The Word “VOID” Is On Barack HUSSEIN Osama’s Fraudulent Long Form B.C.


See for yourself what you put into our White House, you vomitous assholes:

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  1. There is no “President Obama”

    The Obama “Presidency” is nonexistent. The media refers to Barack Obama as “President Obama.” I have said it many times in the past and will reiterate it now:

    Barack Obama has never been the President of the United States of America. Under the U.S. Constitution, one has to be a “natural born Citizen,” which means born in the U.S., of parents, both of whom are American Citizens, in order to become President of the United States.

    The adage “O, what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive” is appropos here. Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and many others in the same cabal have failed to take said adage seriously. This writer is a co-charging party in an International Criminal Court investigation of the Kenyan Election violence. I have submitted numerous documents to the ICC regarding Obama’s activities.

    Obama’s name will go down in infamy in the history books. The names “Benedict Arnold” and “Barack Obama” are synonymous. The terms “traitor” and “quisling” will have, as an addition, the term “obama.” “You are an ‘Obama’” will be heard to describe one who has betrayed his duty to America.

  2. How long will we allow the lies & destruction to continue before we take a stand?
    I have one question: Is the WH intentionally distracting the public with orchestrated “slow leaks” concerning Obama’s fraudulent/unknown past, his 100% verifiably fraudulent “birth certificate” and his clear ineligibility to hold office for this single purpose: to simply divert the public’s attention from his greater goal of destroying Israel, supporting the rapidly unfolding Middle East Caliphate (Arab Spring) and the purposeful, intentional bankruptcy of America?
    America has been hijacked by radicals and they are flying our country to a location the large majority of us do not want to go. Please have the courage to recognize this fact and face reality before it is too late.

  3. Proof Positive: Documents Showing Obama Was Born In Kenya, Africa?

    Friday, June 11, 2010 7:00
    Date: Sunday, 6-Jun-2010 00:38:21
    In Response To: A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER: ELEMENTS OF CONTRACT/COMPACT: Proposed amendments to the68 GCA could destroy 2A. (watcher51445

    1—Closeup, magnified copy of Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate with analysis and witnesses……Don’t miss this one!! $2 million spent to cover up birth and college docs.
    2—Video of Obama’s grandmother certifying his Kenyan birth.
    3—Defense Intelligence government contractor’s 1992 anecdotal conversation (story at the bottom) regarding Obama’s communist grooming and training via elite benefactors….Mr. Fite should be subpoenaed to testify……..somewhere!
    I asked a British history buff I know if he could find out who the colonial registrar was for Mombasa in 1961.

    He called me up a few minutes ago and said “Sir Edward F. Lavender”
    Source(s): “Kenya Dominion Record 4667 Australian library.”
    Posted by Alan Peters at 11:56 PM

    Testimony from a Mombasa science teacher and the Mombasa Registrar of births that Obama’s birth certificate from Mombasa is genuine. A copy of President Obama’s birth certificate that Lucas Smith obtained through the help of a Kenyan Colonel who got it recently directly from the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya.

    Be sure to read the article at the bottom.,_Africa.html

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