Trans-Jordanites (palestinians) Very Angry That Netanyahu Got Too Much Attention For One Hour From Congress

View ImageI was just reading this too-funny of a piece over at my friends blog: Bare Naked Islam.  This is what the Trans-Jordanites had to say:

    The comical part about all of this, is to assume that this congress is “Zionist”. I mean Zionist in the sense of being holy for God. Our congress does not think about God, Christianity or Jewry in the least bit. They disregard our laws from the Torah. They disregard the Christianity that made this nation great, because of faith and hope in GOD. They think THEY made us what we were…. And because of THEM, we are what we have become; Ungodly, unholy, unrighteous, debaucherous without faith or a hope. American government HATES Israel. So, this is hogwash from the FAKEstinians (TRANS JORDANITES).

View Image Mt. Zion, 1906.

   Zion is a mountain in Israel (Mt. Tsion.) It is a place that one cannot live on without the assistance of God, spiritually speaking. Zion is written of in the Bible, over 300 x, and in different translations, maybe 200 more times.  When people say “Those Evil Zionists”, to me, it is not a political thing. It has ZERO to do with politics. To me, it is about GOD. It has nothing to do with some ‘dispensational theory’.  The word of GOD is forever. When they say “Evil Zionists”, they are telling me that God, himself is evil- WTH!!! When he allows his people to go into exile, and then brings them back, he reminds them of the blessings and the curses of Israel.

  Go to fullsize imageAmerica, is not only suffering from turning their back and totally forsaking GOD, but in that event, we have forsaken HIS holy land; ISRAEL.  He chose the land of Israel. The world hates this because the world hates Jews. The world hates Christians that support Israel. The world gives every excuse to hate Israel, but no mention to love GODS land, Jews and Christians. They use every ploy in the book to demand that you are a traitor if you stand with GOD.  Stand with who you will stand. I stand with Israel, GOD, REAL Christians and right-minded Jews.

MAD world.

5 thoughts on “Trans-Jordanites (palestinians) Very Angry That Netanyahu Got Too Much Attention For One Hour From Congress

  1. The hatred of Israel is like the ultimate jealousy, Israel has what they want, the love of God and first place in His kingdom! They can never have it and so they want to destroy Israel because they cannot destroy God.

  2. Exactly, Loopy.
    I get tired of people calling me a ‘dispensational’ Jew too.
    The word of GOD is VERYYYY clear about Israel.

  3. The world is in the grip of Satan. God CHOSE Israel. So Satanlings seethe and writhe in anger and agony. When their eyes burn in their sockets and their flesh fall off their bones ….these satanlings will find the one they worship, Satan, will not come to their aid.

  4. America’s ILLITERATE Chicken in Chief aka Muslim Psychopath Obama UNDERSTANDS NOTHING ABOUT THE LEGALITY OF THE PRE-1967 GREEN LINE

    The Craven Curs , muslims arselickers of the first order, do not either.UN & EU phony claims to turn Jerusalem into Arab-Muslim capital

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