Healthy School Lunches?

Read at American Thinker
Lunch menus have been retooled, to fit ‘healthy’ standards. The First Lady’s war on obesity has hit the schools. See the new ‘improved’ menus here, with comments from the author.

I agree….these new meals will still leave kids hungry!

Glenn Beck FORCED To Apologize To Some COMMUNIST Reform ‘Jews’ For Accurate Statement He Made

(Just an FYI, I HATE writing these type posts. My own people have swallowed me up with terrible sadness for their treachery. I deplore Jew-hatred, but the truth is the truth.)

   Come on… Stop being liars, some of  you reform ‘Jews’.  You know what many of you are: COMMUNISTS. And you use your synagogues to preach and teach COMMUNISM, and multi-cult worship. The end result of COMMUNISM is death. The end result of Islam is the SAME; DEATH. Orthodox/Hasidic/Lubuvitchers are the REAL deal, NOT YOU.    I have been to PLENTY of your ‘reform, and even conservative’ synagogues in NYC & CA to see the TRUTH-Many of you are un-ashamed COMMUNISTS.   Most of your synagogues  hardly ever talk about  holiness-nevermind how you eat, nobody cares.  It is your TREACHERY that people care about and are angry at.  What a laugh you are.  Where were you when Chris Matthews said that “Fundamentalist Christianity is like radical Islam?” Where were you, you filth? Now you are upset? ROFL!   Even Christians that have supported you sick traitors to freedom and America know what you are:

 Douay-Rheims Bible from one of the oldest translations of the Christian New Testament:
Behold, I will bring of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie.

Behold, I will make them to come and adore before thy feet. And they shall know that I have loved thee.


  Thats what Christians see in you now…Christians that have been nice enough to support you, now know what you are all about—-voting in Obama, the MARXIST/Muslim, Jew-hating, America-hating, Christian-hating, Israel-hating subhuman…If Media Matters has you linked, you are GUILTY of treachery by association. Sticking up for NAZI colloborator, COMMUNIST Soros makes you GUILTY of treason against America.  Well, that’s the truth, right up there- anyone with a BRAIN knows this, even if they are not a Christian…How evil can you be? If you hate people criticizing your sick, demented views, MOVE OUT OF AMERICA- America is for FREE SPEECH.  You hate Beck, because he EXPOSES the left-wing and YOU KNOW IT

Rabbi Lapin who was on Beck last night told the truth about you.  THE JIG IS UP.

 If you are not that way, then CALL OUT the ones that are for crying out loud!!!!!!!

  Look at this trash on the Commie-run, Soros site, Media Matters…BTW: Media Matters, who the hell are you kidding? Anyone that has read Horowitz’s book, “The Radical Son” knows your game: destroy America, make it Commie. Your time WILL come to and end. Commies always get killed by their own. I can’t wait 😀

 Whats the matter, you FAKE “Jews”? Afraid of this? You better be, because people like me, are coming after YOU first. YES WE CAN. You have ruined the rep of good Jews that love America, you rotten TRAITORS!


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BREAKING! Muslims Advising Followers In USA To “NOT OBEY THE LAW OF THE LAND”

Go to fullsize imageI thought these people were ‘peaceful?’  Didnt GWB say they were? Didnt GWB say these were decent, honest citizens?  Ok… Sure, whatever.. 

I dont like to talk about islam, because they really believe they are bad-a$$.  I dont believe they are more evil than Commies, BUT, now that they are working with these Communistic pigs, they are a serious enemy.  In the end, though, leftists- guess what? Submit to allah, the moon ‘g’od or die. Thats Islam-anyone that has read the Hadiths knows this.

  See the rag here below, this is what these law-breakers said on their website. I trust that if an American went to a muslim land, they would not be allowed to say such things, but here in America, anything goes. It is TIME to obey the Constitution. And anyone that does not should be wiped off the map and put out of their misery.  Period.

Do NOT Obey the Law of the Land

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 How long before we see “American police, GO TO HELL?”

Growing Food Is Great

Seen at YouTube

Young woman expressing her views on growing food. Watch her here.

This was made years ago. I heard that there could be governmental interference in growing food. Is this true? If so, I wonder how she’d feel about it….

Wisconsin Police Searching 4 COWARDLY Democrat State Senators In WI

Go to fullsize imageThis is the epitome of cowardly. These people should be fired. FIRED, you hear me?? FIRE THEM SCOTT WALKER!!!! Why should the GOOD people of WI have to pay for these COWARDLY senators while they are NOT doing their JOBS!? Look @ these people acting like savages. These people get paid…PLENTY.  There are people homeless with NO job that have better attitudes!

Minnesota UNION Buys Private Golf Club For 4.3 Million-YES WE CAN!

Go to fullsize imageThe unions… the unions are sick.  Now, they are buying a GOLF Club? And….they only want it private for 2 years…Isn’t that peachy! There is no problem..Nah.

Found by DONNA

Rahm SATAN Emmanuel~Bath House Boy? HELP US GOD!!!

MR.E.MAN found this youtube.  

Go to fullsize imageYOU CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP, and-I believe it. I can believe anything with this evil beast.  Patriots of Israel can’t stand this America-hating, Israel-hating, Soros loving, anti-Christian, anti-religious, pushy Bolshevik slime. 

 Come on Chicago, how could you allow this EVIL?! This is evil out of control. GOD HELP US!!