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By David Ben Moshe:

It is reported on  Drudge today:

Congress does nothing. Even Generals are being dismissed. Libya is the ultimate clusterf*ck. We all know it. There is also a covert war in Syria and Yemen (drones) -And nobody in congress will say anything out of fear of being called racists. Isn’t it time to take the kid gloves off with Obama?  Not opposing this President for fear of being labeled racist is getting us into WW3.  Phoney race claims will get more American men/women KIA. Congress is more worried about being called racists than a world war. Its the truth
 How many times have we heard that Social Security was the 3rd rail of politics?  Touch it, and your political career is over.  It turns out that is not true.  Clinton touched it and got a powerful reelection.  It never really was the 3rd rail.  RACE IS!!

Make a ‘politically incorrect’ statement about race or point out the evils of Islam or Leftism, black on white crime out of control, or God forbid, questioning Obama’s place of birth, though all true, your career is over and not just in government but in the commercial world too.
This is exactly what we have going on in congress right now.  With very few exceptions, the GOP congressmen would let wars go on and not defy Obama because he is black.   With the fear of being labled ‘racist’ the GOP sits there like potted plants and lets Obama start as many wars as he likes and for as long as he likes.   Would the GOP congress let a white man get away with such blatant defiance of the Constitution?  
Congress has rendered themselves irrelevant.
Yes, we know: