“Liberals” Attack Beck In NYC, Some Huff Po Posters Say “It’s JUSTIFIED! Freedom Of Speech!”

 Go to fullsize image Communist Russia and Nazi Germany attacked people that dissented against the government. It started with smaller attacks, it ended up in mass genocide.. You ‘liberals’ over at Huff Po are what Beck says you are. He quotes the Commies and the Commies get angry…THAT makes sense.. Beck has not thrown things at people this far. So, I dont know what the commenter below is talking about.
  Free speech to ‘liberals’ means beatings.  We’ve been down this road before, people. It may not have been us, but here it is, with all of its same ugly-spirit-speak.. Anyone with a brain knows that what is in the heart, will eventually come out of the mouth and manifest itself either loving or evil and violently.


Somebody had to say it…
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 After all the hate this man has spewed out of his mouth on his radio and cable show, and he has the audacity to criticize people because they were expressing their freedom of speech. How does it feel Glenn? Now you know how we have felt being the brunt of your HATE!

You can go read it yourself on AOL front page, this is one of them.  I dont want to fill up my bandwidth up with ‘liberal’ murdering crime talk…
Just so that you all know…if these ‘liberals’ do this to me, I come back swinging and ALWAYS have if someone hurts me or mine.

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  1. It just made the blogs:

    Glenn Beck and family encounter hostility in NYC

    When Glenn Beck ventured out with his wife and daughter to catch a Hitchcock flick in New York City’s Bryant Park, the event “turned into a hostile free-for-all,” according to his Web site.
    He and his family weathered verbal abuses and slurs against conservatives, and an angry moviegoer even kicked a glass of wine onto his wife.
    “These people were some of the most hateful people I’ve ever seen,” he said. “I swear to you I think, if I had suggested, and I almost did, ‘Wow, does anybody have a rope? Because there’s a tree here. You could just lynch me,’ and I think there would have been a couple in the crowd that would have.”


  2. Hmmmm New York City — gay rights, gay parades, same sex marriage.
    Hmmmmm, America’s State Department has nothing better to do than promote sodomy . Well people, Hitlery Rotten Clinton went out of her way
    played an instrumental role in “sealing the deal” for pop-rock star Lady Gaga to perform at a gay pride rally in Rome, Italy. Clinton specifically pointed to a letter that David Thorne, the U.S. ambassador to Italy, sent to Lady Gaga urging her to participate in the event.”

    Hillary Clinton: More Work Is Needed For Gay Rights

  3. Ooooops, wordpress has brought its armour to protect the lesbian Hitlery.
    comment held up.

  4. QV, I read the same story but your comments are priceless! Sometimes I read it twice to read between the lines! You are brilliant! Thank you 4 blogging here!


  5. Lady Gaga Gets Help From State Department

    Lady Gaga had friends in high places to help her secure a gay pride gig in Rome.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the State Department, particularly U.S. ambassador to Italy David Thorne, was “instrumental in sealing the deal” for the pop idol to perform at an LGBT rally on June 11 called Roma Euro Pride.

    “And then there is the work that our embassy team in Rome has been doing,” Clinton said at a State Department news conference. “Two weeks ago they played an instrumental role in bringing Lady Gaga to Italy for a Euro Pride concert.


  6. Cor Blimey! Moondancer, what compliments thou payest me. Appreciated.And Thank You.
    Now to the task of seeing head does not grow out of proportion.

  7. I comment on earthquake hitting NY and wordpress gets all excited and nervous and hold my comment. Sheeesh!

  8. I believe NYC and most of LI will be hit with an earthquake, fire and a tidal wave because of this ABOMINATION.

  9. Donna is one of the sweetest people in the planet, stands for the right thing.

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