Another Dream/Vision I Had.

Many people don’t believe in dreams, or visions of the night. I DO.  In the book of Joel, it is written:

And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions; And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.

(Joel 2:28,29)

This was my vision/dream:

There was a HUGE crowd of America-hating Marxist/leftists. The government was doing the right thing by the Constitution.  

With fists raised to the sky again. An Obama-black thug stood up and said: “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE POWER FROM US, WE ARE GOING TO LIFT POWER FROM YOU” and they charged forward into lawlessness.


I believe a violent insurrection is coming. Read  Van Jones  book, “The Coming Insurrection”

You all must know now, that YOU ARE THE JEW. Got it? Either you will march straight to the chambers or fight and defend your homes and families.

15 thoughts on “Another Dream/Vision I Had.

  1. People have always laughed at me, when I take a look at an area and do a tactical layout of where firepower should go. They claim I played too may wargames as a kid. Funny thing is, an Iraq vet moved into my town. We got talking, and guess what? He does the same things! We now have an integrated plan on how to defend in-place AND how to move on to the next set of towns. Let others laugh – I know my family is safe and ready, as are the few around here I care about. So yes – maybe I DID play a few too many wargames, or read a few too many tactical manuals. Better safe than sorry!

  2. Bud, we are safe here too, probably need to have more ammo to protect our home etc.
    I play survival games all the time 😀

  3. Hey Bud, I’m an Iraq veteran and they all tell me I’m crazy too. Even my social worker at the VA clinic holds the latest snobery from her communist friends who watch MSLSD in higher regard than the facts I state after using my training and experience to gather intelligence.

    I recently won a gun case in San Mateo County and am organizing resistance against the violence that has already been initiated against white folk here in the SF Gay area. Part of me wishes that these slimeballs would get the anarchy they so desire, for they would all be somebodies b*tch in minutes, and I would be able to slay Satan’s wretched underlings without interference.

  4. Dang Marcus!
    I BET its a bunch of fem-nazi scum from the pits of hell that are doing this to you.
    ME too, I want to slay satan.
    Hopefully, God will give us a chance.

  5. Just as I thought, Marcus; feminazi SCUMSUCKING MALE HATING EXCREMENT TRASH!!
    Rot in hell b*tches!!
    Poor Marcus! You went and did what you had to do in war, only to come home to these ROTTEN WITCHES!!!!
    THIS is what you SHOULD have come home to!! (Bud will LUV this lol)


  6. I am sorry to God for myself being so ‘sexist’, but I am SURE that a man wanted nothing more than to come home to a lovely woman fawning at him—of course you cant find that in AMERICA!!!!!

  7. Thanks for both this and the other pinup, MJ. Ah, back in the days when women weren’t trying to look more like weightlifters than women. Feel free to keep finding those pinups! 🙂
    Marcus, this should be a bit more interesting for you than most. 20 years ago, we first saw signs of Gulf War Syndrome. At first everybody admitted they had no idea what the cause could be. Then the lefties started claiming it was all psycho-somatic – the vets were “nuts” like those Vietnam “whackos”. (If I had a dime for every idiot I shut up for calling Vietnam vets various names…)
    So, it’s the late 90s, we’re visiting our friends who used to live down here in Ohio (hence why a Chicago boy and his Hoosier wife are here). The wife is a DO with the VA, and has seen a number of these “nuts” with GWS. She starts chatting with me one evening, and I start talking tech and consequences – the depleted uranium tank shells that partially melt as they punch through armour, the burning oil and the various carcinogens that creates, and the various chem/bio weapons that had been found and disposed of by burning. She and I ended up writing up an entire epidemiology of how a soldier could get these poisons. Her FAR left-wing California husband tells her not to submit it, it’ll ruin her career. Fast forward a few years, our friends have moved to Alaska (don’t ask!), the wife and I are in our own place, and I’m reading some defence-related websites. Guess what they have now determined is the cause of GWS?
    “Exposure to a combination of powered DEPLETED URANIUM from tank shells, certain carcinogenic compounds found in burning petrochemicals (OIL WELL FIRES), and certain resultant compounds from disposal of CHEMICAL WARFARE materials (BURNING)”.
    Gee – I’m not a doctor, my military knowledge is a hobby, and so is my knowledge of burning dirty oil (mostly from malfunctioning engines), but in combination with our friend the DO, we seem to have staggered on the cause, right? Naw – we had no research to back us up, says the lefties in the VA. And so it goes……

  8. No, I was seriously considering it, but my dad had kinda bad experiences, and steered me into a job with Ameritech which he pulled some strings to get me. I’ve been reading about the military since 2nd grade – the first book report I ever did was on “30 Seconds Over Tokyo”, about the Doolittle Raid. I’ve studied the tech for almost 30 years – if I had gone military, it would’ve been Army armoured, or Air Force, both as maintenance shifting towards design. I’ve never worked on jet turbines, but I’ve worked on car-type engines, tank diesels, even a couple airplane radial engines. I once rattled the cage of a co-owner of a B-25 bomber. He had it at an airshow where I was re-enacting, and wandered past as he was griping about the port engine not running right. I walked over, stuck my finger in the oil that had leaked out (trust me, all old warbirds leak constantly!), give it a feel and a sniff, and told him he had a couple fouled plugs and the carb choke was sticking, making the gas-air mix rich. He stared at me like I had grown a 3rd arm! I told him to check it out, and wandered away. He came looking for me later that day. Yep – two of the spark plugs had lots of gunk on them, and the carb linkage was dragging, cutting down the air and making the gas-air mix rich! (I love doing that stuff. I can’t count the number of people whose car problems I’ve diagnosed that way!) I’ve just hung around the military all my life, had a lot of vets for friends, even helped some recruiters with information they didn’t know. Closest I’ve ever come was schlepping a machine gun through a 20-mile parade wearing wool in 95-degree heat. Just crazy, I guess! 😀

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