Sarah Palin and Donald Trump do Pizza in Times Square, NYC

The two Reality Stars meet finally in NYC but that City used to its share of fanfare.  It is an everyday occurrence. Sarah Palin seemed somewhat Star stuck but Donald Trump had a smile that was contagious.   What do you have in common? A reported asked Sarah Palin regarding Donald Trump. Her response, “a love for our Country.”After their meeting at the penthouse in Trump Towers, it was a casual dinner with family. I mean causal. Off to 50th and Broadway they traveled, right smack in the heart of Times Square, New York City, the destination, Famous Famiglia Pizzeria.   Including plastic utensils, they conversed in the heart of the Theater District, the doors of the restaurant were off-limits to the public. That did not stop the hundreds of tourists and paparazzi from gazing into the glass. With a glimmer of hope, the visitors snapped video and photos of the two infamous celebrities along with the local and national media spotlight. A press conference engaged after dinner.   What do you think of a Trump/ Palin ticket?  Sarah replied, “that sounds exciting and unconventional.” The mic was lead to Donald for a response,” sounds good.”  That might have Obama shaking in his shoes.  All was well in New York City yesterday.

At 1:20 point, into the second video, Sarah and Donald share an embrace and kiss as they depart separate ways.

8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and Donald Trump do Pizza in Times Square, NYC

  1. I prefer a Palin/West ticket! Put the Donald in charge of something else!

  2. This is what our Military thinks of the Commie in chief.

    Gallup: U.S. Veterans and Military Personnel Give Obama Lower Approval Numbers

    Obama’s approval rating varies by age, with younger Americans in general most likely to approve and older Americans least likely. The gap in approval between veterans/active duty military and nonveterans persists across the age spectrum, from 18- to 29-year-olds to those 80 and older.

    This just shows how far off Obama is on foreign policy, and in particular, his intervention in countries where there is no social or economic benefit for the United States

  3. Trump & Palin should found the AMERICAN PARTY! the RINO’s are all to CHICKENSHIT to REMOVE odummbo! Still say TRUMP has the goods on our IN-ELIGABLE POTUS!

  4. So, this is what a small percentage of our country has come to? Extremists who a) can’t form an opinion until they have watched fox news b) STILL hold the ignorant belief that obama is a commie,non-american imposter and c)are chomping at the bit to elect reality show stars into the offices of president and vice? God help us all if this small group of extremists, who are unable to form an independent thought or opinion without the aid of Fox news, ever becomes the majority!!

  5. So, YOU watch FAUX news?
    Who asked you here?
    Is this how you enter a home? Shit on everyone present? You hate Palin and cant find a VALID reason for it.
    Obama IS a Communist.
    I would not come here if I were you, just a suggestion.

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