Central NYers Shooting WILD BOARS In Head, Not Snout: The Problem WILL Continue, Shoot These Boar In The SNOUT

Go to fullsize image  If you know anything about wild boar hunting, you must know, that you are to shoot the boar in the SNOUT, not the head. Hitting the boar with one good shot in the snout will kill it dead.  The head is too strong and built like cement, but the snout is not.

  OR……..maybe you should let the boar go scot free right into NYC and let the beasts invade. A bunch of weak, punk NYC ‘metro’ men would never know what to do with a wild boar.  Probably try to talk politically correct speech with it. Duh.

Central New York Under Seige — by Wild Boars

Suspected of escaping from local game farms, the feral creatures are attacking livestock, killing family pets and chasing people in the state, Reuters reported.   And they’re multiplying — officials don’t have a handle on the exact population figure, but the U.S. Department of Agriculture said they’re successfully breeding in three counties, averaging four to six piglets per litter.

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1940’s Showtime

U.S. Soldiers Relaxing with a Coke and the USO

I love the 1940’s. Here are some songs I think you will love…America would be far better off if everyone was nationalistic and patriotic toward this nation, and not hate her and her allies. 

Music Perfect for a Sunday:

PinUp ~ Art Frahm

BELLES PEINTURES - (page 207) - Blog de nousdeux

Golden Age Comic Book Stories

Grand Finale 😀

I am missing my Nana & Poppy today. My Poppys B-day is in a few days, maybe I will share their pictures from the 40’s. Some pictures of my Grandaddy with Col. Gabby Gabreski, one of my Granddaddy’s really good friends.

Col. Gabreski on the left

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“Angry White Man”~Grady Warren From “Conservative Sportsmen” For President

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  I received an email from a left-wing idiot that thinks I must share his screwed up view about this fine man, Grady Warren.

  “Conservative Sportsmen” Check this man out, he should be the President. Stop leftism and vote in a patriot. Enough is enough.  What I LOVE about this man is that the ‘liberals’ hate his guts.  “Crooks and Liars” is foaming at the mouth; evidently they hate free speech, which Grady Warren uses most vehemently.  They believe that the “Tea Party” is responsible to put a gasket on this fine man.

See what these anti-American, Soviet wannabes say about this patriot:

Meet Grady Warren: Tea Party stalwart, presidential candidate, flaming racist

Meanwhile, I believe this man is fully capable to be the President, not to mention he is great looking 😉

Here he is on Youtube:

Obama Will Probably Pass An Executive Order Raising Debt Ceiling

And nobody will say a word….

  You didnt when he passed an exec order allowing for amnesty. You didnt on that Agenda 21 B.S. This nation gets what it asks for. You get the government you deserve.  I have done everything possible for 3 years on this blogosphere warning, screaming, ranting, etc. I really have had enough. Like an everyday battle with stupid. The few people I like on the sphere are awake. The rest: You are just dumb.

  Anyway, this is my belief; We will be invaded by a foreign army. Probably many of them. We owe everyone. And like a bill collector will not stop hounding a debter, there comes a time when the collector comes to confiscate everything you have.  Then, the collector goes the judge, passing judgement on you. You will not be able to buy on credit.  NOBODY will lend you money or look upon you with pity.

That time is here.

  Americans are stupid now. (No, not the ones onto the game of the RepubliCRATS or the DemoCANS) But the rest are just plain stupid.  The Obama bots will suck Obama’s hoo-ha forever. The leftists will not stop attacking Americans, and the Nazis are with the leftists. American patriots are in a total minority. 

  Faux news is nothing anymore. The net is monitored. The “Con”servatives are politically correct in a time when they should REBEL against ‘p.c.’ speak.  It’s infuriating.

  Anyway, thats my rant.  Obama will probably just pass an exec order.  And, if he does not right away, he will pretend to ‘go for a deal.’

It’s a mad world, and our nation is gone.  Most Americans are the most stupid people on the face of planet earth now.


Bolshevik-NAZI NAPOLITANO’s D.H.S. Monitoring Christian Website: He Is Pro-Family, Pro-God

  Yes We Can, Can, Can…
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The YES WE CAN PATROL is at it again….
  Welcome to our new Bolshevik-Nazi AmeriKa.  This is where we make sure that you will not follow God, or allow family values. This is “Progressive” AmeriKa. Land of greed, home of the slave.  This is the place that even follows people in Brazil.  Because…
 “Today AmeriKa, tomorrow the world!”
See the left wing lunacy at its best, below. This makes me so damned angry, I want to puke. This is NOT my America. This is a pagan state that needs to be destroyed by GOD.

Post For Atheist People (Godless FREAKS)

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The remnants of WTC, 9-11-01

Projection: Is the disorder that a person has when they have an issue with themselves and blame it on others.

In-other-words: ATHEISM/ATHEISTS.

  I just heard the news… NOW, atheists do not want a cross at the 9-11 memorial.  Aren’t you pushy-bastards touchy..? For a God or Jesus you don’t seem to believe in, you sure are pissed at them an awful lot, aren’t you?  You make life miserable for people.  You are nasty, mean and downright ridiculous.  What did you phony bastards do when a cross was left in the remnants of the WTC?  Did you scream at this non-existent God?  Did you tell Jesus you would sue him?

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  You say that evangelicals are ‘fascist and push their way on you.’  This is a LIE.  A total fabrication of the truth. The TRUTH is, we were a nation that believed in God for over 200 years without a problem from you bastards. It was not until 1962 that one of your filthy heroes, Madeline Murray O’Hare got HER way; Kicking prayer out of schools, indefinitely. Kicking the teeth in, of 200 million that did NOT agree with the hag or you.

  What have we got in return from your pushiness and your own fascistic, unredeeming ‘qualities?’  Well, morons, nature abhors a vacuum. In return of having a CIVILIZED society, we now have: Gangs, violence, drugs, drinking, kids that graduate at 50%, kids having sex, ‘gay’ in school, sex in schools, condoms on cucumbers and insanity.  And ya’all call Evangelicals ‘pushy?’ Look in a mirror.

  Let me tell you vomitous, heathen, godless FREAKS something; There is a GOD, and he is going to destroy you. That’s right. No more tolerence, no more ‘peace and love’ is going to come from God, who you hate with a passion.  He will return to you sevenfold and avenge those that DO love HIM.

  Your time is on the horizon.  When you are wiped off the face of planet earth, I will not shed a tear. You have DESTROYED a once great nation. You will pay. You projective pieces of…….SH!T.

Don’t bother calling me a ‘hater’.  I am a ‘product of your hatred’- I HATE YOU. 

I HATE your evil, demented, psychopathic, decrepit ways. 

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