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  In my heart of hearts, I dont even believe we have a 44th President.  I don’t believe that Obama is legit and nothing will change this.  In 2007, I did a show for the JTF. I said that there would be Martial Law and no 44th President. While we may not be ‘under’ total Martial Law, nobody can tell me that it does not have the same ‘feeling’ of fascism.  I felt this under Bush as well.  So, it didnt come to me when Obama became our first fraudulent President.  I have smelled the fascism since Clinton, and it has only gotten stronger.  Obama, in my opinion is not natural born, and I wouldnt give a rats ass if he was white either. I hated Clintons guts, too.

  I did not want a MUSLIM in our White House, end of story. Barack HUSSEIN Obama should have never been elected in, and the fact that he was, shows how sick and depraved we ARE as a nation. Totally sick.  7 years after 9/11/01, America put in a friggin Muslim? 



America lacks the moral compass and courage to throw this government out. Thats my feeling.  And dont tell me, “Why dont you do something!!”  We all know fully well that women are not capable of doing what needs to be done. This is a job that men must do.