Barack Hussein Obama: 12th Caliphate?

This is written by my husband:

Does Obama See Himself As The 12th Caliphate?

 I am sure that all of you asked yourself why are we in Libya when we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan for what seems like the last 100 years and do we need a third front against Islam.  I am also sure, that if you are a left winger, you probably think going into Libya was a great idea to save lives.  On the other hand, if you are a right-winger, you probably think that we have no business interfering in another countries internal struggles.  Of course, both positions would be changed if a GOPer were to be president.  Let me ask you, though, what could possibly be better than Muslims killing Muslims?

Glenn Beck points out that the left is mixed up in the mixing up of emotions in all of the Middle East as the protests jump from one insane asylum nation to the next, but did you notice that not only is Obama demanding that the dictators that were in place, and the dictators that we did business with, and the dictators that we gave foreign aid to, all step down.  Are they looking for ‘change’ we can believe in and if so why have there been no heads of these nations, after the dictator steps down, stepping in to take his place?  Why are the nations under siege, leaderless?

Iran thinks the 12th Caliphate is already among us.  So does Louis Farakhan.  Does our Kenyan Muslim president see himself as that 12th Caliphate?  Since everything in Islam is backwards where evil passes for good, is that 12th Caliphate the Anti-Christ?  Some ministers including Reverend James Manning, a black pastor, claim that Obama is that man.

This all bears watching.

-David Ben Moshe


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41 thoughts on “Barack Hussein Obama: 12th Caliphate?

  1. Hey Paulette! I’m very sorry I haven’t been around for awhile. Jeez, I barely get time to post anything and most of the time it’s done in haste. Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim? A Caliphate? Why not?
    Paulette, I’m so damn sick of this freak of nature I could just puke.
    But I think what chaps my a$$ more is that who do we have defending the United States? Who in the Congress? Nearly every one of them are frauds, and it makes me sick.

  2. the “CALIPHATE” is an ISLAMIC EMPIRE, specifically the Re-United TURKISH OTTOMAN EMPIRE that was disolved in ashes of WW1. Only they want this one bigger, as in the entire PLANET! The 12th IMMAM (sunni) or MAHDI(Shia) known as the ANTI-CRIST(chistian scripture) is a person (mortal man) who’s apearence leads to the FINAL BATTLE of ARMAGEDON(a valley in ISREAL) after ruling for 7 years. In the ISLAMIC VESION JESUS(Issa) returns and destroys the CROSS(Christianity) and unifies the world into a “CALIPHATE”! In the Chistian version JESUS returns and lifts the rightious “BELIEVERS” into the kingdom of heaven (NEW JERUSALEM)! the scriptures also state that all NATIONS that betray or are against ISREAL will be destroyed. Is it a coincidence that JAPAN was hit with a 9.0+ quake a few month after condemning JEWISH settlement building in Jerusalem?

  3. Then why did she name him that?! My child is named Aria but I think I’ll call her Gertrude.

  4. I dont know, but she is the sweetest woman, one of the nicest ppl I have EVER met.

  5. Wyatt, I believe that Japan’s government REALLY SCREWED UP, and now their people are paying the price. Obama is the anti-christ.
    I have to get to the gym, but I am SO lazy today.

  6. I am not surprised about anything anymore! There are natural disasters all around us, and of course the biggest man made disaster is Obama himself!

  7. Wyatt, clearly the Jews of the world are all perfect. They have done nothing to deserve the position they have found themselves in.

    The fact of the matter is that Jews have no one to blame but themselves.

    Its easy to blame others for one’s own shortcomings. Jews should go back to the Torah, live in Israel, follow the Commandments, keep the Sabbath, etc. Blaming Japan for Israel’s problems is like a bank robber blaming the bank for tempting him with cash. Jews should get out of Hollywood, get out of the porn industry, get out of the American news media and return to G-d. Stop blaming others. The Jews have earned their problems.

  8. The Japanese government should have just let Israel be, imo.
    As for as the Jews all over the world, well, we all know that they are so perfect, Scriabin (eyeroll)
    David would not move to Israel for all the tea in China. I agree with your basic synopsis, though.
    But, being the un-Orthodoxy I am, I rather prefer breaking bread with the Christian community.

  9. the scriptures also state that all NATIONS that betray or are against ISREAL will be destroyed. Is it a coincidence that JAPAN was hit with a 9.0+ quake a few month after condemning JEWISH settlement building in Jerusalem?

    @Wyatt: Yes it does say this. Why their govt did this, I dont know. But will tell you this much; N. Korea is doing the same thing, as is China.
    It is PEOPLE that we feel for on this website. Japan, and N. Korea both suffer from the same crap we suffer from;
    EVIL government.

    I have seen MANY Jewish people rejoice in Japans destruction, and this attuitude has made me very sick.

  10. Fuck Italy for supporting Hitler during WWII. Italy and all Italians will be punished severely by Almighty G-d for this. Damned waps.

  11. Scriabin, you are in a foul mood, arent you? You know the Japanese government sucks. You know our government sucks.
    Get over it.

  12. My response to Wyatt is by far the most brilliant post ever written on this blog.

  13. Nobody can deny your brilliance, Scriabin.
    But, David writes wonderfully too, and I think he is spot on with this post, myself.

  14. David is one of my living heroes. It takes real GUTS to go on qptv as Chaim’s sidekick. He is a REAL patriot and his essay is absolutely correct. I apologize for hijacking this thread with my outbursts.

  15. Dear scrabin

    Im not blaming JAPAN for ISREALS problems! just stating what the is written! If you dont like it , tough! Nothing like spanking your own monkey !

  16. So how Can GLENN Beck be so AFRAID of Questioning WITH BOLDNESS Obama’s COLB when Even CIA says He WAS NOT PROPERLY VETTED ????? And then BECK Comes out and SAYS OH TRUMP Makes ME NERVOUS , so we are suppose to Listen to Beck and take what he has to say as Gospel and that He has the Investigative team to uncover the truth and he won’t Cover what Even CIA is Saying is an Injustice , HELLO GLENN BECK whose the Phony here TRUMP and the CIA or GLENN BECK ???

    OK so if this is the case then Mr. TRUMP has EVERY RIGHT to question Prez OBAMA ABOUT His COLB

    Ex-CIA Operative: Obama Never Properly Vetted
    Monday, 28 Mar 2011 05:10 PM

    By Kent Clizbe
    More ways to share…

    Becks Creditability is eroding fast here ….
    Glenn Beck defends Obama from Donald Trump’s birth certificate assault

    Steve Cooper
    The Conservative

    I hope you brainwashed Beck robots are paying attention. It is time to abandon the Glenn Beck show, because of his obvious biased reporting on the Obama Eligibility issue. What is the difference between Beck, Bill O’ and Trump? Murdoch can not buy Trump’s silence on the Obama eligibility issue.

    Beck has his entire reputation on the line, because he chose to stand on the wrong side of history when it came to Obama’s ineligibility to be president. Listen to me you little weasel. Donald Trump has more balls and brains then Beck and Bill O’ have COMBINED.

    We have to get as many people behind Trump as possible, because already I am seeing left wingers posing as conservatives coming out trying to smear him to avoid any more exposure on the Obama eligibility scandal.

    I have a feeling that Beck will just bash Trump, but not allow him on his show, because he knows that Trump will wipe the floor with the chalkboard, Libertarian Messiah.

    Trump takes on the Anti-Birther Movement, China and Iran

    Glenn Beck: Donald Trump’s making me ‘uncomfortable’

  17. Obongo is as ill-prepared to be the 12th Caliph as he is to be U.S. President. He was “selected” to be U.S. Prez because he hates America and is disloyal enough to do the bidding of the NWO. If you wonder where he was before he came to national attention, read the transcripts from the Obama-CIA-Columbia Sedition and Treason trial held in Atlah, NY:

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  19. Please post my face all over an ultra-controvercial blog without my permission. Pretty please! With sugar on top!!

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