I Believe That Komrade Van Jones Is Behind The Flash Mobs.

I was reading WND.COM the incredible news-site

Go to fullsize imageVan Jones is a Communist/Black supremacist.  If you go to this site: http://www.june23rd.org which is on the video that is shown on this article:And you thought you were done with this Obama aide. When you watch the video, it shows that website I mentioned. On that site, is Van Jones’s “American Dream”, the link changes. When I listen to this character, Van Jones, I see that he also thinks that the wealth should be taken from people that worked for it, and given to spoiled, rotten brats that were never disciplined.  His group of miscreants hacked the Fox news website. They are breaking LAW. I believe he is immobilizing a ‘black army.’ Why is this so ‘off?’ Obama PROMISED a “Civilian militia.” Obama is lawless as is Van Jones.

  Don’t ask me why I believe that Van Jones is behind these mobs, call it a gut instinct, call it what you will. I believe that I am right. These Mobs are too ‘thought out’ to happen spontaneously. Well, Americans, they ARE taking, just as they promised.  Even if it means stealing. Evidently in the FELON/Komrade Van Jones’s opinion, this is OK. Why shouldn’t it be OK? He is a felon, thats why.

  James O’Keefe went underground to show us what ACORN was up to, then he buried NPR. He had to do this covertly & risk his life. He didn’t break any laws. These people, however-WILL break the law, more and more as time goes on.

  Re. Van Jones: Your plan may work for a little while, but make no mistake, you insufferable fool… GOD will be the one that ‘takes all America has got.’ Got it Komrade? For a little time, you will be allowed to keep staging these events. But make no mistake. America WILL be invaded, and you will suffer at the hands of an invader, who you will ‘welcome’, and like the Ukranians that welcomed Hitler, he murdered them all. That will be YOUR fate.

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  1. If not Van Jones himself, then others just like him that want to see this country destroyed!

  2. As a friend of mine said, “they are doing this so the sheeple will start screaming out for protection and then the obama civilian army will come to the rescue.”

    I think this is obama’s civilian army – the mafia style mobsters they are. They hurt you and make you beg and pay them to not hurt you. Where the hell is my beloved country? It’s gone!

  3. Its a hunch I have. I was reading WND last night, and for some reason, I just believe it is Van Jones.
    It would be GREAT if O’Keefe finds this out 😉

  4. Twana, when I used to have my hat blog, I always used to see (on YOUR blog) “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!”
    That was 2006.
    If anyone thinks that you suddenly changed your mind b/c of 2008, they are FOS.
    Remember I had that Statue of Liberty with “CNN” and the middle finger?

    It is gone, Twana, I keep telling people that they only have one thing left: PREPARATION.
    Twana, we will keep our eyes focused on the prize at the end. God, heaven, Holy Spirit, Jesus, the word of God, Torah, Tanakh, and put our faith IN THAT to pull us through, nothing is left.

    If you ever need a guest, btw, I have done lots of interviews. We can get our friends prepared for the coming invasion and Obamas army that will be kia anyway, because of the Chinese who will come to take what we OWE them.
    A lot of people hate China here in USA.
    I dont.
    I sent a letter to the Chinese govt asking if I could pay $20. a month toward my personal debt I owe.
    Jeremiah, in the books of the prophets was released because God gave him a healthy fear of the invading army, he was saved because he respected.

  5. Listen to this shit! Freakin Commie!

    Highlights from the Rebuild the Dream Launch – June 23 in NYC

  6. So, in the negros opinion, ‘paying taxes’ is patriotic…. MOONBAT.
    Evil moonbat.

  7. MJ that would be a great show. I bet Iggy would like to get in on that too. Let me check the schedule and I’ll let you know when.

    You’re whole reply to my comment is very helpful. I am at peace knowing our end and thankful for knowing where we’ll be and who we’ll be with. It’s just so disheartening seeing all this evil and the love of this evil. The blindness is staggering. But Jesus did foretold of these things.

    I also did not know that about Jeremiah (Jeremiah, in the books of the prophets was released because God gave him a healthy fear of the invading army, he was saved because he respected). That is very good info!

  8. I’ll email you my #, and we’ll talk, ok (when you are good n ready)?

    I am not at home right now, just on the laptop.
    Yes, you can actually get the movie “Jeremiah” he foretold of the coming invasion, the enemy respected his prophecy because he foretold of THEM, at the end of that one incident, they let him go.
    It is time for us to be cordial to our enemy, China.

  9. The Chinese will be kinder than the black savages that were once cannibals. China has a culture of 5000 years. Chinese build. Black savage cannibals destroy — pretty much like the muslims.

  10. You are right. It is his doing. He may be getting outside help from Marxist nations. These mobs do a few things. First, they harm Obama, which Jones now hates. Second, they are directed into gentrified areas, this stops the gentrification process, and causes Condo builders and upscale stores to go bankrupt. Third, tea-party types who were instrumental in Jones’ firing get the hell beat out of them.

    Send me an email and I will give you some evidence from a speech he made just before the flash mob thing started. The mob kids are being used by him as pawns. I assume he is hoping some poor teenager will get shot. Imagine the outcome of something like that.

    He is the Revolutionary; we are what he calls the Reactionaries. He wants government agencies to over-react. This causes a loss of confidence in the government and gets people to want an authoritarian style government.

  11. The use of Organized Flash Mobs as a form of Terror
    Does anyone still believe these violent flash mob beatings are spontaneous? So, who is organizing them and who benefits?
    The answer is the same old villains, Marxist Revolutionaries.
    In their arsenal of terror over the last 100 years mob violence is just one of their murderous weapons.
    Flash mobs are being organized to attack BP gas stations.
    “Crowd Sourcing” as Van Jones put it in his speech during Netroots Nation 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota June 16-19, 2011 was a harbinger of things to come. Here is the video link http://www.netrootsnation.org/node/2004
    His anger toward President Obama who fired him, Glen Beck and the “Tea Party” is evident.
    Is terrorizing white middle class voters using black teenagers as pawns a new echelon in the realm of disgruntled former employees.
    Was it some form of sick poetry to have kids invade a BP station over the July 4th weekend near Kilbourn Reservoir Park, Milwaukee?
    This mob then beat the hell out of some white folks who came to watch the fireworks. Here is a link to the “training video” on how to invade a BP station created by PowerShift2011 a few days after Van Jones was one keynote speaker, Friday, April 15, 2011, Washington DC.
    The video title says “Flashmob actions (like this one!) at a BP near you”
    For them in 2011, mob violence is also being used to stop revitalization of neighborhoods. Nice shops and new Condos, who doesn’t want that?
    They don’t.
    In their twisted thinking, like Able of the bible, they must attack their fellow man, dehumanize him as privileged, a thing to be beaten and killed.

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