Obama “PROMISED” Not To Sign Presidential Statments (EXEC. ORDERS) He Has Signed 84 To Date

Current List of President Obama’s Executive Orders – 1461 Days of

You voted in a dictator. I don’t know how many audios I put out there in 2007/2008, even my own radio show being banned, warning people of this dictator, wannabe tyrant.  NO Prez is supposed to just use this power so carelessly.  Obama has been Prez for a little over 2 years and has already signed 84 executive orders.  The Progressive/Communists are pushing Obama to sign more, even orders that he stay in power-indefinitely. He just signed another executive order to ‘keep the White House Czars in power’.  This is not Russia, we are not supposed to have Czars.  All of that Czarist over-stretch of power began under FDR, the Progressive.

9 thoughts on “Obama “PROMISED” Not To Sign Presidential Statments (EXEC. ORDERS) He Has Signed 84 To Date

  1. I’d love to know just how many people are being employed by all these “committees”, who picks them, and what they’re being paid. I mean, silly me, I thought a president was hired to LEAD, not form committees or appointing “czars”. Or am I just being silly and practical again? 😉

  2. Obama Refuses To Give Up Czars


  3. Hi 1461:
    I was NO fan of Bush.
    I didnt have internet until 2007, didnt have a blog til 2008. So, I obviously didnt have access to all of this info, I barely knew how to sign an email in 2007.

    I was too busy at the City Hall where I lived fighting the Mexican invasion.

    I dont think it is cool to call people ‘tea-bagger’.

    I am NOT a tea-partier. I am just a little blogger, trying to do the best I can.

  4. Many bloggers and TeaBagger<<All you have to do is correct them.
    Instead you call these people 'tea baggers?" a Defamatory word, why do you do that?

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