The Day The U.S. Dollar Dies, By “A Southern Belle”

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LIES have always work for the Democraps. The secret to their success has always been class and race warfare.

  Hussein Mohammed Obama has placed the Bankrupt States of America in a situation where we can’t borrow forever, nor can we stop borrowing. In the past nine months since October 1, 2010, the corrupt Federal Government has borrowed 1.2 trillion dollars. When President Reagan was leading America our national debt reached one trillion dollars. When the village idiot King George the 43rd became Dummy-In-Chief our national debt was 6 trillion dollars.
   By the end of Hussein’s first four years as Monkey-In-Chief he will add nearly 8 trillion dollars to our national debt which will rise to 17 trillion dollars. The monkey’s running the country will try to delay an economic collapse until after the 2012 reelection of Mohammed Bongo Obamo. The Bolshevik Bernanke and TAX CHEAT Tim Geithner will keep the printing presses running 24/7 producing trillions of dollars in phony worthless money. (I hope y’all saved your Confederate currency).
   Our entire economy’s enormous debt burden makes it certain that we will default on our federal debt and many of our private debts, too. The Bankrupt States of America is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. As a whole, silly American morons now owe a total of $56 trillion dollars which is 400% of our gross domestic product. That includes federal, state, municipal, corporate, mortgages, personal and student loans. We are now spending half of our annual GDP on taxes and interest. The Obama federal deficit and the looming PONZI SCAM crisis total unfunded liabilities in excess of $100 trillion dollars.
   Sweeties, just say BYE-BYE to Social Insecurity, Medicare, and Medicaid. Welcome to Obama Care. This new Communist program started by the Monkey-In-Chief will guarantee the final destruction of the country.
   I forgot to mention that the Bond and Stock Markets are also certain to collapse. I pray that y’all are prepared for a GREAT DEPRESSION, which will be like nothing our country has ever faced before and far more severe than the depression of the 1930s. We will have race riots, food and fuel shortages and ANARCHY. Forty million wild crazed African savages and millions of foreign illegal invaders living in America’s decaying cities will burn down the country just like they tried to do after sweet Lady Katrina visited New Orleans.
 Just my opinion and y’all please have a wonderful day in Obama Land.
Hugs and kisses,
A Southern Belle

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  1. Blue print to destroy the capital system was hatched a long time ago by Obama and Co. as is displayed in this article by creditable author

    In here this Book that has been released is a Very descriptive display of the hater of Money … like if you can’t have it all to yourself then destroy it for all , and with it the ability to Finance self reliant sustainable ways of Individual Life with Liberty , a God Given Right . No wonder he fell into the Evil clutches of satanism .

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