1 thought on “Female Protester Disrupts Muslim Radicals Rallying in Frankfurt, Germany

  1. Wunderbar! Hey, listen muslim “useless to mankind” lot, Das ist Deutschland — uber alles. Multiculti was rammed down the throats of the very proud Teutonic people by leftards and liberal extremists. And muslims being muslims , they refused to embrace the Leitkultur (dominant culture) of the host country.
    First it was Thilo Sarrazin who had the balls to spit at political correctness and point out the danger of muslims and islam in Germany — with certain streets turned into muslim ghettoes and no go zones. Seeing its success, politicians abandoned political correctness. Further immigration from Turkey or Arabia is no longer welcome, said Horst Seehofer, Bavaria’s premier and head of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian arm of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. Then Merkel joined in: Multiculturalism—the idea that immigrants can recreate their culture in Germany—has “utterly failed,” she said. And the German people responded with increased hostility towards muslims and their satan-islam.

    In March Germany tightened their Immigration laws , targeting muslims especially.
    Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said: “When we decided 50 years ago to invite workers from Turkey, we expected that their children would integrate automatically. But the problems have increased with the third generation, not diminished, therefore we have to change the policy,” he said.
    So German muslims, pack your bags and go to Britain. They will not only welcome you but lick your arse in gratitude. And if you are a terrorist, all the better. Britain is World No. 3 in exporting terrorists and terrorism.

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