Obama Hates Israels Guts & Even A Member Of The Incogman’s Family Says So

Go to fullsize imageLets get something straight about the Incogman…. He is OBSESSED with me. He writes about me all time. (He is secretly madly in love with The Mad Jewess.) But lets also face the fact that he just needs publicity….which is why he links me-this is a busy website, and he needs more Jew hatred & Pro-Israel, Christian hate..

  EXCERPT from his rag:

You know, the gorgeous half Goyette/Jews like “The Mad Jewess” go off all the time about Obama being “anti-Israel,” a Muslim lover and all that crap?

Hell, a family member even once told me he thought Obama was anti-Israel.

 …..Said the Incogman on his sweet post this week:


So, Obama is a “Zionist” LOL….LOL!!! Not according to Hitlery Clinton, his SOS, who believes that Israel is illegitimate:

Hillary Clinton: Israeli Settlements ‘Illegitimate’ – ABC News

This one was written in the UK about Obamas hatred of Israel:

Barack Obama’s top ten insults against Israel – Telegraph Blogs

  BTW: On Incogman’s website, it says:  Buy Incogman a ‘cup of Joe’… You know how trailer trash need your money…Kinda like the leftist/Union morons……

SPREAD YOUR WEALTH TO THE INCOGMAN!! (Imagine…asking Americans to support his junk in these lean times…. Amazing..)

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Lets make poor wittle Incogman feel better….

3 thoughts on “Obama Hates Israels Guts & Even A Member Of The Incogman’s Family Says So

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  2. What’s the difference between the anti-Israel policies of Bush, Obama and white supremacists like Incogman? Bush and Obama are not stupid to say their policies favor destruction….and there are plenty of self-hating Jews whom embrace it.

  3. Bush really was an Israel hating pos, that is the truth. Obama is just as bad, but you are right, and it is totally ironic that our own fellow Jews hate Israel.
    I like fighting the leftist, Incogman. He embraces all of the Jews that are left wing, he really does.
    Ymch shmo to him.
    I live to prove the fukker wrong every damned day.

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