist War Is NOT Against Capitalism, It Is Against White People

  1. The spoiled LIBERAL ELITE hate CAPITALISM becuase it is a white european system that made them all RICH! They HATE everything including themselves, and think the rest of us need to share their GUILT! How can anyone take these FREAKS seriously!

  2. Wyatt:
    YOU said it brother!
    They hate that WHITE Capitalist system, and they cant compete because they SUCK and are not smart (3rd worlders)
    Look at their countires they hail to: Africa, meXico, ETC- ALL DUMPS.

  3. Warren, it is whites that are super ugly that hate America, usually, and they aligned themselves with militant, inferiors to bring down ‘evil’ whitey.
    So, they pick on our fathers, because they were BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL!
    If the founders were ugly, and commies, they would LOVE them!

  4. You changed your name at first I caught it in the toolbar and was getting ready to blast msn for their toolbar programming. What’s a matter you can’t be mad anymore why sad I just get even not mad or sad. Here in California as a WASP I’ve been the victim of reverse descrimination since high school, or as my son points out just discrimination there is no reverse to it. That was when I was told that some white people even though qualified for admittance to Cal State University could not be admitted or recieve scholarships due to the whiteness of their skin. They must make room for those that are less qualified due the their darkness of what, skin or soul. That was 1972 Berkeley, CA.

  5. Im sorry, I have just felt sad since NO action gets taken against these left wing radicals.

    I know ALL about the hatred of most Mexicans against whites in Calif. I lived in Salinas, CA. They sit there and think nothing of saying ‘those damned white people’ and I remember being the total minority sitting at a table of 14 of them, and 2 of us whites.
    People think Jews are not white. Sorry, I am a whitey and have faced SERIOUS racism and discrimination in Cali, but not here in AZ where I live is predominantly white- hardly any Mexicans and only 4 black people. I have to tell the truth, when I tell you that it is wonderful not to have all of the racism directed at me now.

  6. Wow. I’m reading these comments and the only explanation i can think of is that inbreeding is a lot more widepsread than I thought. You guys all from Kentucky?

    If Jesus ran for President would you vote for him? You know he’s a socialist don’t you? He sure wasn’t a greedy scuzzy capitalist hat’s for damn sure. He’d spread the wealth around. He’d share.

    No, if jesus ran for office he’d be assassinated. You are all a fucking bunch of loser douchbags.

  7. Stop lying.
    You leftist NAZIS are NOT inteested in Christianity OR Jesus, and Jesus never talked about ‘spreading the wealth’, he said GIVE MERRILY, you want to take peoples money and supply the illegals.
    You are an angry NAZI.

  8. MJ:




  9. Butch- dont listen to this idiot.
    Probably just another marxist/militant here to oppress people even more.

  10. There is something not right about Hollywood, they salt and pepper their movies with demonic symbolism that indoctronates the gullable in everyday life. some movies have symbolic predictions of futuristic events. some include the attacks on 911 long before it happened.

    The information I have is quite damning that hollywood is tied with the NWO. those involved in the movie industry do utter profane oaths, attend secret lodge meetings and claim to be godly people. Believe me they are not. They lie, they indoctrinate our kids to follow satan and utter damnable herisies.

    And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind… Being filled with all unrighteousness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, deceit, malignity…haters of God…inventors of evil things. Romans 1: 28-30

    everything from Disney to the toy industry to TV and TV commericals and crooked politicians. It really a complex sham they are pulling off

  11. Peter cannot debate and so he defames. So what if we’re inbred? We’re right. Kentucky? Kentucky is a beautiful state.

    Get a job, Peter and stop blaming others for your own shortcomings and problems.

  12. Yeah, Scriabin, you are right.
    Except, I am a native NYer.
    Which is pretty as well, but VERY discriminating against white people.
    He cant take the facts and is brainwashed to believe that the only racism is against black people- he seems to escape the notion that America has a black in the W.H.
    I will ttyl, going out with my Mama 😀

  13. Themad, I have to comment on Peters comments about Jesue. Peter gives me the impression that he never studied the Bible. To even envoke the comment of Jesus running for president and include the word assasinate in the same sentance.. Just ask yourself this, Why would Jesus run for a position that is already noted for corruption and kick backs from big business, lobbyists and special interest? He’ll have to throw the whole system out the bring in his kingdom. And that is what is said in the bible.

    Peter, your incredibly ignorant who loves steriotyping people. To answer your question Peter, we are all not from Kentucky. Do your investigating and you will find out that I don’t live in Kentucky..

  14. HI COOL!!
    Hes a moron, I get em from time to time.. Usually they are too scared to come back.

  15. Capitalism isn’t about groups or races its about individualism and the ability to sell and market in a free environment (free market). Capitalism is about freedom to pursue your own economics, but has been turned into patriotism and other nonesense. I’ve met many jealous people and they come in all shapes and sizes and colors. I’d agree jealousy makes people ugly but I’d hope you’d be open to the fact that whites can also be very ugly and stupid as well. You ever been bullied by a white cop? I’m white and it doesn’t make me feel any better that a black or white cop stops and harrases me for no reason invalidating my fourth amendment rights. All these atrocities you talk about distill down to attempt to indoctrinate and conform all people to the same mold and color and beliefs is the real culprit. I hate Hollywood as well for their BS and lies, but there is nothing beautiful about KKK or the U.S. government, they all promote group think and lies instead of individualist accountability and success. Anyone who has had a true friend of opposite color would understand that good and bad comes in all colors. I’m not a liberal, and I’m not a conservative, I am a individualist and know that my demons were about power hungry types and militant self serving enforcers. Think about all the creeps that stole your ideas and threatened you with force for not giving them your goods and you’ll find the true anti-capitalist. A majority of them are however white liberals.

  16. Rob, I hate ‘liberalism’.
    I dont give a damn about the rest.
    Sorry, though, it IS a war against white people now.
    It just is.

  17. I got a TOS on my email. It was done by WHITE ‘liberals’ that all hate white people- so figure that one out.
    I have lived in racism, beat up by 3 black girls with stick, mexican marxist militants are even worse.
    UNTIL you’ve been a VICTIM of racism directed AT you just for being white, you dont know what I am talking about.

    BTW: this is MY land, my fathers side of my family is Seneca/Iroquois.
    I am a Daughter of the American Revolution and dont owe SHIT to black people or mexicans full of crap saying how “AZ is their land”
    Tell it to the meXican govt who sold Gadsden to AZ in 1854..

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