Here is Farrakhan in this link, below.  I have to say to left-wing Jews; You got what you asked for with this type people. As Jews, we lost 2 of our own, that were murdered in the 60’s, and what did these RACIST black people EVER do for you? ZERO.   You threw your blood-brothers in Israel under the bus by helping this MUSLIM FROM KENYA into the White house.  If you could not think about American patriotism, why could you not have looked at this IMPOSTERS name, you stupid buffoons??

Farrakhan claims some “Jewish mayor didnt greet our ‘Nigger‘ President”.  Really…the same way Netanyahu was snubbed by our Muslim Prez? 

Frankly, talk all you want about how EVIL all of us Jews are. G’head.  I will fight you back, IF I feel you are wrong.  God knows MY heart. Does he know YOURS?  I will have to agree with some points the crazy man (Farrakhan) makes:  3 Jews on the SCOTUS makes no sense to me. IMO, and my family, we believe that only Christians are supposed to hold office in America. We speak out against these Erav-Rav (evil left-wing soothe-sayer “Jews” in name only) all the time, but people out there would like us to stop our whole lives to put down every Jew in America. We ask these same people to lay down their own lives to expose the 498+ “Christians” in the house/senate, etc.. But they don’t want to do that.  They only want us to apologize for something that us right wing Jews, Messianic, religious Jews, J4J’s, etc.. have NO part in.

Farrakhan also calls the congress “Zionist”…Really?  Wow.. Where? LIEberman is the only “Zionist” Jew, besides the wishy washy Eric Cantor.   The REAL Zionists were kicked out of the Gush Katif by the “Zionist” G.W. Bush in 2005.  So, thats what “Zionism” is?  Kicking the Jews out of their homes in Israel…OK… WHATEVER….

Here, listen OR read, I hope you enjoy what is becoming the 1930’s all over again, and you left-wing Jews can thank your own damned selves for it: