PRAYER: We NEED To See God Relieve Japan, Please God..

A woman reacts amidst debris caused by Friday's massive earthquake and the ensuing tsunami, in Natori. (AP/Asahi Shimbun, Toshiyuki Tsunenari)

We cannot post here until we see God come to relieve Japan and intervene. I can’t, in good conscience look at what is happening in Japan and post news. We HAVE to pray for Japan. This is terrible and serious. We are talking life and death here.  It is time for people of the book to PRAY FOR JAPAN. Put aside everything else. We have a friend in trouble. These are good and honorable people.


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7 thoughts on “PRAYER: We NEED To See God Relieve Japan, Please God..

  1. God bless and keep the people of Japan in this terrible hour of need. May he still the land, calm the water, and ease the troubled hills in the south.

  2. It is the end of the ages.
    I just cant, in all good conscience post news while people are suffering and dying, threat of their own weapons slaughtering them. Weapons that were obsolete and volcanos, etc.
    Too much for me.

  3. MJ, My heart is very heavy for these people. Dear God, Please stop their suffering. Give them the strength. In this I pray, In the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, AMEN.

  4. I will first ask forgiveness for posting news. I would normally not go against anyone’s wishes here, but I think this is important information.
    A quick recap. The main nuclear plant in Fukushima, designated the Daishi plant, has 6 reactor units. Numbers 1 and 3 had blown the roofs off the containment buildings but still had the reactor containment vessels intact. The number 2 reactor had partially melted fuel rods, but both containment vessel and building were intact. Reactors 4 through 6 were shut down.
    As of 10:00pm Eastern time, the Australian Broadcasting Company reported the following:
    “Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Yukio Edano, has told a media conference the number 4 reactor at the Fukushima nuclear plant is on fire.
    Mr Edano said the reactor was not in operation at the time of the earthquake and has no active fuel rods. But it does contain spent rods.”
    “He said the rods have been heated, releasing hydrogen. He also said authorities are assuming that radioactive material is also being released.
    He said high radioactivity levels near the plant may be a result of the fire in reactor number 4. But he also said the fuel rods at the reactor are not on fire, the building itself is what is on fire.”
    “Mr Edano has also said the figures that have been released to date measuring the level of radiation around the plant have been misquoted as micro sieverts. He said the unit attached to the figures should have been milli sieverts which are 1,000 times stronger and much more damaging to human health.”
    “He confirmed that the containment vessel around reactor 2 may have been damaged. But he said he believes this reactor has not contributed greatly to the rise in levels of radioactivity.”
    – – –
    Please forgive me for such horrific news, but I thought you all would want to hear it. I am very sorry for violating your “no news” policy, MJ. I ask your forgiveness due to the significance of the information.
    May God save the Japanese people from this nightmare.

  5. its so wierd that you end in spam, Joe, and I am sorry for that!
    You can say anything you like here.
    I feel so SICK for these people in Japan, that I, myself could not post anything. I have been weeping for these people.
    Donna didnt do any reporting as well, b/c this also bogged her down with despair.
    Contary to what these EVIL left wingers say, it is US that cares about human life, NOT them.
    XOXO, we love you bro 😀

  6. As to my entries ending up in the Spam bucket, I think there’s some setting in WordPress that needs to be switched on or off – I’m not sure. I had a different address that was ALWAYS going into spam EVERYWHERE, so I shifted to this one. Oh well.
    I promise not to post anything more until tomorrow at the absolute earliest, and then only if it is as significant (though hopefully FAR more positive) as this.
    And thanks for the acceptance. I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to learn stuff, to explain away the bad in order to lessen the pain. Y’all have helped more than I can express by just letting me spout my techno-babble. I am in your debt, MJ. You are truly a lovely lady in body and spirit.
    Take care, may the Lord grant you all restful slumber, and may His love bring us peace on both sides of the Pacific ocean. Goodnight, all.

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