Simple Question

Is there anything the Left & Right can agree on?

I can only think of one: How mean the Westboro protestors are.

That’s it!

7 thoughts on “Simple Question

  1. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you. If the two-faced Justices can whine about how nasty those Westboro ….. creatures … are, then turn around and state that they CAN protest the funerals of our heroic fighting men and women, they must have found SOMETHING likable in them. Or perhaps I’m just confusing the Supreme Court’s insult to our military for truly believing in something – since there’s only one Justice that still appears to have a backbone (and a sense of decency). But hey, I’m way too biased on this issue. I have this strange affliction that says a family cult masquerading as a church shouldn’t be elevated above those who have died for our country. Silly me! 🙂

  2. Bud; You know these ‘justices’ are fos.
    Good point ya got there, Sir 😉

  3. Forgive an old fart lost in the wilderness of the Net. “Fos”? Would that be like …. um …. “MFs”? You know, matriarchal fornicators? (My parents are SO glad they paid for that English degree! Oh, wait, that was an IT degree. I think…. Dang, the long-term memory’s the first to go. Or is that the short-term memory? I forget….) 😀
    Oh, and please don’t call me sir. Though I never served, I was a WW1 and WW2 re-enactor, but never got higher than sergeant. “Hey You!” works well. 😉
    By the way, I may not always agree with you, but I will fight to the death for ANY lady who puts 1940s pinups on her website! If you don’t throw me out before the month is out, maybe I’ll let you borrow my book of Vargas prints.

  4. I like Vargas, you know, he really was the best painter of pin-ups, really classy.
    FOS-means full of shit 😀
    The pin up gals then vs now are just no comparison!

  5. Ho, lawdie! Don’t get me STARTED on the sticks and bones that pass for “sexy” today. Ever see the movie “Chicago”? You know which female I found hottest during her number? Queen Latifah! Don’t get me wrong, I could watch Catherine Zeta-Jones all day long (remembering “Entrapment”). But Zellweger? God LORD, woman, eat something! Yeah, Latifah could use to lose a few pounds, but at least she’s got something to strut!
    Rats. There goes my merit badge for decorous behaviour. (Sigh.) Guess I’ve revealed myself for the sexist pig I am. Okay, as punishment, time to go out and have a chat with my backyard neighbor Blackjack. Jack’s a goat. Did I mention I live in the middle of nowhere? 🙂

  6. Catherine was really cute in that.
    Latifah was a horse LOL!
    Here is MY rendition of When You’re Good to Mama:

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