We Need 2 Go Back To Pre-1967 America, Where A BLACK BOY Like Obama Wouldn’t Have A Chance In Hell

Just think what type nation we would be again… Barely any 3rd world immigration. No amnesty for 3 million Mexicans that Reagan granted. No executive order, prohibiting the President from assassinating leaders of other countries.  No ‘politically correct’ speech. We would call a SPADE A SPADE…(If ya get my drift.)  Afraid 

College kids did the lawnwork, not illegal occupiers. Medical costs were minimal. We did not NEED Health Insurance to afford a hospital stay. Each state was nowhere near bankruptcy, nor was the federal government. Commies stayed in the shadows, they didnt disrespect this country and come out of the shadows.  Even 10 years before 1967, we hung Communists (ie. the Rosenbergs). There was no ‘going green’, cars were BIG AND MEAN and spewed sweet-smelling lead into the air.  Come to think of it, paint had lead in it. Gas was less than .30 cents a gallon.

Schools gave IQ tests that were not dumbed down. If you were a dummy, white or black, the IQ tests showed it. Standards for jobs, inc. Police and Fire were very high. If you were a woman or a minority and you couldn’t do it, TOO DAMNED BAD.   In NYC, the minimum height for a Police Officer was 5’8″. There was no race-mixing of blacks and whites. White women were considered low-down, dirty, white-trash if they mixed. Christian symbols where allowed all over government lands.  The week before Christmas, mail was delivered 2x a day. Even more in other places.

  Lets now go to where Obama would be, if America is to return to pre-1967.  Obama would be nothing but a stupid negro, with a big mouth and just may have been lynched. He would have NEVER gotten into college with ‘Affirmative action’. And as for President; He would be lucky if he were Pres of the mens room. (“THE BLACK ONLY” MENS ROOM) in certain parts of this country. Obama would not be living in a multi-million dollar home, he would be living in a shack in a ghetto, maybe Shanty-town, white-trash-ville. The BLACK BOY, Obama would be put in the funny farm for even thinking of being president of the USA.  Come to think of it, WHY has no-one thrown this BLACK BOY out?

Being he is half/black, half/white, everyone would be looking at him as if he is a FREAK. Lets go back to America, pre-1967..

Now, is this CHANGE ya ‘all can believe in?

 Too Funny Too Funny Too Funny 



31 thoughts on “We Need 2 Go Back To Pre-1967 America, Where A BLACK BOY Like Obama Wouldn’t Have A Chance In Hell

  1. New Info being released, I remember researching this about Sr. Obama, womanizer.

    File Claims Obama’s Father Paid for Abortion of His Half-Sibling

    Newly-uncovered immigration files that are beginning to receive attention on the Internet make the claim that President Barack Obama’s father got another woman pregnant after his birth and sent her to England for an abortion.
    The immigration files in question were recently released under the Freedom of Information Act and they concern Barack Obama Sr.’s time spent at Harvard University and the University of Hawaii from 1959-1964. They were obtain to supposedly answer questions about why President Obama’s father left the United States and returned just once to see Barack before he passed away.


  2. Gee, and I thought people only hated Obama for his policies and that only liberals are the real racists! How many liberals write racist dribble like this?

  3. Grow up asshole.
    We is ALL racists, and so are you, so shut the hell up—moonbat.

  4. I hate his policies #1. And now I want to pick on his black ass, hows that for ya?

  5. Obama da slime bucket magic negro man didnt seem to mind talking chit bout dem white peoples!!

  6. Hey MOONBAT, ‘Obama is black mascot of Wall Street,’ claims university professor (he’s black) in bitter attack on president
    A leading African American intellectual has reversed his support for Barack Obama, calling the U.S. president ‘a black mascot of Wall street’.
    Cornel West, a professor at Princeton University’s Center for African American Studies, had previously supported Obama and took part in 65 campaign events during the president’s election year.
    The White House of Lies have yet to react to West’s statement. Brains severely lacking there .
    Cornel West complained that his phone calls to Obama did not get returned and that he wasn’t invited to attend the presidential inauguration, which he watched in a hotel room with his mother and brother.
    West said the pair have not spoken in more than a year after West claims Obama gave him a public dressing down at a meeting of the Urban League.

    That’s the filthy Chicago punk, who had his ANUS partner Donald Young executed Chicago gangster style for you. You sure must be proud of him MOONBAT. The history of Islam and the modern Left is one of cooperation when there is some obstacle to their divergent concepts of “social justice” and the perfect society. And Obama is a Filthy, Evil, Man of Perdition serving Satan.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1388793/Barack-Obama-black-mascot-Wall-Street-claims-university-professor-Cornel-West.html#ixzz1MwqM10HY

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1388793/Barack-Obama-black-mascot-Wall-Street-claims-university-professor-Cornel-West.html#ixzz1MwpvPJem

  7. Well, QV- I look at it this way:
    If I am not racist at all, (which I wasn’t before Obama the race BAITER came along) I would still be a racist, because no matter what, the ‘right wing’ are racists to the ungodly leftists.
    So, I have chosen to stand with GOD on the racial issue. God seperated ALL of the people/s at Babel.
    He did it for a reason; He knew that America would TRY to resurrect that Babel again.
    I am not part of the slough and swamp of Kommunism. Race mixing is exactly what our parents here in the good old USA taught us:

  8. Yes, if ITS OK for Chrissy Rock.
    Its OK for us.
    All of this ‘thats racist’ is KOMMIE JARGON, and people should be allowed to say what they friggin want to say in AMERICA.
    Bill Maher is REALLY foul about this, but if he can be foul, well, by GOLLY, so will we:

    I dont hate ‘black people’ Donna put up an article here about Alan West 4 Pres, and I AGREE- hes great, as is Herman Cain- they dont act like evil people.

    But, OBAMA is a nigger, period. Anyone with a brain knows what that is- BILL MAHER does, so, we do too.

  9. You notice how Chris Rock makes a DIFFERENTIATION?
    Everyone acts like being a racist or not being a racist is some type moral code.
    Its stupid as shit.
    I said the holy grail “n-word” one night about a month ago 100x and the sky didnt fall down.

  10. AND, also: I put the Jews down that I believe with all of my heart are acting evil. In fact, I have called them out on the carpet WAY MORE than black people.
    If I see people acting a shitty way, the gloves come off, I just dont give a shit anymore and neither should any honest person.

    My best friend is full blooded Mexican, she is the sweetest person in this planet. She cant STAND ILLEGALS from Mexico. So, is she WAYCIS!!??
    All of this race card shit is Kommunist crap to shut up dissent. Notice how whenever a libo-slime is losing an argument, they say “Well, thats RACIST!!””
    Its a tool.
    Which….I will not allow to be used on me.

  11. Wow, wild times,After waiting over 15 minutes, I was told in a bank today by a woman nigger teller to place my fingerprint ( thumb ) on the checks I deposited after I gave her my picture NJ Driver’s License. (I do have an account there also) I did, but I didn’t put it 1/8 an inch on the right place, had to do it over again. (” I wanted it right here”, she said. I was ready to place one on her face) I, being White and blond, well, the nigger women hate us. It happens all the time. So, just go there and ask me why I am a racist?
    I see more and more the area in which I live, they are hiring niggers. They have to pay white workers more, Thanks to Obama economics. So, you get the attitude like I owe them something. Yes, I owe them,,, POS niggers.

  12. MJ, apologise for not checking comment before hitting button.
    We don’t feel bad about being racist. What is that? People are different. We either accept them or we don’t. My part of the world do not trust Blacks.
    And we don’t apologise for it. We were certain in 2008 that america would not be THAT stupid to elect a black ass. Then we discovered that the education system controlled and run by Leftist Loonies let loose created generations of dumbed down sheeple, and it was these brain dead cretins that put a Muslim Nigger to stench their White House. They must be sooooo proud now they are unemployed, live in tent cities, and on food stamps. We know that the majority of Americans can’t have three meals a day. And oh, those soup kitchens. I read a heart rending article on the current situation where the very young ones go hungry most of the time.

    I wrote this comment sometime back on another blog. I think it is still valid.

    Who is HUSSEIN Obama that America elected to be their president?
    A Fraud with muslim roots and a marxist education at the head of a radical administration.
    And you expect him and his administration to help America, or Israel ? No muslim does that. And Obama confirmed he would stand with his muslim brethren, if it came to High Noon.
    What do you expect of an abandoned punk from a dysfunctional background whose mentor Frank Marshall Davis, spied on U.S. military installations in Hawaii for the Soviet Union, edited a communist newspaper, authored pornographic novels, and wrote poetry in praise of Joseph Stalin.
    * A disciple of the Marxist Saul Alinsky
    * A man whose presidential candidacy was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America, the Socialist International, and the Workers International League.
    * A man whose best buddies are the convicted terrorists Ayers couple.
    * A man who had the most left-wing voting record in the United State Senate, but was predicted by the press to “govern from the middle
    * A man who publicly expressed disdain for the U.S. Constitution on a Chicago radio station because it limited the government’s ability to “redistribute wealth
    * A man who sits and listens submissively while his country is castigated by Daniel Ortega—a Communist thug whose own daughter accused him of raping her.
    * A man who can name hundreds of America’s shortcomings, yet none of its great accomplishments.
    * A President who scoffs at being called a socialist, yet has appointed 28 “Czars” to circumvent constitutional government, including:
    * A “Science Czar” who has advocated compulsory abortions for American women and the “surrender of sovereignty” to a “comprehensive Planetary Regime.”
    * A self-professed communist as his “Green Jobs Czar”. A “Pay Czar” to regulate the pay of corporate executives.
    * A President who swore an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic,” yet has nominated a domestic enemy of the Constitution to the Supreme Court.
    * A President whose Homeland Security Chief classified pro-lifers, veterans, and supporters of traditional marriage as terrorists.
    * A President who stood silent while the Iranian government hacked unarmed protestors to death with axes, because it was an internal matter, but freely offers his opinions about the internal affairs of Israel and Honduras.
    * A President who decreed that true acts of terrorism must now be described as “man-made disasters.”
    * A President who refused to intercept or inspect a North Korean ship virtually certain to be carrying Weapons of Mass Destruction to Burma.
    * A President who wants to cancel all missile defenses while rogue nations are developing long-range ballistic missiles.
    * An American President who blames the violence in Mexico on America.
    * A Commander in Chief who claims to have been unaware that Air Force One was taken on a terrifying, low-level photo-op over Manhattan.
    * A President who berates American CEO’s for flying in private planes at private expense on company business, but whose wife spends hundreds of thousands tax payer dollars flying to Paris for a shopping spree.
    * A President who promised a transparent administration, but requires all questions be screened before “impromptu” appearances.
    * A man who freely admitted that his energy policies are designed to bankrupt the American coal industry.
    * A President who has presided over the loss of 14.7 million jobs and whose “energy policy” will cause the loss of another 1 million jobs.
    * A President whose “energy policy” will increase the average American’s utility bills by over $2,000 a year in the middle of the Great Recession.
    * A “Christian” Pres.who who cracks hurtful jokes about Special Olympians.
    * A “christian” Pres. who MURDERS the unborn with his Abortion Bill and SLAUGHTERS American GIs with his RoE in Aghanistan
    * A “christian” Pres. whose Secretary of the Treasury cheated on his taxes—as did several other appointees and advisors
    * A man who wanted Americans to ignore his Muslim name during his election campaign, yet boasts of his Muslim name when he travels to Muslim countries.
    * A “Christian” who officially declared “Pride Month” for a Gay lifestyle that the Bible calls an abomination.
    * A man who spent 20 years in a church whose pastor espouses Marxist Liberation Theology, anti-Americanism, anti-capitalism, and anti-Semitism, but claims he never heard his pastor utter anti-American, and anti-Semitic statements
    * A “christian” president who removed all mention of Islam from the National Security Strategy document, which during the Bush Administration said: “The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century.”
    * A “christian” president who proclaimed that America is NOT a Christian country, but where Islam and muslims CONTRIBUTED greatly .
    * A “christian” Obama said “We’ve excluded lobbyists from policymaking jobs,” in his State of The Union Address.
    The Washington Examiner reports that Obama has 40 lobbyists in senior positions in the Obama administration, including three Cabinet secretaries and the CIA director
    2 Timothy 3:13 says,
    “But evil men and impostors shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived
    America has a LIAR as a “christian” president. Lyng comes as easy as breathing to a MUSLIM. Not to a Christian.
    Americans have found their need to receive is only matched only by Muslim POS Obama’s need to deceive. Caligula is back in town – only this time he’s riding horse of a different color.
    And America wonders why we mock, smirk, and spit at the dying superpower.
    His wife, Michelle Bovine with the barndoor ass, sees everything through the lens of race. Rather than feeling honored to attend Princeton, she regarded the place as a hotbed of racism. Some of her pre-First Lady speeches reek of hatred and loathing for America and White Americans. Even today, she remains her true self – a walking, talking liberal fascist
    The Woods Foundation gave Obama and Bill Ayers scores of millions of dollars to fix Chicago’s failing schools. After spending nearly all those millions, all the right palms were greased for Obama’s campaign, and not a single school was measurably improved. Obama was quoted as saying that maybe a “jazz curriculum” would solve the desperate inner city. Those two scammers wasted 200 million bucks and came up with a “jazz curriculum.” The money came from a charitable foundation, meaning that the taxpayer — yes, you! the struggling, trying to make ends meet American— picked up a big part of the bill.

    And I ask : Has anything actually been solved since Obama’s election? Are race relations better? Is the economy barrelling out of the Great Recession? Are freedom and prosperity growing around the world? Has his Hopey & Changey brought great happiness and made a difference in your life, Americans? Hello, hello!

  13. Rec’d this by email.

    Obama’s Dark Shady Past Exposed?

    The Intel Hub
    Shepard Ambellas
    May 19, 2011

    In a recent interview on Tru News (starting at 18:00) with a man only known as Al (to hide his identity for protection purposes) startling information on Barack Obama was brought fourth.

    According to the interview, the man known only as Al is a debt collector who actually voted for Obama.

    During a recent skip tracing procedure on a Chicago debtor (a procedure carried out to verify data on the client; i.e. addresses, phone numbers, friends, social security numbers, etc.), Al came across a startling discovery when pulling the clients data. Michelle Obama pulled up (on the computer) as the debtors neighbor back in the 90′s.

    Out of curiosity Al clicked on Michelle Obamas name (link) and this allegedly pulled up Barack Obama’s name Chicago home address of 5046 S. Greenwood Ave, strangely enough owned by Obama’s accountant (according to AL).

    Also allegedly displayed in Barack Obama’s file was the allias name of Harrison J. Bounel.

    Upon further investigation 6 different pin #’s in 6 years were assigned to the property — along with other evidence, Al believes that this type behavior signifies a multi layered real estate finance transaction.

    The social security number 042-68-445 also allegedly appeared in Obama’s file.

    The file also allegedly showed trusts and a $1.2 million loan taken out from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.

    If all the allegations are true — this suggests real estate fraud at minimum, and the possible fact that Obama’s house is a CIA safe house.

    52 former addresses of Obama allegedly popped up as well.


  14. I will find time and hat tip you, QV.
    “A Buddhist from a faraway land Questions America On BHO”
    What say you???

  15. Jewish American power is finished and everybody in the world knows that. The jewish media propaganda machine is finished. Hollywood is finished. Everything is finished….now go back to HELL!
    Media sluts on TV can continue lapping their cunts for themselves as much as they want…nobody’s listening and nobody cares…so GO ON!

  16. What Jewish media? You are stuck in the past with not much hope of leaving it. Today, everything is owned by corporations who hire a CEO, who either helps the company or screws it up, is paid well in either case, retires and the board picks a new CEO to do the same. Media moguls are from a by-gone era. I would tell you to get with it, but there is little hope of that.

  17. What “Jewish power?” THIS BLOG? LMAOFF!!! This website is totally rejected by the MSM.
    Oooooo, Hollywood, like Speilberg? Indoctrinating people with Jurassic Park? Sure..
    Like non-Jews are innocent and contributed nothing to this current problem, & you are just an angel-pussycat.
    Get lost Marxist-Nazi.
    This is a RIGHTEOUS blog standing against evil- go to a left wing Jewish website where they will appease your sorry ass.
    I dont know why the fuck you evil sonofabitches come here.

  18. Whatever, MJ. America needs to WAKE UP. Unless Americans reject Evil, they and their country will be destroyed. They already have an EXECUTIONER on board to complete the mission. A country gets the leader the people deserve. Obama was obviously given for America’s destruction. I open the papers this a.m. and I read: Majority of Americans are OK and comfortable with Gay Marriage. Sodom & Gomorrah staring in the face!!

    America’s “christendom” and their bible ignorance/rejection is watering Satan’s plants. Obama is one of Satan’s plants.

  19. Zombee fits the ding dong commenter most appropriately. What Jewish power? You off your meds? You know how to read? Then get off your arse, go to the bookshop, or library and seek out Dr. Mitchell Bard”s superb book, The Arab Lobby:The Invisible Alliance That Undermines America’s Interests In The Middle East”

    Dr. Bard shows exactly how the Arab states manipulate America’s MidEast policy through what is called the Arab ‘government employee pension enhancement plan.’

    Behind the scenes, the Arabs, particularly the Saudis and the Gulf States pay former US officials, subsidize think tanks, media shills, and academics who hold chairs paid for by Arab money. And these sources are frequently quoted as experts on the Middle East – without revealing their financial ties to the Arabs.
    As a consequence, the Arabs have been able to drain billions out of America’s economy to enrich themselves, fund groups that subvert America’s democracy, affect US policy and to get America to defend them..often at cross purposes with our own foreign policy goals and domestic needs.
    There are no journalists today. Only Whores. Bought, paid for, and sold themselves , their wife, and children to Muslim Mafia Inc. Get it, Zombeeeeeeeeeee? Sheeeeeeesh!

  20. When the newspapers are adding peeboo(pbuh) at the end of every mo, they have become at least dhimmified or have converted to the religion of hate.

    CNN long ago sold its soul and cunts to the sheikhs. The only mention of Israel is war and violence while the Emirates are portrayed as heaven on earth. It follows three basic principles.
    1) Play up Israeli insults to the Arabs and the West, thus taunting those so insulted to retaliate.
    2) Play down Arab insults to Israel and the West, thus
    3) Taunt Arabs into becoming more hard line.

    Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia , the country that contributed 15 of the 19 that took down the Twin Towers , are busy funding America’s schools with books :Muslims discovered America. While sermonising American dungheads slavish to them: ” The Democratic system that is predominant in the world is not a suitable system for the peoples of our region… The system of free elections is not suitable to our country”
    King Fahd of Saudi Arabia
    Meanwhile Western Islamic apologists and modernising Muslims continue to look for democratic principles in Islam and Islamic history. And they are NOT Jews!!
    Now go and research how the Saudis plan to exploit your First Amendment
    to your detriment, Zombeeeeeeeeee.

  21. In reference to John Prewitt’s post, there seems to a racial civil war among White people as well.

    On the one hand, you have the msm, the universities, the school system, the politico’s, hollyweird, and the SWPL’s vs the rest of us.

    Did I leave anybody out.

  22. We are indeed in hot water.
    Luckily for myself, I live in a predominant white Christian area and we all love each other and help out less fortunate.
    Obama and his ILK have a major war against white people that are conservative, and love God, he is SATANIC
    I write posts like this, because I 100% believe in fighting fire with fire.
    They want to play the ‘race card’ shit, I will give it right back to them ten fold.
    I do, however have conservative black people and a conservative friend that is 100% Mexican–she knows me. I would NEVER have done this, had not this evil man pushed me.

  23. I am all for the leftists.
    I love how they have destroyed America.
    I HATE Hayim Salomon, the Jew that financed most of the Revolutionary War

    AMERICA WAS FOUNDED BY GOD FEARING individuals and I aim to kill every last one of them.

    I hate God, I hate Jews, I hate Christians, I voted Obama, I will align with the enemies of Israel. I will vote Obama again, too.

  24. Yes, Steve, join the left wing Bolshevik Jews. You belong together.
    BTW: Steve is a JEWISH name, as is Michael.
    MAN, I cant stand you leftist Jews.

  25. Steve, you must have pulled STRONG for Obama, the Marxist fag..you being from SHITCAGO.




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