In my hometown newpaper, a leftist jackass wrote some real bs that I felt I had to correct:   (Of course I have not heard from him, what would his answer be? You are a RACIST??!!)

Dear Mr. T. Ayers,

I read the Pop Rockets every First Thurs., when it comes out. I usually enjoy it.  I didn’t however, enjoy it this time. 

Your article about the T-party was not factual. So, I feel that I must help you.

The T-party originally started in 2006 by some x-Democrats, x-Republicans,  Constitutionalists & Patriots that wanted the Constitution back to its original form.  I became part of THAT T-party in 2007. 

You may look at this link to see a little story of when it originally started: (This is a middle of the road link so that you won’t be too offended, given that I don’t know your political persuasion)

Be Careful What You Wish For: Tea Party Edition | Firedoglake

 Although, much of the T-party was comprised of “Ron Paulans”, there were people like me, as I described above.  I am a D.A.R., 1/4 Seneca/Iroquois that has been rebelling since I have seen Communism take control of my land, as far back as 1989, in Salinas, CA., where ILLEGAL people from Mexico, Guatemala and Columbia are under an insane notion that America, which was actually “Indian” land, somehow belonged to them.  They began their killing spree all over my grandmothers town that she grew up in (Salinas, CA). She is native Californian.
  Re. Jan Brewer being ‘far right’: I dont see Gov Jan Brewer as being ‘hard-right’ at all. In fact, you would be surprised how far right she is not.  In the AZ Constitution, she, (as Governor) can raise up her OWN army, without federal help—deport, and kill invaders, if necessary, which is what she SHOULD be doing
  If you really saw what goes on south of the border down Mexico way, you would be supporting her yourself.   There is a WAR going on between decent, law-abiding Mexican people FROM Mexico (that love their OWN land) against Columbian drug Lords.  It is now IN our country and WILL get worse, if we do not take charge, here in AZ asap.                  And if we do not take charge we WILL see Prescott become just like Salinas, CA.  A hell hole of youth homocide (the highest in this nation) with ILLEGALS and MS 13 gang members who do not give a rats ass if you feel some ‘compassion’ for them.  They murder, they drive- by-shoot, rob and we WILL hear helicopters every 15 minutes flying over because of lawlessness.  I lived it, I saw it. I lived in Salinas, worked in Watsonville (both sanctuary cities for ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS).  Look it up yourself, that’s a whole other issue.
Re. The birther bill.  So?  What’s the big deal there?  The nation is already under lawlessness. People put an unknown into MY White House on MY land, and some American patriots ask for proof of citizenship and everyone cries foul? Are we kidding here??!!! BIG WHOOP! If the dear leader cant take the political heat, get the hell out of the political kitchen!
  Now, this stupid T-Party in Prescott:  I was invited to attend.  Attend I did. I offered up my voice, I can sing well, and have entertained in Theatre and Troops for over 25 years. I volunteered to help, and my husband offered up an EXCELLENT speech.. Granted it was not ‘pro-GWB’ (we hated him as much as Obama) but it was a GREAT speech.   A few days before the T-party event, the T-party called and told me and my husband that there “IS NO ROOM AT THE INN!”  They had rejected me.   A D.A.R., an entertainer of elderly seniors, performer for the Troops with many FORSCOM award recognitions from the US ARMY. A native American.
Re. Your opinion on guns in school; I have to say, after my rant, that I am 100% against guns in schools. Why in Gods name would anyone WANT guns at schools?!  Although I have many guns, a school is NO place for a gun. 
Again, re. The T-party:  A correction; It was NOT a ‘cynical astroturf’ movement. It BECAME an astroturf movement after GOP BOTS and hard-core leftists took over. 
Re. Your opinion on the Gadsden flag; As far as the Gadsden Flag. I have had one myself since 2005.  Before that one, I had a little one since I was a little girl, it got stolen in NY when I visited.
The Tea-party and “big oil” being involved? Nope, it certainly had NO ‘big oil’ there in the beginning.  Sorry to disappoint you.
That’s my story. I hope it didn’t make you puke.  MY land is under siege, and SOMEONE needs to start enforcing LAW.
A SAD, MAD, HARD right-wing ‘evil’ ‘xeno-phobe’.
Daughter of the American Revolution