The FRAUD “Christian” ASSHAT, Creep Obama Bans God & Jesus From VETS Funerals

This is the leftist idea of ‘freedom.’ Bunch of traitorous, rotten, no-good, sorry sonofabitches..


  Why doesn’t Obama go kill himself before someone angry, ‘evil’ white man obliges him? When does this shit end? I say it wont end because courage has FLED the USA.  Did our Muslim ASSHAT dictator take a look around America, or is he a dipshit on purpose? There are probably 200k churches in America.  Inc his church of murdering crime talk.

Obama a “Christian?”


Obama’s VA bans ‘Jesus,’ ‘God’ from vet funerals!

This really put me in a super ugly mood 2-day.


5 thoughts on “The FRAUD “Christian” ASSHAT, Creep Obama Bans God & Jesus From VETS Funerals

  1. {EDIT}
    Leftist DREK.
    It specifically says NO leftists allowed to post here.
    Since VETS are not allowed to even pray for loved ones when they die, you leftists have **NO** say on this website.

    Hopefully all righteous websites get this way, then you treasonous scum-sucking sonofabitches will GET what it is like to lose your freedoms.
    ONLY the left has the freedom to dump on Americans without any fear of reprecussion.
    This ASSHOLE also used the NON word;
    You guessed it;

    He used the non word, made up word b/c he is BLACK!

    He thinks we only hate Obamas EVIL negro side, the ASSHOLE does not get that we hate the anti-god, anti-christ, COMMUNIST Piece of shits WHITE half too.

  2. Has anyone seen the article on this action? I’m a retired Army Chaplain and if true I would disobey orders and go to Leavenworth. However I’m trying to find the document that started this incident.

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