Trump Leads In The Polls~GOP, Trump Is Your LAST ‘Hail Mary’

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  Trump is leading in the polls.  There have been some questions as to why he has had to ‘talk with’ the Bolshevik-Socialist scum- Schumer.. He said why:  Schumer is a democrat and NYC is a bunch of Commie-Democrats. What are you going to do? I don’t know. All I know, is that you Republicans  (I am Indep-consrvative, btw) BETTER rally behind ONE man, or face Obama for 100 years.  Think I’m kidding?? I am not. Obama will make himself the mandatory dictator of America-forever.  The Progressive monsters will make sure of it.

  You think Pawlenty has the gutts to attack like Trump has been attacking the Muslim from Kenya? Palin? Palin who cries and writes on her facebook page everytime the left wing hacks attack her? And…has a SOROS operative on her staff??  Huckabee? The tax and spender/murder-releaser?  Ron Paul who says ‘audit the fed’ every so often to keep people interested? The same Ron Paul who is for ‘gays’ serving openly in the Military?  Mitt Romney with his Mass healthcare failure? Newt Gingrich, who abandoned his wife when she was ridden with cancer? What would Newt do when America totally collapses? Duck and run for cover?  The only other one that was even possible was John Thune and he is gone.

Sorry, GOPers, you got your “Hail Mary” and its Trump.  Push for a Trump/Bachmann ticket, because that’s all you’ve got left.


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