Prophetic, Horrible Dream I had: Asian (CHINESE) Troop Invasion Of The United States Of America

I believe in dreams, God says in his last days of the end of ages, he will: 

…It shall come to pass afterwards that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

 Joel 2:28  DARBY Version.

Here is my dream:

This dream was about 1 year ago: I was with my closest friend, we were in Monterey, California. We had been invited to a large party consisting of wealthy people. As we began to walk up the driveway, we looked down into the valley (Carmel Valley) At first we thought we saw an army of ants, it was that large in number. In dreams, at times, you are given x-ray vision.  But, the closer we looked, we saw thousands of troops, with ak-47 type guns, they were running through every field and path in Calif. We began to run up to the house we were going to-(where the party was) the house was on top of a hill. But, as we got to the top of the hill, we realized that even up there, we would not be safe. We prayed. Then God showed us where to run to- (ASIANS) China & N. Korea were invading Calif. & killing everything in their path.

2nd dream:

This dream was about 8 mos ago: I was in a port in San Diego. The day was nice, there were lots of yachts, large boats. It was such a nice day, I was in a speed-boat.  OUT OF NOWHERE, a large Asian (possibly Chinese ship) showed up. I knew it was an enemy ship, that came to the West Coast to start their slaughter.. I saw the flags, they were Communist flags. I looked in the ship that was passing by, it was so large, full of Asian troops coming here to slaughter. I had a gun at my side. All of the sudden, I watched as an “American” jumped on board of the Chinese/Asian ship, then proceeded to come back into my boat. I was grieved. I was so distraught, because this was a supposed “American” that had joined the Chinese, even put on their uniform, then came back into my boat.  I realized that I had to kill him.  He had turned on America, aligning with these Chinese/Asians, who had come to destroy.

Dream Ended.

Arrogant America. Pompous America. Thinking that we are exempt. Well we aren’t. Last Nov. Chinese fired into San Diego. Everyone saw it and ignored it like the sleeping, dead America has become.  Judgement is come and you pay no attention to anything but Anthony’s Weiner.

Here is a vision/dream a Christian lady had:

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  2. And the U.S. Government Cheers As Turkey Goes Islamist and Anti-American

    Turkey’s so-called “Islamist-rooted” ruling party–pro-Iran, crypto-Islamists seeking to put Muslim headscarves on every Turkish woman–won the national election

  3. We are living in the last days thats for sure there is chinese armies down at the mexico border Muslims hezbollah base camps we are being set up for a invasion, at the same time obama is working to take jerusalem
    gods holy place obama knows what is going on he is a muslim he believes he is imam or the mahdi . Kjv bibLe Prophecy is being fulfilled america is the daughter of babylon the shadow of war is upon us pray that you will be worthy to escap jesus is coming love the truth if you don t know read your bible jesus died for you thats love thats truth Love one another as i have loved you see you in heaven

  4. Americans future march to “Stalingrad” will be based on Genesis 12:3. America is NOT babylon. It is another. America is Sodom & Gomorrah. In the coming days, Americans in the majority are going to take the Mark of the Beast; True Christians will be betrayed by both kith and kin and “friends” and persecuted, there will be cannibalism because of famine deliberately caused.

    The march to Stalingrad began when Americans elected a Muslim Mongrel as potus. He revealed all in his June 4 Cairo speech. Washington’s renunciation of any special relationship it once had with Israel , Obama said the historic bond between the U.S. and Israel was based on Jewish aspirations for a homeland that were “rooted” in the tragedy of the Holocaust. In the same speech, he delegitimized the “natural growth” of Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria, as well as Jerusalem suburbs, by demanding, “It is time for these settlements to stop.” It was not the “settlements” (you do not call well developed towns settlements – but then he’s not only illiterate, he’s an idiot, a puppet pulled by George Soros, the Jew hater and Satan’s hireling) . The Real Message is: JEW PRESENCE MUST BE CLEANSED FROM THE ME. He was poking God in the eye. He challenged God to a Duel.
    He deliberately created a crisis. Stratfor opines: . “If Netanyahu gives in, then [Obama] has established the principle that the United States can demand concessions from a Likud-controlled government in Israel and get them” (June 8). And if Netanyahu doesn’t give in, which is much more likely when viewing the collision from a prophetic standpoint, Obama can drive a wedge between the U.S. and Israel and then “use that split as a lever with Islamic states,” The US, in other words, has effectively decided to abandon its most dependable ally in the Middle East in hopes of boosting its standing in the Muslim world. And Obama is muslim to his bone marrow.
    Americans will watch when the Arab Confederacy-Israel war next begins their darling Arabs go up in flames. They will watch, as they are in chains and marched to Stalingrad by their captors Israel be the Wealthiest, Most Sovereign Nation in the world as testament of His Glory, His Power.
    And Americans will not know why. They abandoned God for Satan. And must enjoy Satan’s Stalingrad.

  5. Sister you’re not alone. I’ll do what I can to cut their chink throats from ear to ear. But when they come in droves, it’ll be tough to fight them off by the millions, so I don’t know if I’ll get that pleasure. Heaven knows that our own ‘gubmint’ won’t kick in with any help until it’s absolutely necessary. They’ve been planning this invasion for a long time now. Why do you think our gubmint attacks gun owners and workers while leaving alone the lazy and unarmed? Move out of Cali, head to the mid west, life’s a lot nicer here. If I can help I will. I had a dream too the other night. I was handing out weapons from my locker to my neighbors. I grabbed my AK and looked at someone else trying to shout orders and I said “bullshit, I’ll lead the support base, you maneuver on them, wait for my go”. I thought I was just missing the Army, but after researching this very topic, I might have been given a glimpse into the future. Yours in Christ.

  6. HI 😀 I am in AZ, I have a LOT of guns!
    God, Guns and guts , thats all any real American needs at this point.

  7. Greetings friend, I’m Melissa Crawford and I appreciate the prophecy that I found on your webpage. My husband wanted me to invite you to share with our live video streaming e-revival audience as soon as possible. At Spirit University he is training a team of prophetic students and we are all receiving end time visions, dreams and words like yours. One of our students has been seeing fireballs falling from Heaven and as you know, recently one actually fell on Russia.

    Many other prophetic signs are being confirmed at our e-Revival.

    Everyone receives a prophetic word by my husband James Crawford; if they request one and we have an e-Revival every day! Today we had 33 live views during our live video streaming webcast. We would love to have you or anybody else’s prophecies shared at God’s revival!

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    Keep up the good work and God bless you.

  8. Wow! I dont know what is going to happen. I know that God relents at times. I really dont know. I am glad that he held back but for how long? I dont know!

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  11. Hi…i am very shocked because in about 2010 i had an extremely similar dream to yurs that shook me to my core.
    I dreamed that i was suspended high in the air above Washington State, and i could see Asian troops moving across the land inwards by the thousands, like ants.
    I came in much closer and knew truths about them.
    These soldiers had no heart that i could discern, and were utterly merciless.
    I was stunned to realize that they were young teen boys, but they were the most ruthless killers imaginable.

  12. I believe it, Loretta. I believe it. I have had MANY dreams of Asian invasion.
    I pray that God hides us!!!

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