Jew-Hating/Israel-Hating, Norway Bombed By Evil White Man (Yes, REALLY Evil)

Norway: Stop sh*tting on Israel.

The potential suspect in the Norwegian attacks, Anders Behring Breivik, is shown in a photo from a Twitter account. More Photos »  (This may not be truth, nobody knows for sure with this man above)

Norway UPDATE: “Doubts Raised on Terrorism Angle”

January 2009: NORWAY: Jewish children are not allowed to play outdoors –

April 2011: Norway: Muslim Taxidrivers Refuse to Drive Jews to Synagogue

May 2009: More Jewish Graves Desecrated in Norway


2011: Norway: ALL Rapes In Past 5 Years Committed By Muslims

2008: Jewish Genocide watch: Jew Hatred in Norway Part II

2009: JIHAD ON THE JEWS: Something rotten in the state of Norway

2008: ISLAM ATTACKS – Death for Writer! Norway Hides

2007: Massive Islamic Terror Plots: Germany, Norway, Denmark

2007: Email from Norway

2006: Norway calls for Israel Boycott

“I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you”

-GOD, The Alpha, The Omega, The beginning, The END.

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31 thoughts on “Jew-Hating/Israel-Hating, Norway Bombed By Evil White Man (Yes, REALLY Evil)

  1. Those that don’t stand with Israel reap the rewards of what they sow. Too bad innocent civillians that may not be of the same belief suffer. Oh well, wake up and change things.
    bob A.

  2. Must read.

    MASSACRE AT KIDS’ CAMP: More than 30 feared dead as terrorist opens fire at Norwegian summer camp and car bomb devastates Oslo

    Unknown group called ‘Helpers of the Global Jihad’ said to have posted message saying this is reaction to publication of Muhammed cartoons

    And huge blast blows out PM office windows

    Nowrway insists on bid to recognise Pali state. Expect more tragey to befall the nation of demented leftists that encourage their muslims to rape their women.

  3. It was probably a false flag ops organized by Jewry to put the fear of God into the wayward Norwegians.

    But the world is FAST waking up to the Jew. You can bet your one way Aliyah ticket on El-Al. Maybe you better not.

  4. Norway hardly has any Jews, you idiot.
    And, we dont lie here, if you have an issue with something someone says, GO LOOK IT UP on a neutral source, its not our damned fault your empty head is FILLED with Jew hating PROPAGANDA.

    Nobody here has a reason to lie to you.


    A buddy of YOURS bombed Norway (neo-nazi)- you Muslims, leftist/anarchists, and Nazis are all the same.
    With satan.

  5. Nowrway insists on bid to recognise Pali state. Expect more tragey to befall the nation of demented leftists that encourage their muslims to rape their women.

    They hate Israel–just wtf does NORWAY have to do with ISRAEL?

  6. Oslo, Oslo, Oslo, remember? Now they reap their reward from the very muslim scum they arselick. Enjoy Norwegian demented leftists & liberals.
    You’ll pick up pieces of your children soon, just as the Israelis had to when your darling Palis blew up cafes, etc. No pity on you scums.

  7. Filthy, false-flag running Jews organized this, because of Norway becoming getting too critical of that lousy state of Israel.

    They did the same thing with Timothy McVeigh in the OK bombing and SPLC/Elohim City. Everyone is making the connections now. Won’t be long till you Jews are thrown out of America on your keesters!

  8. Good, nazis, leftists, muslims–all are going to suffer.
    I am glad.

    But, but, but, QV: Those cafes and buses that were blown up was just the Jews trying to get attention.

    (Just trying to beat incogMORON to the punch)

  9. You are really stupid about OKC.
    That was perpetrated by and with MUSLIMS.

    QUINCY — The author of a book on the Oklahoma City bombing says a homeless man arrested in Quincy on Wednesday is the same man identified by several witnesses to the bombing as having been with Timothy McVeigh before the deadly attack.

    But an FBI spokesman, Greg Comcowich, said a man named Hussain Al-Hussaini was “thoroughly investigated” and “found to not have any role whatsoever in the attack on the Murrah Federal Building in 1995.”

  10. Incog, since you are itching so bad to kill off some Jews, you have my IP, come here and try to DO IT.

  11. Oh, you’ll hear me when I give you directions over the bull horn to leave your nasty sewer bunkers as my pro-American troops surround you and your Zionist traitor pals. I’ll be the one wearing Raybans and a subdued Palestinian scarf.

  12. You wear a FUCKistian scarf in this town, and you are a dead man.
    Nobody HERE likes the non-people, your buddies, the FUCKistinians.

    MY town is blessed because we BLESS Gods land, Israel- in this town..

    You dont have any ‘pro-American’ troops.
    You only have dirty, dark Mussies that will align with ya and some Bolsheviks JEWS.

    Good night darlin.


  13. Before I retire tonight, QV, check this out:
    China’s military is developing electromagnetic pulse weapons that Beijing plans to use against U.S. aircraft carriers in any future conflict over Taiwan, according to an intelligence report made public on Thursday.

  14. incogman the stinky arsehole is yet to tell us WHY Israel is prospering while his shitty America is getting poorer by the minute.
    China keeps you guys afloat dingbat. Don’t forget that.

  15. EDIT, really stupid ERAV RAV Trouble-making “Jew” who makes the life of Jews that DO love God, INSANE

    She is Standing always for Liberalism and Democracy;

    America is supposed to be a REPUBLIC you IDIOT.


  16. QV: You fake Chink jewboy love to see Israel sucking America bone dry, don’t you? All you traitors here at this site will be sucking on the muzzles of our battle rifles before too long.

  17. Bla bla bla bla bla bla, you’ve been saying for 3 years that you are coming to kill everyone, Im waiting.

  18. Norway suspect Anders Behring Breivik was a member of Nazi web forum

    “He created a profile in 2009, with a pseudonym that can be traced back to his email address,” Mikael Ekman, a researcher with the Stockholm-based Expo foundation, told AFP on Saturday.

    “Cars parked next to high buildings with fertilising powder + diesel gives a nice effect,” one anonymous user said last year on the forum.

    “The buildings go down like the World Trade Centre.”

  19. Hey asshole, incog, I just saw that you need to RENEW your website.
    Need a few JEW bucks?

  20. incogman can’t answer the questions posed. Israel is reaping blessings from Yahweh. Jew hating muslim areselicking scum, useless to themselves, useless to the world, is so demented he can’t tell a leaf from a tree.
    HAHAHAHAHA! Satan’s got you in his grip, you loathsome, putrid, rolling wobbly fat! Start learning to arselick the Chinese that keep your country functioning, daily.

  21. go to Chinatown and kow tow, incogman. Get your mouth off that muslim arse/cunt. Your two cells might tick then. HAHAHAHAHA! Stupido!

  22. Start learning to arselick the Chinese that keep your country functioning, daily

    Yeah, this incogman better wake the hell up; his enemy will be the occupier, China, and he will be speaking Chinese.

  23. Norway Youth Camp had a boycott Israel rally

    After reading this lunatic’s manifesto, it became clear why he attacked this youth center. It was a Leftist indoctrination camp. One of the activities at this camp was the demonization of Israel. In fact, when the shooting began, some thought it was a simulation of what they are taught, Israel does in Gaza.

    Why would these kids think this? Clearly there was anti-Israel/Jewish indoctrination going on. In fact, a few days before the shooting, the Norwegian Foreign Minister attended a boycott Israel event at this camp.

  24. Fuad Kamal is a member of the Iraqi Kamal terrorist family and he runs Anaara Media as a Jihadist recruitment network. The Kamal family is the biggest network of Al Qaeda supporters in the world and Fuad Kamal is their U.S. contact. Fuad lives in a Washington, D.C. suburb which is close to the axis of U.S. power. Anaara Media specializes in linking and has linked together the biggest network of Al Qaeda operatives in the world.

  25. The Lies keep coming. The cover ups continue.

    On July 25, an article headlined, “Anders Behring Breivik: Manufacturing a Patsy?” noting two different Facebook profiles (before and after July 22) describing him, saying:

    “The first one in Norwegian was deleted minutes after (his) identity became public.” A doctored English version replaced it, changing his profile to fit the crime.

    His stated “interest in Winston Churchill and (anti-Nazi resistance) leader Max Manus” was deleted

    Several eyewitnesses saw two shooters. As in similar past cases, “there is credible to overwhelming evidence that (alleged suspects) could not have acted alone.”

    The Norwegian newpaper Verdens Gang (VG) said:

    “Several of the youths who were at (Utoeya) told VG that they are convinced that there must have been more than one perpetrator. Marius Helander Roset believes the same thing,” saying:

    “I am sure that there was shooting from two different places on the island at the same time.”

    “Young people interviewed by VG describe an additional perpetrator – who was not wearing a police uniform. (He) had thick dark hair and a Nordic appearance. He had a pistol in his right hand and a rifle on his back. I believe that there were two people who were shooting, says Alexander Stavdal.”

    On July 23, Oslo police said several shooters could have been involved. An investigation into both incidents is ongoing.

    On July 25, The Views and News from Norway web site ( reported that “(s)urvivors of the massacre (said) the shooting went on for nearly two hours,” police taking 90 minutes to arrive.

    On July 25, the Pakistan News Service (Pak Tribune) headlined, “Analyzing the Oslo attacks: terrorist event or false flag distraction?” saying:

    “The timing may not be coincidental, occurring “(a)s the sociopolitical tensions in Europe rise, the euro falls, and the debt crisis looms. “the (planned and imposed) austerity measures, massive swindling of public funds, and the crumbling support for” America’s multiple imperial wars”

    Which refers to the Greece crisis. Bob Chapman of International Forecaster says it’s a False Flag and that affected banks “are very unhappy with Norway, and I think that (and pulling out of Libya) was the basis for the attack.”

    A sane person concludes: WTF war on terror? What a bloody Farce!

    Then, there’s Operation GLADIO (Latin for double-edged sword), NATO’s Secret Armies.
    Targeting Oslo on Friday resembled GLADIO, this time perhaps a CIA, MI6 or joint operation, using Breivik for plausible deniability as a previous article noted.

    It wasn’t the first time stooges took a fall for others. Notable previous ones included Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, the alleged 9/11 perpetrators, and numerous other falsely charged victims – never the treacherous Machiavellian villains.

    Give a few days, and the filthy doings of CIA MI5 will emerge. Read Tarpley for sanity.

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