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Post Written for SCRIABIN. Yesterday, I was at the grocery store, and I watched this couple bring their groceries out to their car.  These were handsome people; the man looked like a Robert Redford type (when he was in his 40’s, and the woman looked like a cool cowgirl, with a cowboy hat on and a black fringe jacket, she was a little chunky, but pretty).   

    The man opened the trunk, and began to put all of the groceries in the trunk.  As he was doing this, the woman reached into one of the bags, and pulled out a tube of Pringles potato chips, and ate them.  The man was putting all of the bags in the trunk-she did not help with ONE bag, even a little bag, she was motioning him to hurry as well. She did absolutely zero.  For real.. I was looking at the scene, stunned.  Then, she motioned for him to hurry, and she got in the drivers seat and they drove away.. It was obvious who ‘wore the pants in the family’.

  It used to be, back in the 70’s and 80’s, that women wanted to be LIKE men, so they would have put the groceries in the car themselves.  But now, they think men are their slaves. This is sick. But-Its true.  It is feminist supremacy. There is no other word for this.  Tell me, women….Did you fight in WW1? Did you storm the beaches at Normandy? Did you fight on the battle-field of the American Revolution? No.  You didn’t. You didn’t invent anything that we use in everyday life either.

  And….what’s up with the Sarah Palin worship? It really is NO different than the Obama-BOTS.  Can you name a really GOOD reason that you want her as the Pres?  Can you? Tell me what it is.  When in interview, Palin couldn’t even name her favorite founding father. Palin is ‘gay’ friendly. Palin thinks the ‘birthers’ are a distraction. Palin is gorgeous, this is the truth, but little more than only a reactionary, which is TYPICAL female -like. She is a patriot and I admire this.  But for a Pres? Sorry- I will not EVER endorse a woman. Even Bachmann. And I think she is the toughest woman in the house. I still don’t want a woman as a Pres in an insane world. I want a Patton type man. That’s just me, I dont expect everyone to feel as I do. At least consider.

  How do we find a Patton?  It is really not that hard.  Women: stop being such supremists toward men. Build up the men around you- men need your influence. Men need you. Men have ALWAYS needed women to fight. Why do you think you see cheer-leaders? It ENCOURAGES men to ‘win’.  And war, whether psychological or physical-men NEED encouragement, and that only comes from women, who possess that gift.  More Patton, less patent leather as Savage says..

I hate feminism, and it is all over the place. It has infected good, Christian women and turned Jewish women into monsters.  I HATE IT.  American feminists SUCK. This is why so many men are looking abroad into the Asias for a decent woman now. Face it, you have chosen this EVIL, Jezebel, Vashti spirit that is totally satanic and it’s time to REPENT.