Women Have Become MANS Worst Enemy

  Last night I was reading Breitbart. Sarah Palin wants to be the Prez. She thinks a woman can do the job.    Does anyone realize yet, that Palin already gave us Obama 1 time, as did Hitlery?  You think I am kidding? Everyone that I know that voted GOP this last prez election, has flat out told me, that they voted for PALIN.  You think she will not give us Obama again, as will Hitlery?  I dont know, you all better think about it…..For the most part; The only people that really want Palin for the Prez are the T-partiers and the GOP. And most of the people that want Hitlery are just die-hard Democrats. Palin is a good uplifter, but I wont EVER vote for a woman. Sorry readers.

  Onward….Man has been ripped off and robbed by women. Man, who was made in the image of GOD…… Good Christian “BITCHES”?! Bad Bible Belt Feministic Sleaze….This Is Really ‘Messed Up’!

Women now control the USA. Think this is a joke? Look at that wuss of a faggot you have in the W.H. who is occupying a mans seat. Men are the ones that are supposed to be the leaders.  I know…you want to tell me that man has royally screwed everything up, Right? If MAN had MEN behind him instead of deceptive women, things would not be the way they are in the Western world. 


Look how women have done things; Look at this in general terms. Women get a divorce, they get the kids, they get alimony, they get the home, the car, etc. Its the truth, generally speaking. Women are murderers as well. Yes they are. They murder babies through abortion faster than they can ‘spread their legs’.   Women connive their way into jobs that they are not qualified for by using affirmative action. If this disgusting affirmative action was not there, things may not have turned out the way they have.

There will be more on this subject.. But I would like if you watched this Youtube below, while I rant at a later date.. If you dont like my OPINION, thats your beef.

OH, and men, sorry for being so rude: GET A DOG, you will find more loyalty. 

  Recently, in a magazine, I saw this quote: “TRUST NO MAN, FEAR NO BITCH.” That sweet aint it? Here is another I came across:

This is what BOB, a blogger says on another website:

I would leave my wife if she took up feminism. Its unnatural.

By: bob on November 10, 2008
at 8:26 pm


17 thoughts on “Women Have Become MANS Worst Enemy

  1. As I said in my comments about “African-Americans”, if you’ve got the qualifications for a job, I have no problem with whatever you are, be it white, black, red, male, female, or Alpha Centaurian. The boss that canned me from Citicorp was a legacy – a female example of the Peter principle, promoted to her highest level of incompetency. A female I/T director who couldn’t create folders on Windows!
    I’d consider a female president if she could present the proper credentials – some years as a state Senator, some years in Congress or as a Secretary, maybe even a shift or two as Veep (to learn how to take crap – about the only thing Veeps seem to do these days). Both Palin and Hillary have a LONG way to go to show anything NEAR this level of competency. And that’s one (of many) reason I don’t support Obama – Illinois politics may be cut-throat, but not enough to make you Prez. Now, maybe a decade on the Chicago city council – rated as one of the most dangerous areas in the world. (Baghdad is considered SAFER!) 😀

  2. Oh, and a cat works as well as a dog, with proper training. My cat fetches, comes when called, and can sit and give paw. 🙂 My darn dog won’t fetch! 😦 ‘Course, this is the second cat I trained – you haven’t seen PISSED until you train a cat lover’s cat to speak! 😀

  3. Bud, I am an OLD fashioned gal. I kinda like the old way, you know, MEN for prez. With ANY luck, a godly Christian MALE that is white.

  4. MJ, great post. This one hits the nail on the head. We have so little time left to 2012. Yes, you are correct, Hillary gave us the POS in the WH. Palin will do the same if she doesn’t get out of the way. Has a man came forth yet ready to lead us out of the depths of destruction to the promised land in 2012? We will not make it out of another 4 years of living Hell.
    American needs a man to lead us from the power of the Commie/Fraud/Satan in the WH. We are now in a leaderless society. Every day is is a different battle in American lives. Wake Up America, time to rise up and face the facts.

  5. I don’t think you are Mad as in nuts or something. I think you are Mad as in pissed off. You ain’t like any Jewess I ever met! That’s for damn sure!
    Aren’t they the ones that started the women’s movement? I think so.

  6. @Jewess, I need to warn you about the women from Texas [especially the ones from Dallas]…Don’t even think about socializing with them, because they are very snooty, materialistic, and patronizing in the sense of Christian values…and also STUPID!

    So please, as well as every person commenting on this post: STEER CLEAR OF THEM, or you’ll become bitter like me…since I’m from Texas!

    Thanks for the plug as always Jewess, buddy.


  7. Couldn’t agree more MJ! I don’t agree with everything Bill Clinton did, but he knew how to work the ladies! At least as a man I can support him on that level. Hell, if i was in charge, I’d shut the gov’t down so I could get some too!

  8. Those EVIL “Jew”esses started the man hating movement, with ANY luck, I will live to see the day when we screw all of thir disgusting ideologies right down the toilet.
    Yes, I am angry, I live in a MANS world that has been ROBBED by bitches from the pits of hell.

  9. @Goombah: I happen to be lucky and blessed.
    My father is Seneca/Iroquois and I am a D.A.R=Daughter of the American Revolution.
    Probably WHY I have some sanity, unfortunately we cant find SANITY in most American women anymore.
    😀 Its the truth!

  10. Now-Michael Savage now is pulling for Palin, why?

    “I am beginning to like Palin because the left picks on her” This is how America, even Savage would endorse and even vote for a prez? Just b/c she/he gets PICKED ON?

    Are we kidding!!!

    This is EXACTLY the same reason why so many people voted for the monster in chief- he APPEARED as an underdog.

    That was not a real bright statement, Mr. Savage. In fact, it contradicts EVERYTHING you have written in your books.

    Palin ‘supports Israel’ too, in Savages opinion….
    I guess this is supporting Israel for Savage?

    Two-state solution for Israel/Palestine is a top priority Debate Biden/Palin 2008

    Q: How would you solve Israel/Palestinian conflict?

    PALIN: A two-state solution is the solution.

    Many people hate Israels guts, they have a right to hate or like another nation/state.

    The thing that gets me, is that these same dopes call AZ “Apartheid”–its the same way they call Israel “Apartheid”

    If Palin is for a 2 state in Israel, which is another state/country, will she split up AZ and TX too? Or be a border softy?

    We have NO business telling other nations what to do, Michael Savage, inc Libya, now Iraq, Israel ETC.

  11. I guess so, just trying to follow the dictates of my heart.

    I am really NOT a fan of many women- living in NYC and CALIF did this to me.

    TY DD.
    I know u like Prez Palin, but these are my opinions.

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