Leo Donofrio, ESQ Speaks About Obamas Duality

Go to fullsize imageMy, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.  What did America do so wrong to Obama that he would commit such treason (being not-natural born, and having the ‘audacity’ to run?)  Donofrio believes that his duality has been THE issue all along, I agree.  I dont know if the b.c. the W.H. put out is a fraud, but I know this much; By Obamas OWN admission, he is a son of Kenya because his father is Kenyan born.

Bon Appetit Birth Certificate…

Not Natural Born Obama Wants Gas Prices To Go UP, So, Don’t Look 4 Cheaper Gas..

Go to fullsize imageCuz it aint comin’… For those of you that have followed this half-breeds life, you should have already known that he was an anti-American slime and would most definitely want us to suffer.  Ann Coulter says that; ‘birthers’ are wrong’ and she is right… NO, Ann, you are wrong, we have been right all along. There has been NO possible way that Obama (who should be placed in a straight jacket) is just a ‘bad president’, he is dangerous, BECAUSE of his duality-and this below was overlooked:

First Read – Barbour claims Obama admin wants gas prices to go up


Christians Have Lost A Brave, Wonderful Man Of God; David Wilkerson

  Go to fullsize imageAs most of you know, I am not a religious Jew, and I am not a religious Christian. I am just a person that believes in the Torah, Tanakh, and the New Testament.

 David Wilkerson was my favorite Christian preacher. He was also a prophet of God, in my personal opinion. If you have doubts about this mans wonderful ministry and life, you can read his books. Most of the inspired prophecies he has given, have happened, and nobody can deny this.  I feel so saddened by this loss. He was in a fatal car accident, sadly.  We have surely lost the most powerful man of Christianity and God in America. I pray that he went straight to Heaven, he deserved it.  Listen to this powerful video below. I can totally relate. My eyes have FAILED me with tears over this nation and its people.

God Bless this man.

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Obama *DEMANDED* McCain Had TWO American CITIZEN Parents

By David Ben Moshe formerly of the www.jtf.org

  As per the law, including a 2008 senate resolution that Obama signed, a President must meet two eligibility requirements;

1. That you are born on American soil.

2. That BOTH of your parents are American citizens.

  Obama knew this, which is why he demanded this from John McCain.  How does Obama get away with this? Is the birth certificate that the White House put out the truth? And if it is, why are his parents not held to the same standard as McCains  parents were? No matter where Obama was born, everyone knows his father was a British citizen of Kenya. He is not eligible by the natural born law of 1790 & senate resolution of 2008.  The Senate passed this bill in 2008, with Obamas signature.

Is any official going to touch this problem? What kind of Constitutional crisis does this create? Nothing like this has happened before.  What happens to all of the laws he signed? What happens to his 78 Executive orders? What happens to his military commands? What happens to his pension? Does Biden take over and finish the term? Or does Biden take over until a special election is held? If Obama is ineligible, is his V.P. ineligible? Does the speaker of the house take over?  Would anyone touch this for fear of being called a racist? Does race TRUMP (you’ll pardon the expression) the Constitution?

Trump: Criticizing Stupid Obama’s Appeasement: “You’re Not Gonna Raise That F*CKING Price Of Oil”


  Go to fullsize imageDonald Trump may be the only Republican who won’t ‘go along to get along’.

All of the establishment, dumbass, Republican jerk-offs will probably be having a cow over Trumps use of the F-bomb, while he attacks this sicko, non-transparent administration that taxes us and allows our oil to go through the roof, just TO PAY FOR THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL LIBYAN CRISIS .  All of the RINOS have been attacking Donald Trump for one reason; He aint part of the boys club of slime. They do nothing, and get angry when someone does do something.  They are all a bunch of closet leftists.

Go Donald Trump. I agree. F*CK THEM ALL.

Nobody said much from the Republican RINO party when Obama wanted to kick everyones ass, did they?