Obama 2 Israel: “GIVE THE TOMB OF JESUS TO HAMAS” Obama Is The MARXIST/NEO-NAZI Dream Come True

View ImageI tell you…my eyes are filled with tears. I am sick. The tomb of Jesus handed over to HAMAS?  Is this a sick, demented, psychopath or what?  Do you realize what this anti Christ has done?  Is there a Christian that calls himself a Christian in the  world still worshipping this EVIL, sub-human?  If you do, you had better REPENT, and I mean NOW. True, there are many Christian-hating Jewish people and that is sick itself. And I totally condemn this type behavior.. But to turn over the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth to terrorists?  Let this tomb be as the Ark of the Covenant. Let whoever touches it, now, DIE.

Obama is a CURSE.



AMERICA, You ARE in the book of Revelations-you are that HARLOT-REPENT before its too late:

“Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds.
I will kill her children with death, and all the churches shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts. And I will give to each one of you according to your works. ” Rev 2:22-23
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13 thoughts on “Obama 2 Israel: “GIVE THE TOMB OF JESUS TO HAMAS” Obama Is The MARXIST/NEO-NAZI Dream Come True

  1. Could this be God’s gift, using human wickedness, to America for calling His Son’s tomb to be given to Hamas?
    If you are in the New Madrid fault line areas in Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, or Tennessee, be on the look out for glowing clouds, which are a signal of HAARP energy coming through the clouds and being directed into a particular location.
    In Japan the induction magnetometer showed a beam, and fifty-five hours later the world saw the recent Japanese disaster .
    You may be interested to know that FEMA is also conducting a large weeklong exercise in the New Madrid region that will simulate a catastrophic earthquake.
    Methinks American sheeple will carry on with either heads in cocaine cloud, or heads buried deep in the Bog of Denial and Ignorance. To take Responsibility is unthinkable! That’s why they are rooting for the Muslim Psychopath for another 4 years to seal their death and doom. And they welcome it!

  2. They DO welcome it! SICKOS! We will suffer gravely for this.
    The Bible does not lie. We can see for ourselves that God does NOT lie.
    DOOM is awaiting America and maybe that dude that said something is going to happen May 21 may not be so wrong after all…

  3. What the hell type nation is this, that would turn on God so fast, like the wink of an eye and put their trust in this EVIL Ishmaelite?
    I just dont get it,

  4. MJ, what land did Arafat sign on behalf of the palis? Palestine did not exist as a country.
    Egypt signed over Gaza & Sinai, Jordan the West bank, but who signed for the palis?
    If Israel is to return land conquered , under international law becomes Israeli territory, then America should return America back to the RED INDIANS instead of torturing, suffocating, and decimating them.
    What say you, Amerikastan. Amerikastan because you now have a Muslim Psychopath stenching your White House of Lies.

  5. I always ask people; Where is this ‘p-stine?’ There is no place called p-stine on a map.
    There is no p-stine, which is why they are fighting this left wing led war against Israel.
    If one is fighting FOR a state, it is obvious they have NO state. DUH!!!

    ITs the final showdown of Jacob/Esav.
    Good vs evil, Cain vs Abel.
    AmeriKa put this wild imposter jokerman in, and we WILL pay the price.
    NOT A PRAYER anymore for this evil, adulterous, wicked, heathen nation of God hating excrement trash.

  6. Nations are fighting against the God who calls Himself the “God of Israel” 203 times in the Bible. I dread, truly dread, to be in their shoes when He unleashes His Fury.
    God foretells a long conflict between the serpent and the Messiah and the latter’s ultimate triumph that would occur in a way Satan could never have imagined. An old hymn tells it beautifully:
    In weakness like defeat,
    He won the victor’s crown;
    Trod all our foes beneath His feet
    By being trodden down.
    He Satan’s power laid low;
    Made sin, He sin o’er threw;
    Bowed to the grave, destroyed it so,
    And death, by dying, slew.

    So, will a 2 state solution come to fruition? “For even your brothers, the house of your father, Even they have dealt treacherously with you; Yes, they have called a multitude after you. Do not believe them, Even though they spe ak smooth words to you. (Jeremiah 12:6;)
    In the above passage Jeremiah appears to issue a stern warning to the modern-day state of Israel not to believe the smooth words.
    At the end of the day, at the end of the age, Israel will place roses on the graves of her enemies, because her Defender watches.

    And who will mourn for Amerikastan? None, I tell you.

  7. Great sites I found on this act of Betrayal from the Muslim in the WH
    Brings all these blogs together,
    Frugal Café Blog Zone

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  8. I certainly do NOT mourn anymore for this place. AT ALL. Obama made me so sick, going against the Mighty HaShem yesterday, that I am just numb.
    Looks like Savage (Mike) was on the same page as you 😀

    See for yourself.
    I feel really sick, have to go lay down. I LOVE YOU QV.
    You have helped me so much, you have NO idea.
    May you be blessed 10 fold.

    Let your love flow outward through the universe,
    To its height, its depth, its broad extent,
    A limitless love, without hatred or enmity.
    Then as you stand or walk,
    Sit or lie down,
    As long as you are awake,
    Strive for this with a one-pointed mind;
    Your life will bring heaven to earth.
    Sutta Nipata


  9. MJ, my beloved wife and I deeply thank you for the beautiful metta you have showered. We include you in our Metta Sutta (loving kindness) daily meditation.
    May Yahweh Bless and Keep you. Have no fear. Throw yourself in Lap and He will keep you in His Canopy of Refuge.

  10. Islamists Pi$$ed On Christ’s Birthplace – Now Obama Wants to Give Them Access to Christ’s Grave

    The Palestinian Siege on the Church of the Nativity

    The overwhelming smell of urine was the first thing to hit visitors to Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity after the dramatic and bloody 39-day siege of the compound by the Islamists in 2002.The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem reeked of urine and was strewn with dirty pots and pans, leftover food and mattresses after the Islamist siege in 2002.


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