Some Changes Made About Us & Our Blogger Buddies

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We have changed our face. “The Mad Jewess, Donna & Co“…

This WAS strictly a spiritualJewish blog (The Mad Jewess). We now have many other bloggers that are Christians, or Catholics. They will be sharing their opinions and beliefs, as well as QV, our righteous Buddhist believer in the Bible. While my husband is 100% Jewish. I (TMJ) am not.   I am a SPIRITUAL “Jewish-Christian”, this is how I identify myself.   As I have stated many times; I will NOT renounce my Jewish identity and I will NOT renounce my Christian identity (NOT A “C.I.”) BTW. I am a SPIRITUAL person, NOT religious. Please do NOT force Judaism on me/us, and do NOT force all sorts of denominations of Christianity on me/us.

*NO* proselytizing of either Christianity OR Judaism on people while debating. This is a rated R blog, people are old enough to decide what they believe. Read the Bible, read the Torah, read the Tanakh, Read the New Testament and decide for YOURSELF.

 If you do not like the content that a person posts, you are free to do so, in a nice manner.  Judaism is 100% welcome here, as long as it does NOT put down Christians. Christianity is also welcome here as long as it does NOT put down the Jewish people and Israel. Yep, we are the ‘evil’ “Zionists”… Psalms 129:5 READ IT.

Thank you….


We are not tolerant of left wingers, illegal-occupiers, rinos and all ilk of  America-hating, Christian-hating, right-wing Jew-hating scum.  If you have an issue with our policies. LEAVE and go to another blog, there are millions of them. We will always touch on subjects from racism against white people to Obama being ineligible.  This is NOT a conspiracy website. On this site we try to tackle the truth. We do not wish to help ‘minorities’ any longer.  If you are a ‘minority’ and right minded, welcome aboard.  But do not expect us to come to the aid of ANY ‘minority’ in the USA. The way we see it, ‘minorities’ AND (Jews that are left-wing slimes inc.) have royally screwed up this nation and now is a time for their/our repentance. We will update any changes once a week on this post. As well as playing different music vids.

If you do not like what we say here; SCRAM. GET LOST.

DANG! I LOVE 70’s & 80’s MUSIC- They even LOOKED Great Then…

Where in the Hell are all of the Rough, Tough, Lean & Mean Looking Men?

Seriously…I was watching FOX News, and all that I could think was:  “How can we ever fix this nation, stand up to enemies with men that look like the damned Pillsbury Dough boy?”

Look, we have SERIOUS enemies. Enemy #1.  Bolshevik/Communists that are psycho mind f**kers. #2. Islamic Militant Oppressors.   The enemy within has to contend with the enemy OUT THERE.  Rumors of Chinese invasion. Now, can you IMAGINE Cass Sunstein, that demented left-wing looney tune coming in contact with a sub-human that looks like this below- OR Harry Reid? Better yet, SCHMUCK Schumer?


Against this;

Prince Harry Reid..

Against this;

Think about it… Just take another look at left-wing LUNATIC/MARXIST Cass Sunstein: (Who will be polite to the Jihadists, Russians, etc) Sure, Cass, you moonbat, sure…

Cass Against this??!!

Which side do YOU think will win in a fight?

Men, WHERE are you?

Women are scared…they are. I know I am. We have a damned TYRANT in the W.H.,  and the world is falling apart- WHERE are men that are like Wyatt Earp? William Wallace?!  It is truth, this damned brainwashing has good men baffled. 

I pray that God would rise up and PLEASE bring some men that LOOK LIKE MEN & FIGHT LIKE MEN

Like; John Wayne

Wild Bill Hickok

Gen. G. Patton Jr.

Gen MacArthur 

Fiorello LaGuardia

Ulysses Grant

Stonewall Jackson 

Norman Schwarzkopf

William Wallace

Chesty Puller

Even men that look tough and act like;

Sam Elliot

Tom Selleck

Clark Gable

Humphrey Bogart

I could go on and on…but we NEED strong, rough, tough men that KNOW HOW to handle this EVIL right now.

  What the feminist movement has done to men hurts me so damned bad, that I could absolutely wipe them away, off the face of the earth, and not shed a tear. 




Men are the BIGGEST contributers of this blog. They are the VERY reason I am here… And these bitches from HELL have tried to ‘de-ball’ them, well, guess what, we will DE-TIT those assholes, and run their ass back to the damned kitchen where they BELONG.

We are stuck with this below, because of these mind-f**king bitches ;

SOMEONE needs to wake the hell up.  An immoral nation will fall and cease to exist all together.


Tough, Rough, Sweaty and all, WE NEED MEN.

See this;  The Anglobitch Thesis 


Racism In America Against Whites: “KILL ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE” ~ Peoria, IL

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I really dont know what it is going to take for white people to WAKE UP. I don’t. So, why is this happening? 

Oh yeah, the people that the HNIC and his buddies let go:
Hat Tip:

Posted by Twana Blevins

Nevermind us bringing this to your concentration . Pay no attention to the bastard behind the curtain.

Fort Calhoun, Nuclear Station Nebraska: Berm Holding Back Floodwater Has Collapsed.

American Government says zero about this. A berm has COLLAPSED.  Do you get that? Are you awake yet? IF this explodes, it is highly probable that an earthquake can be triggered.


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FORT CALHOUN, Neb. (AP)  A berm holding back floodwater at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station has collapsed. See all the link:

Weekend Scripture For America

We have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. This is your scripture for the remaining wknd, America. Its too late, even, for repentance.  People of the faith (Christians and Jews) that take God very serious, you had better prepare. The day of judgement on this nation for turning against God and over to abomination is coming. I believe we will see this very soon. God will not allow a nation so depraved to continue. Abortion, ‘gay’ marriage, riots, wars, etc. We are looking at our end, and Obama is punishment. We are too broke to fix. So, get prepared all of you who fear the GOD who reigns.


Via Cliff Hilbert, our prophetic Christian friend: The Time Has Come!

Jer 50:31“See, I am against you, O arrogant one,” declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty, “for your day has come, the time for you to be punished.”

Isa 1:4, 15, 21 23, 31- . 4 “Ah, sinful nation, a people loaded with guilt, a brood of evildoers, children given to corruption! They have forsaken the LORD; they have spurned the Holy One of Israel and turned their backs on him. 15 When you spread out your hands in prayer, I will hide my eyes from you; even if you offer many prayers, I will not listen. Your hands are full of blood; 21 See how the faithful city has become a harlot!

  She once was full of justice; righteousness used to dwell in her— but now murderers! 23 Your rulers are rebels, companions of thieves; they all love bribes and chase after gifts. 31 The mighty man will become tinder and his work a spark; both will burn together, with no one to quench the fire.”

Obama Black-Americans Flash Mob All Over America, 6 Days, Straight

Like Donna said “OBAMAS AMERICA”

(See our other 10 plus posts and you will find the rest of this insanity)



St. Paul, Minnesota:

Las Vegas:

Obama has enabled BAD blacks in a violent way.  It is because Eric Holder allowed the Black Panthers to go scot free. Obama has also enabled left wing politics of paralysis that scream racism every 5 seconds for no apparent reason. 

Out of control lawlessness is here. Doesn’t it make you liberal LUNATICS nuts when Beck is always right about these things? 

Oh….We know, you don’t like the post…….

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Cop McCarthy, Chicago: Screams US “Racist” Gun Laws While 50 Teens MOB Walgreens IN Chicago

Go to fullsize imageThats what this stupid, fat, Irish-Bolshevik Cop, McCarthy gets for opening his big, FAT ‘Mc’ mouth. HOWS THAT FOR RACISM, YOU FAT SCHMUCK?! YOU WANT RACISM, YOU SOB? I’LL GIVE IT TO YA, WITH BOTH BARRELS!

Stupid is KING in Chicago.  Stupid reigns nationwide.  Stupid, in fact, is all over the once great country known as America.

It used to be, that the Irish were excellent cops. NYC certainly has a lot of American/Irish cops that are great, but there are many Irish cops that are straight up Commies.

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Lawlessness Update: Illegals Released In PA, Thanks 2 Obamas Amnesty 4 Savage Beasts

Video found by DONNA.

  Here we go STUPID Americans.  How many million of these miscreants will go scot free? My guess is *ALL* of them… And guess what white man?  You will go to jail, while they murder, maim, rape, and kill your daughters, wives, girlfriends, etc. YOU let this happen.  Don’t blame the Jew, Don’t blame the Christian “Zionist” that loves Israel. Don’t blame the womens feminazi movement, don’t blame the US govt- it is YOU that has done ZERO & allowed this to happen.

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Whahh.. The GOP Must Be Racists, Which Is Why They Don’t Want The *ILLEGALS* Anymore..

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Charlie Liberal Asshat: ‘GOOD MORNING, AMERICA!! This is the insane left wing speaking…Welcome aboard, SUCKERS! If we want to get anything passed through with un-Constitutional executive orders, we will just tell our Black Jesus, BHO that these old white f*ckers are racists!! Works like a charm, works everytime!’……..Radio Station WACKO, The Left Coast..

 Just check it out below, that is not what these idiots say in this link provided, but, make no mistake, that’s what they mean:

Is There Hidden Racism In GOP’s Stance On Immigration?

  What is sickening and stupid beyond belief, is that these idiots link up the Salon.Com. The Salon compares G.W. Bush to illegals. (I was no Bush fan, but gimme a break) They justify illegals being ILLEGAL by saying: “We all have broken the law“.   So therefore that nullifies their insane rants re. bogus race-baiting crappola supporting SUB HUMANs here ILLEGALLY. 

  Do leftists get up first thing in the morning and eat stupid for breakfast?  They either eat stupid, or willingly work to destroy, destroy, destroy.

This is how they compare GW to illegals;

Yes, these people broke the law. Everyone breaks the law. More than 40 percent of Americans admit to having smoked weed. George W. Bush drove drunk and used cocaine. He was only arrested for one of those things — and never went to jail, let alone faced a loss of citizenship and a 10-year exile in another country.
They never show you things like this with these sweet little ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS:

Police: Trion teenager hid rapes, pregnancy, two charged



CHATTOOGA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)– Trion Police are holding two Guatemalan nationals in the Chattooga County Jail on charges of rape and aggravated child molestation.

Reecardo Venicio Diaz Macario, 20, and his cousin Martin Nolasco Diaz, 19, are accused of raping the teenage daughter of their landlords for more than six months. The girl delivered a baby boy early Wednesday morning.

“She carried the baby full term, never mentioned it to anybody, and then delivered it by herself in her bedroom,” says investigator Shannon Goins. “She’s one tough little girl.”

Democrat Rep. Lynn Woolsey Is FOR Illegals Occupiers In Cali, Against “Occupation” Of Israelis In Israel…

  I just received this in my email from Donna.  I had to post it, because stupid never ends. My wife and I went to CA, November last year. California is occupied with illegal Mexicans from the north, south, east to west.   California has become a Mexican state, just as Utah is a Mormon state. CA is a Mexican state.

  Rep. Woolsey’s Komrade friends chant “no more aid for Israel,” but don’t mention Egypt’s 2.3 billion a year. Obama sent a total of 1.2 billion more USD to the Arabs/HAMAS in Israel, from 2009 to present, on top of the 400 million Hamas/PLO gets from the annual 2.7 billion from Jimmy Carters ’79 ‘peace’ deal.  Obama has sent how many hundreds of millions to aid Al Queda in Libya and Egypt? The list goes on and on of American tax dollars going all over the world, yet this female Congresswoman is concentrated on Israel. The bottom line, is she just hates all Jewish people and Christians that support Israel. While I am 100% against USD going out of this nation, Lynn Woolsey  is just one of the reasons California is now Mexifornia. 

So, if you are a “Conservative” Israel-hater, you might want to start re-thinking your screwed up point of view.  It is you that is enabling this insanity.

-David Ben Moshe

If this Jewish traitor (in this video) turns on her own, just imagine what she wants to do to you.

H/Tip to Donna.