Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret. Letter to the Editor about Independence Day, Prayer for Our Country and Flying the U.S. Flag in Distress

Letter to editor:

Which is the right approach during this Independence Day – …celebrate or pray?

There is reason to celebrate based on the God fearing sacrificial efforts of our Founding Fathers, their Declaration of Independence and follow on US Constitution, and the willing sacrificial blood of millions of patriots over 235 years which knitted a fabric of freedom and liberty unknown in the human world.

There is also urgent reason to pray given America is now under a despotic thumb, the moral compass guiding America is without conscience, aliens are devouring our strength, idol worship in the forms of wealth and power, corruption and immorality abounds throughout, and preying on one another is without apology.

Hypocritical political leaders have shredded our constitution, divided our nation with “smooth, tricky, treacherous, slippery, deceitful, unreliable speech” and done so with unabashed fervor that reflects evil of the worst dimension. The solemn oath leaders take is a meaningless Proforma exercise for most, and neglected without guilt by practically all.

American government has sanctioned the killing of our helpless, abandoned God to the point of forbidding the word God or Jesus during burial services of our warriors in a veterans cemetery. America today should take note of Israel’s sad past experience and the high price paid for forsaking God.

Our American flag symbolizes our nation, it’s strength, freedom and liberty.

During times of right direction it is flown with the 50 stars in the upper left corner. In times of ‘distress” and “grave danger” the US flag is flown with the 50 stars in the lower left corner. …This Independence Day I will pray and fly my flag in “distress” mode.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

15 thoughts on “Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret. Letter to the Editor about Independence Day, Prayer for Our Country and Flying the U.S. Flag in Distress

  1. A very touching observation, and so timely! We should pray, and celebrate – we need both, and yes the Flag should fly upside down, because we truly are in distress as a nation and peoples.

  2. I absolutely agree, 100%.
    How in the frick can we ‘celebrate’ Independence day? We are NOT free.
    We are under a TYRANT.
    Thank you for putting this here, I didnt even know wtf to write.

  3. Be aware of what leeches out from the orifices of the Muslim Psychopath’s Administration.

    1)Your national independence and prosperity is being betrayed by Hitlery’s department. http://www.jbs.org/the-john-birch-society/the-u-s-china-governors-forum-leads-to-disaster

    2)Caskets stockpiled in growing millions by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are nothing to be ignored . . . though somehow, they almost are being ignored by a people obsessed with trivia. It comes in the form of AGENDA 21. To take away your Rights, even liberated from Life. You will live in colonies – its called Sustainable Development.

    3)Your Congress is MARXIST. Proof they helped the ILLEGAL Obama win the presidency.

    In times of ‘distress” and “grave danger” the US flag is flown with the 50 stars in the lower left corner. The US is truly in grave danger.

  4. I watched it, QV.
    We ARE surrounded by enemies on all sides.
    And now, I will share how I feel about military at this point;
    My best friends son is 32 yrs old, he went into the US ARMY at 29. This kid does not know anything about US History–ZERO, very little.
    There are those that are younger that know even less.
    What scares me now about our military is that, since they dont know anything about country, and citizens dont mean much as well, since they are globalists, (world community morons)
    No matter where I look at this point.. We ARE SCREWED.

  5. So, where the hell is our blogger WYATT? Yoooo hooo oooo Wyatt. This is your America. What say you now? N when are you going to ride into the fray? Or have you dug a deep foxhole?

  6. Col Riley is absolutely 100% justified and we stand with him, how in the frick can ANYONE hold up the American flag high right now??
    We ARE in a state of total collapse, disrepair and DISTRESS.

  7. QV do you know the person who made that video? I do not, but I do know that he read J.B. Williams June 7th column – word for word. Sad thing is he didn’t even give credit to JB for it. Here is the column I speak of, we even put it out with a call to action:

  8. What are progressives/libs/marxist/fascist/socialist/communist doing tonight? Soaking flags in gas or fuel to burn them tomorrow. My friend Holger brought that to my attention tonight.

  9. No Infideltwana , i don’t know who made that video, but there’s been at least four websites showing them.
    However, the US Constitution is shrinking. Going, going, and soon gone.

  10. This may sound nuts to others, but not nuts to me, in a world gone insane.
    I look forward to the day when invaders invade America.
    Even invaders would be better than these leftist Bolshevik Commie bastards.

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