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I am sorry, but are people friggin insane?  CNN ran a poll and the poll said that Ron Paul has a chance to ‘beat Obama’. Ron Paul ALREADY ran, lost in the primaries, because of his BFF stance on Islam.. and gave us Obama. Lets get this straight, Ron Paul is 102 years old… Nevermind the pun…


Lets see… DADT.. Ron Paul voted to repeal DADT. Leaving our military open for ‘gay’s to serve openly. Gee, aint thhhat thweet?  Ron Paul screams “Audit the fed” every other 5 minutes, yet, thinks that people are so stupid that we have not looked into his earmarks.

 Ron Paul sponsored or co-sponsored 15 earmarks totalling $17,113,000 in fiscal year 2010 ranking 242nd out of 435 representatives. To learn more about earmarks, visit the Earmarks section

Ron Paul’s rationalizing is so unconvincing. He has shredded all credibility on this issue. If you still follow him, you are a mindless cult member. Period. Well, I already knew you were mindless cult members.  “Oh no, no! But you misunderstand!” I understand perfectly well. No amount of spinning is going to explain this away. Ron Paul is the pork king of Houston and the pork-king of the GOP.  And he’s a fraud to boot. Too bad he couldn’t have figured out an obscure rationalization to fund the troops in Iraq.

Ron Paul thinks that a mosque at G. Zero is a good thing:

Angry Ron Paul Defends Ground Zero Mosque

Maybe someone needs to remind Ron Paul about honor murders: 

Islamic “Honor” Murder In Michigan~20 Yr Old Young Woman MURDERED By Step-father

   Sorry.. I do not think that Ru Paul can beat Obama. You may think so, and worship him like the Obama-bots worship Obama, but I am not fooled. This Ru Paul says just about NOTHING to the evil Obama administration. NOTHING.  Ru Paul is OPEN to ‘open borders’ as well… NO, TYVM. More of the same, only Ron Paul:

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