Michael Savage On Dominique Strauss Kahn

   Go to fullsize imageWe also, on this blog, said that DSK was set up. I knew this from the get-go. Another thing I know, as well, is that A. Weiner (even though I despise the putz & think him to be disgusting) He was also set up by the Clinton machine.  Pay attention to that story behind the scenes…..


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FLASHBACK: Savage — the day of the arrest — on how the IMF chief was set up


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  1. Whether you like it or not, bed bugs are back and here to stay and this approach may not work for much longer. Education is really the key and solution in getting rid of these pests. – Sharon

  2. If it was Clinton-did she wanted his job? Or did she wanted the re-election of Sarkovsky? After all Barry attacked Libya to help the french, and british to secure Gaddafi oil, no?
    Or am I missing something here?

  3. I dont know Cali- Huma Abadin is possibly Clintons lover. They probably knew that he was up to shennagins and Huma wanted freedom.
    Who knows… I just know that someone knew he was a little sicko with his tweets and sent it to breitbart- he was def set up (not that I care) but I believe he was set up. For what? I dont know…..YET.

  4. WORDPRESS: Where is my comment on the Clintons and Weiner? Its been more than 12 hours?

  5. DSK vindicated. Now he’s in the Presidential Race. Its a thunderbolt for France.

  6. I dont see it at all, QV, what did you say?
    You should use my other email;
    See if that wont spam you.
    WHY in the f do they monitor you??!! I dont get it.

  7. Because I’m not American, I write startlling truth, and they think I am a spy!

  8. Every Jew, liberal or otherwise, unless you sleep with the Muslim Psychopath who is into anus hunting, is in danger of being a DSK. Anti semitism is normal in America — land of justice and equality — VOMIT!

    The Sofitel housekeeper who claims the former IMF boss sexually assaulted her in his room was doing double duty as a prostitute, collecting cash on the side from male guests, The Post has learned

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/maid_cleaning_up_as_hooker_0mMd759PLuYGYYJyA0RNbI#ixzz1QztvY0BF
    DSK was FRAMED! As I said from the beginning. The Left/liberal Muckstream media WHORES rushed to judgement–in about five seconds–because the … falsely … accused rapist is Jewish. In Obamaworld, Christians and Jews are out, Muslims are in. That’s the Filthy Fact. .

    Will the craven liberal Jewish billionaire collaborator Mayor Bloomberg , on the take of Muslim Mafia Inc , apologize to DSK? Obviously not. He’s too busy arselicking his muslims. Filthy judenrat.

    As for the Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr., all that needs to be said about him is that he is the son of a man who served as Secretary of State in the administration of the Israel/Jew-hating/Islamist-backing/ Shah-betraying Jimmy Carter who is a Terrorist — he loves terrorists – from Arafat to Hizbollah. Only Muslim Terrorists will do for peanut butter brain Carter. And Americans are peanut butter brain too for having the utter stupidity in electing him their president. Stupidity Defined!

  9. Of course he is innocent. It is a wonder he was bumped off in the notorious
    Rikers/Devil’s Island jail, and, given the disgraceful media coverage–inflamed by the infamous perp walk ordered by the City regime.
    Puke on the USA. Disgusting nation.

  10. People told me that I was only ‘taking up’ for DSK because he is a Jooooooo
    Well, here in MeriKa, we are supposed to try a man FIRST.
    Your are INNOCENT until proven guilty.
    Evidently that is not the status quo for the JEWWWWWWWWW.

    Well, good 4 Savage on this. Good 4 us on this, I TOTALLY believed he was set up.

  11. I am going to just have to purchase a year here, I was bucking it b/c I was on my own, but Donna is here and Twana, so what is $14.95..

  12. I want to hear what you have to say about Hitlery, QV.
    Because as disgusting Weiner is, I still believe that someone set him up within the ‘liberal’ sub humans.

  13. They foreign usurper MUSLIM plant should be the one in the friggin prison.

  14. One of our other Bloggers, I think Mike–he knew also that DSK was set up.
    Putin even said he was set up.
    But, the American media says he was guilty b/c of some Mussie whore.

  15. You are right!! ANYONE that is affiliated with the libo-slime, if they dont ass kiss the Mussies, they will be a DSK!!
    Savage said that as well.

  16. That’s the thing MJ. I did a rather detailed write up on Hitlery and Bill and Weiner. Unfortunately I did not save the draft. give me some time while I recollect my then trend of thoughts and the material I sieved through.

  17. Man, they monitor you.
    Ooooo, someone might read you and piss their little panties.
    Well, I am talking to David, I asked him if we could go .com

  18. Yeah wordpress. Your America is full of SAVAGES. Hold up my comment on Leo Frank LYNCHED by your kind.

  19. Well, I dont like A. Weiner at all. But I REALLY believe they were watching him closely, and I DO believe that his Mussie wife knew what he did/does and so did Hitlery. Why they did what they did, I dont know.. But I do think they went after him, sent the info to Breitbart, and Breitbart didnt know who the hell he was working with- I AM GLAD that Weiner got found out, but I DO believe it was also a type framing.
    Jews are always the first to go anyway

  20. One thing about the Clintons – both of them — they prostitute themselves for everything Muslim. And Follow the money policy. And both are heavy into occultism.
    Bill Clinton’s presidential library raised more than 10 percent of the cost of its $165 million facility from foreign sources, with the most generous overseas donation coming from Saudi Arabia…
    The royal family of Saudi Arabia gave the Clinton facility in Little Rock about $10 million,
    {As a point of direct contrast, former New York Mayor (and presidential candidate) Rudy Giuliani rejected a $10 million donation from a Saudi prince to the city of New York directly following 9/11. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal suggested that U.S. Middle Eastern policies led to the attacks, something Giuliani did not appreciate}

  21. Hitlerly Rotten knew William Jefferson “Rockefeller” Clinton was a Communist when she first met him. Bill Clinton never really liked Hillary. But she was prepared to be his handmaiden. So he gave her an extraordinary job — to listen to all of Nixon’s tapes and try to find incriminating evidence against Nixon. Or destroy any evidence against Bill Clinton and McGovern. Those missing 16 or 18 minutes was edited out by Hitlery when she learned that Nixon had a conversation about Bill Clinton and George McGovern as Soviet KGB agents. And that’s how their “marriage” came about. Bill and Hillary created an unbreakable pact between them.
    Let’s take these facts into consideration. Hitlery knew about the 15+ year sexual relationship between Bill and Genifer Flowers. She knew about all the women he raped. She knew about Monica Lewinsky — a few of Monica’s visits were when Hiltlery was in the White House. How difficult is it not to know? But she admitted: “ I am gay. So long as Bill does what he does discreetly, that’s ok by me” Hence the stupid world went on lamenting “why does she stay with him” to “she takes her marriage vows seriously” as Hitlery “stood” by her man during the Lewinsky trial. Bollocks! Hitlery knew she would be thrown to the wolves if she left Bill.
    The Russians knew about the affair. How? America’s national security had been questionable for the eight years of the Clinton administration. Its nuclear secrets got to China – a communist country! There is a good suspicion that Russia received several large IMF loans to keep Yeltsin quiet. And Yeltsin was just another communist. As is Bill Clinton.
    In 1969 Bill Clinton traveled through Europe. Supposedly penniless, he stayed in the National Hotel, the most expensive hotel in Moscow. That was the time he was staging demonstrations in Moscow against America’s involvement in the Vietnam war. From Moscow he went to London doing the same thing.
    After that trip, in 1969 he went to see his Oxford friend, the son of Jan Kopal, a Communist party leader in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Later Kopal’s son died under mysterious circumstances. To visit the home of the top communist honcho was next to impossible. Why? In 1969 the communist party purged 600,000 party members.It was time of no trust. Every communist was scared to death. No communist in his right mind wants to be seen with anybody from any western country, especially an American. It could cost them everything including their job and party membership. It was outright dangerous.It was impossible to get visas or even travel to Czechoslovakia at that time. It was a very dark year in Czech history.
    But Bill Clinton was able to do it. How? Why? There is only one answer. Czechoslovakia was the headquarters for communist terrorism in the world. Agents from all countries were trained in an unknown location in Czechoslovakia. The country manufactured – and was the major supplier – of weapons for these agents. To be an American and be a guest of a Communist party official is a strange combination, especially in 1969. Wouldn’t you say so, dear reader?
    There is material evidence in the KGB archives in Moscow that could shed a lot more light on what could be the greatest shock of the year 2,000, “Clinton’s Biggest Lie.”
    Bill Clinton is suspected of being involved in the murders of at least 80 people. If you go to any of the anti-Clinton websites on the Internet, you will see lists of people who had mysterious car crashes, mysterious suicides, mysterious airplane crashes, and some were even shot execution style.
    The United States Military generals wanted to arrest him — 8 have “died” under mysterious circumstances. Anyone who gets close to sniffing “Rockefeller” Clinton (Rockefeller because his mother worked for Rockefeller and it is believed he fathered the satanic brat foisted on the world today) is taken care of – like Vince Foster and that journalist guy whose name is somewhere in the depths of my cranium, but who took a hit and was murdered, gangster style. Much in common with Obama murdering Donald Young Chicago gangster style.
    It is not known who the real biological father of Chelsea is. Definitely not Bill.

  22. On the Huma Abedin – Hitlery affair, frustration turned her into a lesbian. Huma was a willing partner. Halloween, Hillary, Huma and Hidden Sex Affair Story will enlighten the reader on their romantic relationship.
    Hillary Lesbian Rumor Given Weight by DOJ Official—Michael Musto
    If you call Hillary’s residence in DC first thing in the morning, Huma answers the phone,” the official continues. “Same thing late at night and on the road. It’s a closely guarded secret that Hillary’s inner circle guards at all costs.”
    To quell their steamy, torrid lesbian relationship, Hitlery chose a wimp of a Jew—Weiner — who wanted to be in the “circle” but had no job, no business, no money, no standing. Bill Clinton risibly presided over Abedin’s wedding to proud Anthony Weiner. How a muslim could marry a jew has never been explained.
    How much is Huma Abedin used by the Clintons to destroy America ? She can leak state secrets. She is closely associated with her Muslim Brotherhood family. Her access to sensitive information is an issue that will most likely garner unsolicited curses from “sensitive” Americans who are enamored with her. These same people ignore this diva’s familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Lt. Col. Robert Anderson’s detailed reports aimed at getting Army intelligence to have Ali Mohammad investigated and have him court-martialed—were also ignored
    Weiner will not do anything if he wants to stay alive. He is as trapped as a mouse in a cage with nowhere to run. Methinks, in time to come, he’ll do away with himself.

  23. But the most disturbing is the mind set of the American people. Throughout Bill Clinton’s sex scandals trials, the American people gave him a 68% job approval rating.
    It suggests the American people do not care. In 1992, during the primaries of the Presidential Campaign, Clinton was stung by the accusations of Gennifer Flowers that they had carried on a sexual affair for 12 long years. Clinton heatedly denied this charge, and the American people accepted his denials and elected him President. When Clinton was giving his deposition, under oath, in the Paula Jones case, the media reported that he did admit to having this affair with Gennifer Flowers. Yet, Clinton’s approval ratings soared. And he was re-elected.
    When Americans elect, and reelect as President a man like Clinton, who obviously lies to them, and then does not care when he is caught in that lie, they reveal much about the character and moral values of the citizenry. When citizens today do not become outraged by the fact that their leader is using the powers of his office to seduce young women, then the focus should shift to the kind of citizens they have become.
    “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.” (Proverbs 26:11)
    And this is what the American people have allowed themselves to become.
    As with Clinton, so the American people have degraded themselves a repeat with a Muslim Psychopath Obama.
    Clinton’s Six Attitudinal Steps has been adopted by Obama. One of them is making it a hate crime against Lesbians, Gays, Bi-Sexuals, and Transgenders .

  24. The United States Military generals wanted to arrest him — 8 have “died” under mysterious circumstances
    Nobody did anything about those Clintons then, and nobody will do anything about the Obamas now.

    I watched the “Clinton Chronicles” in 2000. I knew that bastard and his wife had murdered many people.

    There was no internet/computers for people under 60k a year, I was only about 40k at that time.
    This is a LOT of info, you are a smart son of a gun!!
    I know you would never want to come here, but if you ever do, we will make sure you have a place.

  25. Thanks MJ, but no thanks. The USA is a place to run away from, as many have done, and many are doing. I understand by December 2011 the exit doors will be shut!

    My sister lives with her family in St. Petersburg, Russia. The USA is now a Third World Country. While Russia has more billionaires than anywhere on earth.
    Russia, the country that holds its Orthodox Christianity, practises it, close to their heart. It was Vladimir Putin who exalted Orthodox Christianity while America defiles and trashes Christianity.
    And Serbia, that fought against all odds to preserve Orthodox Christianity — from marauding savages, the Ottomans, had its 1200 year old churches and cathedrals razed to the ground —- by “christian” NATO and “christian” USA.

  26. One comment held up — some 7 hours.

    Anyways, are Americans living in tents? Well, the DA is housing the hooker who tried and failed to bring DSK down. The DA says she turned tricks. My, my, ding dongs at the DA office, huh?
    You can expect DSK to sue millions from the NYPD and the NY mayor too ! DSK went that high in a world carreer, he must know how to squeeze his adversaries ! No?

  27. MJ, I’ve got more info on the Clintons . America breeds communists and traitors.

  28. I’ve thought about going to Palau, but no.
    I must stay and go down with my country.
    There are many good Christian people here that are really super nice that dont have a clue what is going on because they believe you should not watch the news.
    Well, someone will have to be there when they fall apart.
    I never understood that. (Not watching the news)

  29. The USA is a place to run away from, as many have done, and many are doing

    ALL nations will turn on Israel, and God will destroy them all. So, at this point, I have thought time and time again; Where to go?
    There is no place to ‘hide’ from God and his wrath.
    I am very careful to not go to the city. Which is a rather long distance.

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