Got Lots Of Money? Good. Obama Plans 2 Send It To Greece To Bail Them Out

Go to fullsize imageKeep sleeping Amerikan sheep.  We are loaded. We’re In the MONEY!!

Unemployment numbers are way down! People are eating out, businesses are opening!


Obama Offers Taxpayer Funded Bailout for Greece


4 thoughts on “Got Lots Of Money? Good. Obama Plans 2 Send It To Greece To Bail Them Out

  1. Why is he sending money to Greece? The Black Backside stenching the WH, Caligula Obama should send money to Egypt — the one he “freed” from tyanny.

    People are angry,” said Hassan Mahmoud, a resident of a slum near Cairo. He expected a better life after the revolution, he said, but instead he was laid off from his $10-a-day job in a souvenir factory. “People in the neighborhood are talking about going back to the streets for another revolution — a hunger revolution,” he said.

    Impatience, however, is growing. Khaled Younis, 45, said he had to lay off the eight people he employed making tourist handicrafts in a slum near Cairo. “Many people here believe this revolution was a curse on us poor, simple folks,” he said. “They just want to be able to survive.”

    So you see dunghead America, you are CURSED daily.

  2. Wow, new decor. It looks fabulous in here!

    Greece, Ireland and the other countries in debt slavery to the banksters should default. That would be beautiful!

  3. I was thinking about Ireland, Scotland, England.. They must be going through the same thing; feeling total despair as these global Bolshevik slimes tear our world apart.
    Thx, we have lots of other bloggers here now, just too busy all by myself worrying day and night what the HNIC is up to next.

  4. Yeah, and Obongo is showing how much he loves the unemployed Americans, he’s visiting factories that are sending all their jobs to China and anywhere but here. He’s such a loser .. obsessed with light bulbs. Too bad one hasn’t gone off in his head.

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