Pedophile?! Founder SPLC, Dees Is Rich As Roosevelt, Says Atlas Shrugs (SIOA) Is A “Hate Group”

Go to fullsize imageYou know….entertainment is not this good. These trashy pigs call themselves “Southern POVERTY Law Center”…. Isnt that amazing? I find it hysterical.. there is $$ to be made, keeping minorities in slave houses they call projects in NYC.  This trash has had some ‘issues’ with pedophilia. Wow…so who took up for THOSE victims, Morris? Hmmm?

Really….Naming Atlas Shrugs and SIOA a “hate group’ just because NYC residents don’t want a mosque at G. Zero… You know what Morris? I hope they build one right in your yard, and make you submit to alla, butt in the air &  all. 😀 CHANGE!


Southern Poverty Law Fraud Center