Dennis Kucinich Offers STERN Rebuke To Obama’s SCARE TACTICS Against Seniors Today

Video found by QV:

Obama is such a nasty, mean, sob.  What Kucinich is saying is scary.. “Raid on Social Security Funds?”  Desperate governments do desperate things.  Desperate people turn on each other as well.

Remember just a few mos ago, the DNC put out this video? Repubs throwing Granny off the cliff?

Damned Disgusting DemoRATS.


3 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich Offers STERN Rebuke To Obama’s SCARE TACTICS Against Seniors Today

  1. The debt will never be paid. That is not the intention of making budget cuts and raising taxes. It is a created crisis to give DemoRats political cover for carrying out the Bankers (13 that rule the world) crushing austerity on the American people (who very generously bailed out Greece) while the Elite’s mongrels enjoy riches and steal your money — in broad daylight – openly.
    Every dollar lent to the U.S. government is a dollar not invested in a potentially productive venture. The government is a sponge for private capital. The Treasury Department is the source of that giant sucking sound.
    The media do not explain the deficit in terms of the fundamental economic truth about the Federal deficit. It sucks.
    Where’s the outrage?

    Newt Gingrich gets it: Obama is a food stamp President, not a paycheck President.

  2. You’ve been had, Americans. You have been lied to, big time.
    Social Security is lumped into the whole US Treasury General Fund! Shocking! We been lied to by your Government!

    Under the Supreme Court Case Helvering v. Davis case. On November 12, 1936, “(Social Security payments) are not earmarked for any special purpose.” They are (Social Security payments) “true taxes, their purpose being simply to raise revenue . . . available for the general support of Government.” This was a Supreme Court decision questioning the constituionality of Social Security

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