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 FOX, MSNBC, CNN, FNC, ABC, CBS, ETC had totally failed the America white community.

They report these horrific acts (FLASH MOBS) this last 10 days, as ‘kids’. They are not just ‘kids’, they are BLACK kids that are taught to hate white people.  Yeah, that means you,  Anderson Pooper,  Chrissy Wallace, O’Reilly, ETC..ALL OF YOU:  Traitors to the max.  If these flash mobs had been white ‘kids’, we would never hear the end of it, **NEVER**.

  In Chicago, these racist blacks screamed “KILL ALL WHITE PEOPLE!” Sending white people into horror and terror. Why? Because in damned Shitcago, they (those ‘evil white devils) cannot even possess the proper firearm.

  These young people have been taught to despise like this and you can thank your own damned selves, you leftist CRUMBS. To be honest, I cant wait until it comes down on you. When you go help that enraged black…and he kicks your sorry ass. I live to see that day.

  The miscreant news stations are not only traitors of the worst sort, they have sat back while Grandma and Grandpa have been beaten by bad black people. They have stayed silent when the white woman gets raped by a black male. They have enabled genocide with the silence of the illegal invasion, over 30K Americans have been murdered by illegals since 9/11/01. We might as well be in NAZI Germany, or Commie Russia, with this lousy MSM -the media IS satanic!! Go and look at the stats on black on white crime. 


If you are white, scared, & live in these areas that are predominantly black or hispanic- please start reading this website below on a daily basis. PLEASE get a weapon. It is obvious that the MSM and the P.D. will not be of any help.  Obama has enabled race-hatred, race crimes worse than ANY other prez ever.  Protect yourself. STOP listening to their phoney race claims, they are LYING!!!!!!!

You are not the ‘racist’, you are the VICTIM now.


The Thug Report | Urban Crime News Straight From Da Hood

7 thoughts on “*ALL* News Networks Have FAILED White Americans TO THE MAX Re. BLACK ON WHITE RACE CRIMES

  1. The mainstream media is the most obvious in its inherent bias and manipulation. They LIED and omitted facts re the communist Obama so he would be elected. Leftists control the US. They succeeded in dumbing down generations of White Americans.
    When the Obamas said they HATE Whites, they meant it. and they encourage Blacks to kill as many whites as possible. The operation is no longer covert now .

  2. I agree, their operation is loud and in ya face.
    I dont live in the city and rarely go into any major city if I can help it.
    My hubby wanted me to sing in Phoenix, but I think, supernaturally, God cut those jobs off and we got more work up north where it is civil.
    Obama is an evil beast.
    Do you ever look at that satanic slime when he gives a speech? He looks mean as a sonofabitch.
    REALLY MEAN, like dictators have looked and even worse.
    Even hitler did not look as cruel as our Muslim dictator.

  3. They are afraid of Race riots again!

    Whites have no Civil Rights,, reversed discrimination!

    Screw all N—–, S—-, Illegals, Mexicans, Muslims,, ect,,,

  4. What in the hell are you worried about using those names for?
    Who gives a shit!
    We’ll say whatever the hell we PLEASE.
    This is supposed to be AMERICA.

  5. Well, we can THANK THE MEDIA for race riots coming that HUSSEIN O started with hiw ‘evil’ whitey comments.
    FK HIM

  6. This is what the rabblerouser Barry has brought with him; it would not surprise me if his whitey hating lunatic wife, and himself feel good about it, and laugh telling themselfs -payback white b*tches. Add Holder protecting ‘his’ people, and we have real issues.

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