Four Condemning and Irrefutable ‘BIRTHER’ FACTS

Go to fullsize imageTo the anti-‘Birthers’, and un-‘Birthers’: refute it, if not, then get on board. We are tired of your foreign, usurper FRAUD- OCCUPYING our White House. It is you that has made up a ‘conspiracy’, not us. We want to see this IMPOSTERS B.C., and not just his B.C., but how about ANY of his records…..


8 thoughts on “Four Condemning and Irrefutable ‘BIRTHER’ FACTS

  1. To me it’s pretty evident the Pres. has something to hide; he was put into office by and controlled by the big money people of the world the Illuminati.

  2. the more you dig into the manure pile of OBAMA’s eligibilty, the stinkier it becomes! When so much effort & money is being utillized against a simple issue, you know something is wrong. I think the BC is just the opening of a PANDORA”S BOX of problems for OBAMA! TRUMP is right, either he does not have a LEGIT BC, or he does not like what it says!

    Compouding this problem is there is a general ignorance of the higher Constitutional standard NATURAL BORN CITIZEN(NBC) that is required to hold the office of POTUS! Most people think if you hit the ground on USA soil you are automatically a NBC & eligible for the presidency! Its a little more complex than that, there are different degrees of CITIZENSHIP. A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN is defined by Emerich de la VATTEL’s book “THE LAW of NATIONS” (used in framing the constitution) as “BORN on USA SOIL of CITIZEN PARENTS”, Obama even if born on in HAWII on 4Aug1961 does not meet the NBC standard. He is a mere 14 Ammendment citizen at best.

    I know, as a foriegn born USA CITIZEN with a US MILITARY father & a GERMAN mother! I had dual citizenship at birth, had to renounce my GERMAN CITIZENSHIP at 18(age of concent). While born a USA CITIZEN, I do not meet the NBC standard on 2 counts, born on foreign soil, and a non citizen mother. My sister who is 3 years younger was born in the USA, but falls short of the NBC standard on 1 count, a non-citizen parent(mother). My little brother, 7 years my jr, is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN for my mom recieved her NATURALIZATION (citizen ship) papers prior to his birth.

  3. MR:
    You were not ‘removed’ off of here, we are in transition.
    You didnt answer my email back.
    You should have just asked what was happening, instead of coming off so angry. I dont understand that. What are you thinking, anyway??

  4. What a bunch of morons. The CIA does extensive background checks on any one who runs for president. They would not allow a foreign national to hold the nuclear trigger or run our military. Further more when you file the paper work to run you have to prove your eligibility.
    Give a break, what this is is prejudice and racism wrapped up in the guise of patriotism and national pride. Idiots, you make me sick.

    -OH, BTW: Jim is married to a black woman from HARLEM, he forgot to tell us this.

  5. Theo only IDIOT is yourself, who is projecting his own bile.
    You are a traitor to America (voting for HUSSEIN O) & your BOGUS, PHONEY ‘racism’ claims.
    Do tell us, you little FAGGOT, how many black women you have dated and how you live in Harlem, when you can do that, come on back for another internet bitch slappin.

  6. Occidental College records — Not released
    Columbia College records — Not released
    Columbia Thesis paper — “not available”
    Harvard College records — Not released
    Selective Service Registration — Not released
    Medical records — Not released
    Illinois State Senate schedule — “not available”
    Law practice client list — Not released
    Certified Copy of original Birth certificate – – Not released
    Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth — Not released
    Harvard Law Review articles published — None
    University of Chicago scholarly articles – None
    Record of baptism– Not released or “not available”
    Illinois State Senate records–“not available”

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