Celebrity Apprentice Stars “Urged” To Denounce Trump-THE RACE CARD-AGAIN

 Huh? 2 Liberal people that are darker than other people are pissed off at Trump.  Imagine this.. Unbelievable. Our nation is falling apart and the only man that is attacking the slime bucket, Marxist creep in the W.H. has been Trump and these people are so offended by Trumps comments.  You know…..Things that make you go UH.  He should just start firing them ALL for strong-arming him. Dont you all get sick of this crap?? 

“Celebrity Apprentice” stars urged to denounce Trump

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16 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice Stars “Urged” To Denounce Trump-THE RACE CARD-AGAIN

  1. It is no other than the Color of Change Van Jones Movement calling out the Black celebrity’s to denounce Trump. They are working for their Charities.
    Now who is a racist? Now, I am pissed off.

  2. Star Jones is the Chief Agitator on “Celebrity Apprentice.” Yes, she is trying to get all the white women fired from her group. I have watched every episode of it. Star Jones is a racist. Star even went after LaToya Jackson and had her fired,( I assume she is considered whit now, b/c of her late brother Michael) But, Trump decided to bring LaToya back on the men’s team next week. There is two white women, left on the women team as of May 1, 2011. Trump has over 5- 7 million viewers to his reality based show. ( I didn’t see the last 15 mins b/c Obama staged his interruption when he didn’t speak for 45 minutes after @ 11:30PM

  3. Thats why I put threads up about racism, because the OLD racism was directed at black people, this was a LONG time ago- do you see how they make fun of white people now? In fact, that is all they do is make fun of white people. Look at the commercials now, the white guys look like dorks, act like dorks, bob the builder; a dorky white dude that cant do anything w/out JJ and Wendy the feminazi.
    The racism is directed at WHITE PEOPLE now.
    They want to make WHITE PEOPLE pay for shit that happened 50 yrs ago and the 1860’s, its friggin preposterous.

  4. You are right, Donna, VAN JONES. The white hating Commie agitating slime bucket from hell.

  5. Col West, Judge Thomas and Alan Keyes immediately and other conservative blacks come to mind.
    All highly respected by conservative “birther” “T-party” folks [of all colors]. All dispised by white liberals and niggers.
    ps to all: I have recently decided I have as much right to use the word “nigger” as Chris Rock has, and I define nigger in the same way Chris Rock did. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzFTLKWvfE0 ……… Also as Nathan McCall’s mother did [page 12 of MAKES ME WANNA HOLLER] when she told young Nate to behave himself and “stop acting like a nigger.” .. http://www.amazon.com/Makes-Me-Wanna-Holler-America/dp/0679740708 [must read for anyone interested in how race relations got to the precarious point of today]

  6. John, people dont really give a damn about the holy grail N word.
    It is bs. Marxist BS.
    I looked up in the dictionary to see the term ‘nigger’, they have actually made this word ‘holy’ as God would be holy, its time to bring the FALSE ‘g’od DOWN.

  7. Star Jones, get called out buy her own color, Ne Ne Leeks, ” Chief Agitator”
    Then, Star plays all innocent. By the way the fired one of the white women, Hope, last week due to the interruption of Obama. One white woman left.
    Mr. Trump just get this show over with and get own with your campaign for POTUS 2012. You are our only hope against the weak field of candidates.
    Remember you said, No Obama in 2012. You will do everything in your power. Things will settle down.

  8. That above incident is very sad. I was a Professional Cheerleader and Director /Choreographer in three Football leagues in Two Countries. I hope someone helps with the lawyer fees or the cheerleader. These ordeals did not happen when there was morality back in the 70′-80’s. Now, it is a free for all. It is very upsetting.
    Thanks John for bring it to our attention.

    peace ❤

  9. 1 thing for sure and 2 for certain….judging from the racist comments made by the whites on this blog…it’s a proven fact that whites are not, were not and never will be superior to any other class of humans. In fact, through their evil deeds and limitless hatred, they have become an inferior class indeed…almost not human.

  10. Will you shut the fuck up with the race card shit?
    If you cannot come here and DEBATE without using the Alinsky tactics, then get the fuck out.

  11. BTW: “Brother”
    Racism is having EXTREME HATE for other races. Thats #1. We have ALL types of bloggers here of all diff creeds, color and religion. #2. We DO think that Obama acts like a NIGGER. (Spending tax-payers dollars for 13 vacations, non-ending golf, on OUR DIME & a race-hustling IDIOT as well.)
    There is a difference between an honorable man of ‘color’ and a down-right nigger, you know this, so stop being a jackass.
    NO, all people are NOT ‘created for social justice’. Criminals should be put away, and depending onm the crime, LETHAL injection.

    There are EVIL, nasty “Jews” that are JERK OFFS and everyone knows that.
    There is white trash, and everyone knows that.

    There are FRAUD “Christians” and everyone knows that as well.

    If you cannot take the FACTS, then just wtf are you doing here? Because we are taking up for whit people that have been raped, robbed, and murdered is somehow considered ‘racism’ against black people? (EYEROLL)
    If not…
    Well, then we AGREE:
    Black on white crime is TOTALLY 100% RACIST.

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